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Navy Federal Credit Union

Jul 19, 2019
snail paced and poor communication

When you apply for a mortgage count on waiting months for it to process. I used this bank because they opened a branch in my town. The staff was pleasent and attentive when I applied to refinance my mortgage. Then everything switiches to Pensacola, FL. You will get an email from a processor and after you complete many forms your file will sit for months. I have not spoken to my current loan processor even though I have called her numorous times. I have waited 4 months now and I have no idea if I am even close to closing. I paid fees up front and if I switch to another bank I will lose $500. I will accept the lose and call USAA at the end of this month. I am a retire Army officer and a medical professional. I make a six figure income and have a credit score in the 700s. There is no excuse for this debacle of a bank.