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Welcome to Credit Karma

Understanding your credit is the first step toward building your financial future. That’s why we offer free credit scores, reports and monitoring, along with handy financial tools, to help you make sense of your credit. Start Now

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Free Credit Scores & Reports

Update your scores and reports as often as once a week and track your progress over time.

See a clear overview of your credit reports with important information highlighted for your review.

Understand the factors that can impact your scores, so you can find ways to improve your credit health.

Put Your Credit to Work

Know Your Scores
Understand what your scores mean and the kinds of offers they could lead to.
Protect Your Scores
Update your reports weekly to track your credit health and spot potential errors.
Find the Right Offer
See offers that are tailored to your credit profile and read user reviews.

Get Help With Your Credit Questions

Easy-to-Read Articles
Skip the credit jargon. Get a breakdown of complicated credit concepts in simple terms.
Community of Over 50 Million
Pose a question to our community and you may hear from someone who’s been in your shoes.
Tools & Calculators
Set a goal for paying off your debt with the help of our repayment calculator. And that’s just the start!

Build towards your financial goals

Get the Tools You Need

Our calculators, simulators and articles help you make more informed decisions.

Compare Great Offers

Credit Karma crunches the numbers to bring you offers for your credit profile.

Apply With Confidence

Our Approval Odds estimate your likelihood of approval before you apply.

How does Credit Karma work?

Our goal is to help you understand your credit and get more out of it. Along with providing free credit scores, reports and monitoring, we offer insight into what it all means and show you product recommendations, like credit cards and loans, based on your credit profile.

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Joining Credit Karma only takes about two minutes. We’re committed to securing your personal information as if it were our own. Learn more about the safeguards we use to protect your data.

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