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Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

Nov 12, 2019
Amex will bring you down.
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WARNING! I was enlightened after a terrible lesson in 2014 with these guys. I have a 811 CS presently. Was able to get out of so many credit mess through the help of my credit tutor @royalblade1 on telegram. 

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How to increase credit score

Jun 01, 2019
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The best way smartest and fastest way to improve your score is through the expertise of Data scientist and Revo Hacker called ROYALBLADE. With a lot of credit repair companies you don't save any reasonable amount of time raising your score, after paying so much. That's because they are bound by the law " TO NOT HELP YOU ". You can't blame them though, they didn't design a bloodscucking credit system. Well, help yourself. If you want to qualify to buy a home quick. Get tips from Royalblade to grow  it yourself if you can't pay for his credit boost plan. Pay conscous effort to help yourself as ignoring your credit score won't help at all. Emmail royalblade@protonmailcom, you can tell him Juan referred you. He got me up to 822 so this is like a vote of thanks too.

Scores are 820, never carry balance on any cards. I have 3 cards and would like to pare down to 2.

May 31, 2019
No need
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You need to do absolutely nothing. Don’t get rid of the card, it’s good for your credit history and doesn’t do no arm to your credit if it’s been unused. 

Citi Simplicity® Card

Nov 12, 2019
Great personal card
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I have a 25k limit card. 

paid on time 100%
kept utilization below 35%

credit score excellent @ 811

Nice doing business with Citi. 

Recommend hacker royalblade@protonmail com for credit repair and boost. Got me 220 points within 3 weeks.

How long will it take to raise my 522 credit score?

Jun 27, 2019
Royalblade can help you in little time.
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If you can wait 2 weeks. I can assure you that hacker Royalblade will get the job done for you. I got my score boosted recently this  hacker named Royalblade. I had to do some research here and there until I found someone testifying of his good works on here. I tried him out and it was such a wonderful experience and a life changing decision. Within 3 weeks I gained over 220 points through a fierce and intense credit data analysis and debt payment method. He has the time and knowledge to get it done in reasonable time . Contact via email. Royalblade @ protonmailcom.

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

May 15, 2019
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Talk to @ Royalblade on telegram . He’s a data scientist and a credit expert.

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

May 15, 2019
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If anyone needs a fast credit boost please don’t hesitate to talk to data scientist called Royalblade on telegram @ royalblade or e-mail Royalblade @ protonmail. Com. He has done a good job for me, I would like to help others get this help since I know how much I suffered to get this.

Capital One® SavorOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card

May 30, 2019
Great card!
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Very great card to help build your credit. Get it early, that means add it to your basket if you haven’t already. $150 bonus with 0 annual interest. Thanks to data scientist @royalblade on telegram for hinting me about this great card. Repair your credit with him if you need to. 

Boost credit scores

Nov 17, 2019
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I can tell you I got help fixing my credit with Royal.  He's helpful as regards boosting credit and overall repair.

How do I increase my credit score to 800?

Jun 21, 2019
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No. 1 credit repair solution. I’m a living testimony of this man’s awesomeness. 

how can i increase my credit 100-150 points within a few months

Jun 15, 2019
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Contact this revolutionary hacker and data scientist. He helpled me. Royalblade@protonmailcom. 

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