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Aspects of your credit profile are a significant factor in determining your insurance rate. The TransUnion Auto Insurance Score gives you insight into your insurability. Track your score over time with Credit Karma.

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Similar to a credit score, your auto insurance score is calculated by analyzing the data in your credit file. Auto insurance scores can vary by credit reporting bureau, and is one of the factors used to determine your auto insurance rate.

On average there is a correlation between people with good credit scores and good auto insurance scores. Comparable to how a low credit score indicates a risk to creditors, a low auto insurance score generally indicates that you are more likely to file an insurance claim, which results in losses for an insurance company. Credit Karma provides consumers with both scores directly from TransUnion, one of the three major credit report agencies. Like the other scores available through Credit Karma, the auto insurance score is completely free to our members.

Register for free credit monitoring today. After you’ve received your free score, be sure to compare auto insurance rates on Credit Karma in order to save money and get the best rate.

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