DUI insurance: What it is and top providers

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In a Nutshell

Having a DUI on your driving record could make it more difficult to find affordable car insurance. Fortunately, certain insurance companies offer solutions that cater to drivers with a DUI.
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A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or a DUI, may limit your options for car insurance.

Some carriers charge higher premiums for policyholders with a DUI on their record. Some companies may even refuse to provide coverage altogether.

Fortunately, some companies offer DUI insurance. Note that DUI insurance isn’t a separate product or insurance category, it’s simply a term that describes insurance coverage provided to drivers with a DUI on their record. The court or state may require drivers with a DUI conviction to file an SR-22. This document is a certificate of financial responsibility and proves your car insurance policy meets or exceeds your state’s liability minimums. Some car insurance companies will file this document on your behalf.

How does a DUI affect your insurance premium?

A DUI has the potential to affect your car insurance rates significantly. But everyone’s situation is different, and the rate increase may be less steep than you’d feared. For example, Progressive states that its insurance premiums increase by 13% for those with one DUI on their driving record.

Remember that insurance companies look at your driving record, not just the DUI. If your driving record is otherwise clean, a DUI may have less effect than it would if you had tickets and accidents in your history.

A DUI can also trigger an insurance surcharge. A surcharge is a fee that increases your insurance premium. Insurance companies usually assess it in the wake of a ticket or at-fault accident.

How to save money on insurance after a DUI

Though your insurance rate may increase after a DUI, there are other avenues you can use to realize savings on monthly auto insurance premiums. Here are some steps you can take to minimize your insurance expense.

  • Streamline your coverage. You may be able to reduce your insurance costs by getting rid of unnecessary coverage. For example, eliminating add-on benefits like roadside assistance may lighten your financial burden.
  • Improve your credit scores. Some states have laws restricting an insurer’s ability to use credit scores when setting rates. In other states, your credit scores can influence your car insurance premium. Improving your credit may lower your car insurance rate if you live in a state with credit-based auto insurance.
  • Drive carefully. Tickets and accidents can increase your car insurance rate even if you have a spotless driving record. The increase can be much steeper if you have a DUI on your record. If you become a repeat DUI offender, you could be subject to incarceration.
  • Shop around. As mentioned, rates for DUI insurance vary from company to company. Comparison shop — and repeat the process each time your policy renews — to ensure you get the best rate.

Which insurance companies offer DUI insurance?


Progressive strives to offer affordable DUI insurance. In addition to standard products like liability, comprehensive and collision coverage, the company provides options such as custom parts and equipment coverage that pays for repair or replacement of aftermarket additions like car stereos and navigation systems.


  • Relatively low average rates for DUI insurance
  • Assistance with an SR-22 filing


  • Coverage and discounts may differ depending on your state

State Farm

State Farm is a car insurance company based in Illinois.


  • Offers discounts to those who complete a defensive drivers course
  • Assistance with SR-22 filing


  • Not available in every state

The General

The General is based in Nashville, Tenn. This company has been selling car insurance in the U.S. since 1963.


  • Specializes in coverage for high-risk drivers (which includes DUI insurance) and may insure drivers who’ve been denied coverage at other insurance companies
  • Assistance with SR-22 filing


  • Other companies have more policy options

How long does a DUI affect your insurance premium?

The length of time for which a DUI affects your insurance varies by state. Different states have varying rules regarding how long a DUI conviction stays on your driving record, but expect the premium hike to stick around for a minimum of three years.

Next steps

If you have a DUI and are seeking insurance, request quotes from various carriers to compare auto insurance rates. The DUI insurance companies listed in this article are an excellent place to start.

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