Best Travel Cards of 2013

The Best Travel Rewards Cards of 2013

Overall Rating

We took a look at credit cards that offer travel rewards and crunched the numbers to see which one came out on top. Check out our three winners, along with the factors we used to determine them.

Rewards Value

$2.40 per $100
$2.40 per $100
$1.22 per $100
This is the estimated dollar amount of the rewards you get for every $100 spent using the card, whether the awards are airline miles, cash back on travel purchases or free hotel stays. The higher the number, the more bang for your buck.

Credit Karma Review Rating

What do cardholders really think of these cards? Our star rating gives you a good idea.

Signup Bonus Value

A lot of cards come with signup bonuses, like free hotel stays or a bunch of airline miles. This factor weighs the actual value of the signup bonus each card offers.

Average Credit Limit Awarded

Cards that offer more generous credit limits on average are more attractive. You can maximize your bonus earnings without maxing out your card.

Average Score Approved

Based on Credit Karma’s historical approval data for each card, we took a look at the average score approved. Typically, credit cards that have a lower average approved score are more easily accessible–you can qualify without needing perfect credit.

Annual Fee

This factor isn't weighted very heavily because most travel rewards credit cards come with an annual fee. In most cases, the annual fee is quickly offset by the rewards you earn.

Average Age of Accounts

2.93 years
2.63 years
3.88 years
A card with a longer cardholder history shows that it's well-established. We considered this factors because a longer average age typically shows cardholder loyalty.