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Oct 01, 2019
Cut-Rate Useless Homeowners Policy

Esurance behaves like your standard cut-rate insurance company without actually being much cheaper. I live in Ohio and we've had several wind storms over the past several months. One of my outbuildings was damaged with missing shingles, being a 2 story Gambrel roof with damage on the top section, the damage went un-noticed until water damage was seen inside. The inspector found 11 damaged shingles on one side and 6 damaged shingles on the other, all allowing water ingress into the residential grade outbuilding. In the inspector's own works "That'll be enough for any insurance company I ever worked with to replace the roof"... not Esurance apparently. I have insurance to protect my property in case of damage, not to take the cheapest route possible to avoid going over my deductible. Chris, the adjuster for Esurance, called back after the report and said that they would repair the shingles only, not the decking, not the tar paper, not the water damage, and not replace the roof. Steer clear of Esurance at all costs, I'll be changing as soon as possible and submitting a dispute with Lexis Nexis to get anything about this off my CLUE report.