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Jan 21, 2014
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You can purchase your FICO score at  Other than applying for a mortgage, that is the only way I know of obtaining a FICO score.  That's just the way FICO is, it isn't Credit Karma's fault.  It's all about money, my friend!

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What credit score do u need to purchase a home

Jun 27, 2014
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If you purchase your home through your credit score doesn't matter.  Around 4% interest rate, zero down payment and zero closing costs.  They are a non-profit organization that helps low to middle income folks get into homes regardless of their credit situtation.  You do have to prove to them you can afford the home, but other than that very few hoops to jump through.

How do I get the things that have been on my credit for over seven years?

Feb 07, 2014
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They are allowed to stay on your report for 7 & 1/2 years from date of last payment or date of delinquency (if unpaid collection acct).  If these are older, then contact the creditors and bureaus and tell them the accounts are outdated and need to be removed.  You can dispute with the bureaus online, just go to, and  Best of luck!

What is better: deletion or marked "paid in full"?

Mar 21, 2014
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Deletion is the best.  If you can't get that a paid collection is better than an unpaid one.  It is also best to negotiation with the collector for a Pay Per Delete prior to paying rather than disputing afterwards, no guarantees your dispute will remove it from your report.  Make sure to get that in writing before you pay.  Hope this helps!

old accounts over seven yrs.

Feb 17, 2014
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Dispute the accounts with the creditors and credit bureaus, tell them to remove the accounts because they are outdated.  

balance transfer

Feb 17, 2014
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First of all, this forum is for Credit Karma users such as yourself.  This is not the complaint dept (well, maybe sort of) or the help desk for Credit Karma.  Never, ever take the recommendations given by Credit Karma, those are just ads.  To search for a good credit card, go to  If your credit isn't good, you can apply for a secured credit card.  Finally, if you want to yell at Credit Karma, send email to  Best of luck!

I have credit cards I never have used or don't use should I cancel them or will that hurt my credit

Apr 02, 2014
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Use them.  Closing them will hurt your credit.  Use them once a year for something small and pay it right off, your scores will increase.

would a car dealership paying off your old car loan help build your credit score?

Jun 11, 2014
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Yes it will!  Make sure you make all your payments on time.  It may take a few months before your score increases.

credit karma shows a decrease in my credit line but capital one says nothing has chanedg

Jan 29, 2014
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I would either call TransUnion (1-800-916-8800) and ask them what they show as your current utilization or pull a free report from them at just to see what's really showing up.

How can CK and Experian scores be 100 points different?!

Feb 04, 2014
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Each credit bureau has it's own method of coming up with a credit score.  You can probably get some info on how they do that if you Google "Vantage Scores" or "Plus Scores".  The only score that really counts is your FICO score.  That is what your creditors get when thinking about loaning you money.  You can get your FICO score, but it will cost you a bit of money.  You can go to for more info.  All the other scores are just ways that each credit bureau makes money off unsuspecting consumers such as ourselves.  It's a crummy system, but that's the way it is.  A website I really like is  Keep fighting the good fight!

improving credit score

May 13, 2014
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Having at least one credit card and leaving a small balance (1-3% of limit) on it will drive up your scores.  You have to use credit in order to get a credit score.  Paying cash for everything, although a good practice, doesn't help your credit scores.  

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