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We (Credit Karma, Inc) work with Tax Protection Plus, LLC (“Tax Protection Plus”) to provide free audit defense to our members who meet the eligibility requirements listed below, which include but are not limited to authorizing us to access a copy of your filed 2018 federal and/or state tax returns (“Return”, as defined in the Membership Agreement between you and Tax Protection Plus).  Once you are eligible and approved by us, you will receive a membership (“Membership”) in the Protection Plus Audit Assistance Membership Program (“Program”) provided by Tax Protection Plus.  Your Membership in this Program will be governed by the Agreement between you and Tax Protection Plus (the “Agreement”).  You can see the full terms of that Agreement here.

To be eligible for a Membership to the Program, you must complete all of the following requirements:

a) You have an active Credit Karma account;
b) You have filed your 2018 federal Return with the IRS; and
c) You have signed up for Membership through Credit Karma before 12/15/2019, and you authorized Credit Karma to receive and use a copy of your federal Return by signing an IRS Form 4506-T Request for Transcript of Tax Return.

In addition to the eligibility requirements, your Membership will require you to have other responsibilities directly to Tax Protection Plus, such as notifying them within thirty (30) days upon receiving any correspondence or notice from the IRS, prior to being able to receive any services from the Program.  For more information on these responsibilities, please see the terms of your Agreement with Tax Protection Plus here.

Your Membership in this Program may include the following services:

  • Consultation regarding taxing authority correspondence from a specific Case Resolution Specialist (“CRS”) who is appropriately qualified or credentialed and who will be primarily responsible for your case.
  • Document review, collection and organization from the CRS.  If necessary to respond, the CRS will identify documents that need to be collected, assist with organization of the documentation, prepare a professional response portfolio, and review and discuss it with you before sending to the taxing authority.
  • Written correspondence with taxing authorities.  If necessary, the CRS will draft letters and other written correspondence on your behalf, as needed, to respond to inquiries or demands from a taxing authority.
  • Conferences and Hearings with Taxing Authorities.  The CRS will attend the conference or hearing on your behalf to act as your advocate before the taxing authority.
  • Assistance with tax debt resolution options, if applicable.
  • Assistance with identity theft, if applicable.

The following will not be included in this program:

  • Pre-existing conditions:  Tax Protection Plus will not provide services for any issues in connection with a Return which the IRS or state taxing authority has identified to you in writing prior to the date the Return became eligible for services under this program.
  • Returns that are not eligible for services in the Program:
    • Non-resident Returns (1040NR or 1040NR-EZ).
    • Returns other than individual returns including, but not limited to, corporate, partnership, trust, estate, gift and employment returns.
    • Returns in which you had actual knowledge of additional taxes owed as of the date you enrolled in the Program.
    • Returns prepared with negligence, recklessness, intentional misrepresentation, or fraud.
    • Local, city, and county tax Returns.
    • Returns that have become subject to IRS or state criminal investigations.
  • Inquiries related to foreign income, flow-through entities (partnerships and S-corporations as reported on Schedule K-1), court awards and damages, bartering income, cancelled debt, estate and gift tax.
  • Inquiries related to the following credits:  Foreign Tax Credit (Form 1116), Qualified Plug-In Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit (form 8936), Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit (Form 5695), Mortgage Interest Credit (Form 8396), Credit to Holders of Tax Credit Bonds (Form 8912), Credit for Prior Year Minimum Tax (Form 8801), Credit for Excess Social Security Tax or Railroad Retirement Tax Withheld (Form 1040, Schedule 5, Line 72).

Once your Membership begins, the term of your Membership, for which Tax Protection Plus will provide you services, starts on the date you completed your eligibility and ending on the date 1 year after (i) the relevant taxing authorities’ April filing deadline for that particular Return or (ii) the date you were granted a Membership, whichever is later (“Membership Term”).  Your Membership Term cannot be extended or renewed without approval from us and Tax Protection Plus.

This Program is for individuals who have not filed their 2018 Return with Credit Karma Tax, Inc. and/or have not received a membership to a similar Program with Tax Protection Plus related to their 2018 Return.  Your Membership and Membership Term cannot be combined with any other membership you may have with Tax Protection Plus, whether provided by us or any of our affiliates.

If you have questions about your Membership in this Program, you can contact Tax Protection Plus at:

Tax Protection Plus
P.O. Box 24279 Winston Salem, NC 27114
claims@taxprotectionplus.com / Fax# 850-424-1192