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Credit Card Approval Insights

Oct 06, 2015

As far as I know there cant be anything older than 7 years on any report regardless of who creates it, Experian, Equifax, etc. But Equifax is known to be extremely difficult with removing outdated or incorrect info - so keep a close eye on all of your details not just thevscore, cuz Ive had an ongoing dispute with them now for 5 months and its the same circle of bullsh** each time I communicate with anyone there. In the meantime my Equifax is 160 points lower than the other two common reports, and lower than it actually should be, so potential creditors are being led to believe that I have two accounts in collections. Yet, when you go to the next page to see what the collection accounts are - it then says I have ZERO collections, which is correct. So they are ALL backwards and screwing us all equally unless we're all like my go**** husband with his freakin 804 score. Id like to knife him every time he reminds me of it - while Im bottom-feeding in the low to mid 600's still at age 45 because of my shopping compulsion. But hey - someones gotta be willing to support my habit, so any suggestions on where to get a major card in a high $$$ range with a 660-680 score? None of the $500 or $300 limit cards tho, those are nothing but trouble, I mean what can you possibly do with $500 in more than one shopping trip? Not much...but I think Im screwed so any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated 💃🏼