Credit Karma Weighs In: Discover it® Review

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Credit Karma Weighs In: Discover it® Review

Are you shopping around for a new credit card? Credit Karma is here to help! Some members of our team are sharing their opinions on the cards in their wallets. In this edition of "Credit Karma Weighs In," our Community Manager, Kayleigh, shares her thoughts on the Discover it® cash back card.


The Discover it® is a great cash back rewards card with no annual fee. Featuring five percent cash back in categories that change each quarter, as well as one percent cash back on all other purchases, it allows cardholders to redeem rewards easily.

Kayleigh's Ratings

Rewards: The Discover it® makes it easy to earn and redeem cash back rewards. Its rotating five percent cash back categories include restaurants, gas stations, movie theaters, home improvement stores and more. As an added perk, their "Discover Deals" shopping portal includes additional cash back offers as high as 20 percent through select merchants.
Kayleigh's Rewards Rating: Five Stars

Customer Service: Discover proudly touts their award-winning customer service, which is a big selling point for some consumers. For example, they provide free overnight shipping (within the U.S.) to replace lost or stolen cards. Plus, the website has many helpful tools, including the ability to request a credit line increase.
Kayleigh's Customer Service Rating: Five Stars

Application Process: I was instantly approved for this card online, but I had to call to find out my credit limit. However, I received the card very quickly after approval.
Kayleigh's Application Process Rating: Four Stars

Tips and Tricks

Remember to enroll in the bonus categories each quarter. While the Discover it® offers some great rewards, you do have to remember to sign up for them. Otherwise, you'll only get the standard one percent cash back. Luckily, signing up takes just a few clicks. There's no minimum spending to earn the five percent back, but there is a limit on how much you can earn each quarter, usually $1,500.

Redeem your cash back in a variety of ways. Like most cash back cards, the Discover it® lets you cash in your rewards as a statement credit or direct deposit into your bank account. But on top of that, you also have the option to pay for Amazon purchases using your rewards. Linking your Discover card to your Amazon account is really easy - you can use your cash back for Amazon purchases with the click of a button.

Know (and take advantage) of all the perks that come with your card. The Discover app and website allow you to freeze your account in just seconds, preventing new purchases. This could be a lifesaver in the event of a lost or stolen card. And if you slip up and make a late payment, there's no late fee (but only the first time, so don't make it a habit)! In addition, the Discover it® comes with purchase protection, return guarantee, an extended product warranty and other great perks.

Bottom Line

The Discover it® is a solid choice for anyone who'd like to earn cash back on everyday purchases. If you regularly make purchases in the five percent cash back bonus categories, you'll reap the benefits. With no annual fee, this card can be practical for anyone who qualifies. Just keep in mind that not all merchants accept Discover, so you may want to be sure your wallet contains another payment method just in case.

If you're considering applying for a new credit card, it's generally a good idea to first check out consumer reviews to see what current cardholders really think. If you've got a credit card that you love, consider writing a review to help others out!

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