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how can i increase my credit 100-150 points within a few months

Oct 15, 2014
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 It still could take a little time. I started from zero with a touch of bad but mostly no credit. I got a rediculous card at first with high interest and monthly and yearly fees. Soon as my credit built up with some payments, yours isnt terrible, mine was in the 5's, I was able to get a better card. Dont spend much of your available credit. REALLY try and keep it lower than 30% and your uliliztion will look better and help your score rather quickly. im my case opening a new account with a higher ballance and transfering my debt to it (15 months 0% interest but was a 3% fee to do it) saved a lot of money over paying a couple of cards at 20-24% interest. If you have a good utilization % then you might even close the old account but if you are looking at a big purchase soon then it may be better to keep it open. Either way, my closing that horrible card actually made my score rise because of the newer better replacement card showing up. Again mine was in the 5's so it took a bit for new expanded credit acceptance but once it did it is currently going up very quick and am almost 700's. Id plan on a year though if you have negative stuff but you are ahead of me with your starting score already. 

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Oct 15, 2014
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 It may or may not actually drop your score or your credit age if it is an older account. If you are looking to buy something big soonish I might not close it. But if fees ect are a concern I might. If you are still looking at building your score up, get another/better card with a higher limit and or better fees or interst to replace the one you may close. I did that and closing my older account still ended up raising my score instead of dropping it. It would build back up again anyways but this was faster. If you arent concerned about scores and new purchaces in the short term then it shouldnt affect you much.

First PREMIER® Bank MasterCard® Credit Card

May 16, 2015
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as everyone says, use it to build credit if needed then get a new one with better rates ECT as offers come in. Beware of their second card offer. It has the same fees ECT as the first one does. Instead of increasing good credit, they double charge for more of the same on a second card. Otherwise it works as it should if you are careful.

why did my credit score drop. I'm paying on time.

Oct 15, 2014
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 I hate the game but it must be played if I want a house ever. Agree with the above. Mine dropped A LOT when I went over 60% usage on a certain card even though payments were always good. I took a plunge and paid them down to 20-30% to lower balances and it quickly came back up. 

"commonwealth finance" Who are they?

Oct 15, 2014
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I personally am very tired of CAP one. I was sent pre-qualifications which I kew I may or may not get, but after they denied me I still have them filling my PO box with pre-qualifications. Sometimes a soft inquiry as well. These arent affecting anything but my name should be removed for sure. 

where can I get a credit card to pay off all my crdit cards at a decend rate

Oct 15, 2014
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 Check into the suggestions here at CK. It doesnt guarantee you will get the new card but if your recent history is good and score isnt too bad, then you should be able to do a ballance transfer. Look for cards (recomended) that have a 12-15 month introductory rate of 0% interest and plan on trying to pay your transfered ballance within that time. Thats where you can save some money and likely with higher limits on the new cards it will raise your score too. As long as you dont spend too much of your possible limit. 10-30 % has helped my scores a lot. When you go above 50%-60% its likely your score may drop some because of your utilization. 

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