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Target® Credit Card

Jun 04, 2019
Constant barriers for daily use

They finally set their site so that you could have auto sign in on a trusted device do you didn’t have to awkwardly stand at the counter searching your phone for the right password. No other card does this!! I have reputable cards with great security and high limits on which have also figured out how to be user friendly. If you use an e-gift card, you have to edit the wallet every time to select it. Then you have to exit again to use your red card. So ridiculous. Today was really a last straw. I got a new phone and attempted to use my app to pay as I always do. It required me to sign - that’s reasonable with a new phone, so I think no problem. Nope - needed a pin, and a passcode sent to my e-mail, then wanted me to manually enter everything from my card again even though it was already there. Then says I’m “one step away” from using my card, then asked for a pin again, a new e-mail code, a new password again, and so on.  At first I figured I missed something, but I went through this never ending loop of pins, sent email codes, and new passwords about four times. Then kept trying to lock me out. This all while standing at the counter with my frozen food melting away. Ultimately could not use my target card. Tried again at home - same issues. Insanity.