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Why is creditkarma inaccurate?
After joining creditkarma I noticed information regarding my credit history is omitted. I have a credit card not shown and I thought utility accounts were also reflected. I have had a phone for eight years through sprint in a contract. If I don't pay it and goes into default my credit would be affected negatively but since I pay the bill it won't show on my credit.

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beware the inaccurate score...

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I logged in and got a scary score after an update.  I assumed something had gone seriously wrong that I didn't know about.  I went to each bureau and purchased a real score.  It was 100 points higher in reality across the board.  I'm afraid users will be likely to go with one of their partner offers that is way beneath their actual credit level.  They call it fair credit, in reality it is excellent.  This free service is probably very expensive for some (20% interest vs. 0% intro or low % -  offers they might actually qualify for).

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this site is not accurate

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My bf was just turned down for a credit card through capital one 1 week after signing up for credit karma. Cap1 sent him his transunion score in the denial letter. The variation was 40 points...that is hisscore is acually 40 points higher than credit karma reports. I just checked mine today and there was a 66 point deviation of what credit karma claims my score is verses what it is per my credit union reports transunion to be. Its ridiculous because I am a newmember of 2 weeks and nothing has changed. My opinion is that ck benefits from its sponsors and wants you to believe your score is moredisadvantaged than it really is.

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Wildly inaccurate

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Just signed up.  Don't know if the TU score is correct, but only 2 of 10 credit cards are shown (the 2 most recent) --  so that of course affects length of credit history, on time payments, etc.   Don't know what else is wrong.  Do the CK people monitor this?  Can't see any way on the site to contact them.

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They told me that they get their information directly from transunion. I recently (3 months ago had to dispute a federal tax lien that was on my credit and wasn't mine. I won and it was deleted however it's still on my credit karma. I have submitted complaint to the better business bureau. 

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Gaps in information

I don't think this is intentional. It would be pretty short-sighted to lie to people about their credit score when anyone can order an official report and see the real one. I think they just don't have access to all the information that the major organizations do, and their estimate of your credit score may be inaccurate for that reason. However, they need to make it more clear that this is only an estimate and not an official credit score if this is the case. The site branding misleads people into thinking this is the same as their official score, when that may not be the case.

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My actual score is 52 points lower than Credit Karma claims. 

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CK uses transunion for credit data I believe.  So youll need to contact them.  Also, utility bills have never been on any report that I have ever seen.  Also, cell phone bills do not count as credit either (unless you dont pay)

Not to be rude, but before you call something inaccurate, you should educate yourself on what "should" be on your report. 

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CK is inaccurate. They purposely give you lower scores to try and get you to click on their various advertisements (High Interest loans, Crap Credit Cards, etc.). They get money every time someone clicks and applies for one of them.

If you read their fine print, they call their score an 'Educational Score' which does not represent your real score, only a score that can help you understand how credit scores work and how certain things on your credit history affect your score.

So..maybe you should educate yourself before calling out other people??

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Shut up

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