Real talk: How does Credit Karma work? 

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If it’s good for our members, it’s good for our business.

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You get credit scores and reports for free.

We’re talking 24/7 access to your credit scores and reports from TransUnion® and Equifax®, helpful updates and ways to improve your overall financial health.

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We share recommendations.

We analyze your finances and look for credit card, loan and insurance offers that could save you money. In many cases you can even see your Approval Odds¹ before you apply.  

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We get paid by the bank or lender. 

If you’re approved for a product, we typically make a small commission. So you get what you need to make financial progress and we get to help more members. 

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More features for all your financial needs.

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Smart offers

Find the right credit card or loan for you and see your Approval Odds1.

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Money insights

Learn how to pay down debt and manage your finances.

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Net Worth

Track your assets and learn how to grow your money.

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Checking & savings

Get more bank for your bucks with Credit Karma Money™.2

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Auto insurance

Compare providers and get discounts for your good driving.

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Data security

We never, ever share your data with unaffiliated third parties for marketing purposes.