Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa®: Cash back on home, auto and health

A couple reclines on the sofa while shopping online using their Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa.Image: A couple reclines on the sofa while shopping online using their Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa.
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  • Prequalification option
  • Fixed interest rate and equal monthly payments
  • Bonus cash back on home, auto and health categories


  • Cash back only applied after you make payments
  • APRs can be high
  • Limited perks
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Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa®

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What you need to know about the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa® card

The Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa® isn’t a typical cash back card. Instead, card users will get a revolving credit line that works more like a personal loan. Once approved, you can use your line of credit to pay for purchases or have cash deposited into your bank account — and you’ll make predictable, set payments each month on your balance.

Bonus cash back on home, auto and health

With this card, you can earn 3% cash back on purchases in the following categories:

  • Home — Includes home improvement supplies, landscaping services, heating, etc.
  • Auto — Includes parts, service, car washes, etc.
  • Health — Includes spas, gym memberships, exercise equipment, etc.

Plus you’ll earn a flat 1% cash back rate on all other purchases.

Your cash back earnings will be credited to your statement. But unlike traditional cash back cards, you won’t be able to get your rewards until you’ve paid off the associated purchases.

Prequalify without affecting your credit score

With many financial products, the issuing bank runs a hard credit check as a preliminary step in the application process — an action that can negatively affect your credit scores. But Upgrade lets you apply for prequalification, which allows you to get an idea of what your credit line and APR will be before you formally apply. A soft credit inquiry for prequalification won’t affect your credit, though take note that a formal application may result in a hard inquiry on your credit, and you might see different terms than you received with your prequalification.

Potentially high credit line and lower APR

The card offers credit lines ranging between $500 and $50,000, depending on your credit health. But most credit line amounts are less than $25,000.

Purchase APRs range from 14.99% - 29.99%.

What else do you need to know about the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa® card?

If you’re considering the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa® card, here are a few other details that are important to know.

  • No fees — You won’t be charged an annual fee, foreign transaction fee or any other fees whatsoever.
  • You can get a virtual card — Once you’re approved, Upgrade will give you access to a virtual card so you can get access to your credit line right away.
  • No cash withdrawals allowed — You can’t use the card at an ATM for cash withdrawals.

Who this card is good for

The Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa® has a decent unlimited cash back rate for home, auto or health purchases. If you’re looking to make a big purchase in one of these categories, you could get some cash back to offset some of your cost. But remember, you can’t get the benefit until you pay off your purchase.

If you don’t regularly spend in these categories or want a more standard cash back card, it might be better to look elsewhere or even consider a personal loan to cover a large purchase.

Not sure this is the card for you? Consider these alternatives.

If you think the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa® card might not be the card for you, take some time to consider other cards that might be a better fit. Here are some alternatives.

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