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Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express

Jul 03, 2017
First Big Rewards Card!

Fico: 702 TU: 728 EQ: 729

I have 7 open accounts and an average age of credit of 2 yrs 7 mos. 27% utilization, 0 derogatroy marks, and 100% on-time payments. I was a little worried applying for this care because I haven't had very long of credit history and a pretty low number of open accounts.. I was town between this card, Chase Preferred, Milage Plus, Alaska Sky Miles, Barclay,  and Capitol One Venture. What got me with this one is the 70,000 bonus (limited time) and the companion ticket upon renewal each year. Application process was a breeze! Literally only a couple minutes to fill out, and within the time of hitting the submit button and my screen loading, I got a CONGRATULATIONS on the next page. Instantly got an email to register my account, which I did and opened to view that I got approved for a $10,000 CL. Once I redeem my bonus for this card, I think I'm also going to apply for the Chase Preferred so I'll have two cards to redeem with tons of different airlines. In the mean time, I've very excited to start using this card and racking up those rewards. Spend smart and earn big!