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why is a process server banging on my door?
ok......I owed over 20,000 to Chase when i filed for ssd early at age 57 - was granted at hearing.....tried working pt = have major disorders ptsd, extreme anxiety, and bipolar - rcvd summons to rspnd in 20 days from Portfolio Recovery - what that did is basically stop me from working at all because i was so shaken - my name is co signer on house that we will never pay off in our lifetime - owe 68,000- husband 65, i am now 58 and although not officially termed, tried to go back and lasted one nite for 4 hrs in late August and not back since - I think they have not officially termed because they are afraid of ADA lawsuit which is crazy because i pretty much abandoned job - thanks to portfolio recovery lawsuit and calvary - chase ceased collctions and i declared insolvency to IRS in 2013 and ended up having to pay 2600 any way due to my lump sum settlement for ssd (actually my husband had to pay because my lump sum was long gone for money i borrowed) - i have no joint accts with my husband - in fact, we are together only because when I co signed on house...........but husband is primary owner - we live in Florida so our house is protected under homestead.........all I have left open is AMEX and that is only because they have not ckd my cr report......have charged nothing in yrs......I pay them out of ssd about 125 per what does portfolio recovery expect to gain...I already submitted lettr to the court that my ckng acct recvs only ssd auto deposits (which my dr says they cannot freeze or touch) - I have a small ckng acct (about 600.00) from prev pay and about 500 in in savings.....we are not moving at our age - in fact we may end up in foreclosure since my husband is paying all bills for the house.......marriage has been a matter of convenience for yrs - we have not had anything joint except for the house..I cannot go to court with the number of meds I am on and all portfolio recovery did was make my stress worse where I doubt if I will be able to ever work again - so what do they want from me? My husband is going to have to get durable power of attny over me as i cannot speak for myself without shaking.....

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I am sorry for all the health issues you are having, and this is going to sound harsh but...

Portfolio recovery is after you because you owe them money. They have a duty to recover these moneys because you did spend them. You are apparnetly paying some of yoru debts (AmEX) but not others. It will be remiss for your other creditors to not try to recoup some of their money.

That said you seem to be in dire straits and you may benefit from discussing your situation with a social worker and a bankruptcy attorney. You should look and find the legal aid clinic near you -- they provide free or low cost legal help baed on income.

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