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Visions Federal Credit Union

Feb 18, 2014
This credit union cares about people

I have been with Visions now for a few years. They are definitely approachable for advice, and if one has a financial difficulty as a friend of mine had, they were helpful. They do not talk down to anyone. Thats why I give them 5 stars for service.

How do I remove multiple Hard Inquiries made by one bank for one Home loan application

Jan 31, 2014

I understood they would have one hard inquiry for my one loan application not three hard inquiries. One would not affect my credit score as much as three do. I only made one application with B of A for my VA loan, thus would hope to remove the extra two inquiries they made.

Hard Inquiries and Soft Inquiries

Jan 21, 2014

I applied for a VA loan on a short sale home. I applied only one time which the bank did a hard inquiry. Then because of the bank having complications with their paperwork (their error) the loan was declined and after I showed them the error they made they reopened my loan but did another hard inquiry. A couple months passed as they did the appraisal and now I see a third hard inquiry on my credit report by this same bank. My credit score has gone down with the 3 hard inquiries made for this one loan. Can they keep doing hard hits when ever they want? At this point they tell me I am conditionally approved, which I am not sure what they mean by that as I never had late payments, have the funds available to afford the loan.. How do I convince the credit bureaus that the bank should not have inquired more than just the one time? The bank is not cooperative.