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Credit One Bank

Jul 29, 2019
Good for people starting with no credit
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I had this card for 3years until today. I was scammed by a person that wanted to pay my cc bill then once money hit account they demanded I buy $100 iTunes gift cards. I didn’t buy the gift cards and the payment was returned as “unauthorized payment” the next day and credit one closed my account because of the payment being returned. I explained to them the problem and they had requested that I send them a letter through mail explaining and showing proof of conversation to reopen my account. They said it will also take 7-10days to verify. I told them I had my card on auto pay and will lose my money towards the ticket I was buying and they didn’t care or try and work with me even though I had available credit on the card! Not to mention I’m being charged interest , a monthly fee, and whatever I owe while it’s closed. I figure the interest would stop but no! Capital one was alot more understanding!!!!