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public record points hit
I have a public record on my account and it's a state tax lein. I know it's been payed and I know I need to contact the Franchise Tax Board, what i need to know is how many points will return to my score when I have it removed? Is there a set number of points for a public record? Or does it vary from record to record. I will be contacting the FTB asap to get it cleared up.

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newbie needs advice

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Great letter Chuck. Hi Credit karma Mates. please answer this question. In 2001 after 9/11 I lived in proximity to areas which were affected by electronic transmissions loss and bank closings etc. I had two secured Providian cards and my payments were not received by them. Fast foward they went out of business and my cards which were secured were bought by four different collection agencies and they list 5 thousand for each of the four on my credit reports. They are mulitiples of the same account and even worse they were prepaid from day one. The few times I have looked at reports until I actually became a Credit karma member today kept saying they would fall off Todays date is  Nov 10 2013 and they still have not fallen off. What do I do and what is the fine print on judgements falling off? I see a timeline of seven years but that has come and gone. Thanks for your education and the push to sign up and get my house in order much experience on karma 

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Let me know what happens

I paid off a tax lien with the (California) Franchise Tax Board.  Much to my surprise, it is still showing on my credit report.  It is showing as paid, but is still giving me a negative effect (big time) and won't be off of my record until 2020.  Does anyone know if I can call the FTB and ask them to remove it from my credit report?  I am usually on hold for 2 hours each time I call them, so I'd like to know if it is even possible before I call.

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Use this letter to file a complaint against the credit bureas reporting this.Do this thru your attorney generals website and also you may contact me with further questions at

To whom it may concern,

                                    I recently pulled my credit report and notice numerous violations of the FCRA and numerous state and federal laws that protect consumers.I also understand that about 89% of all credit reports contain inaccurate, misleading and unverifiable information on them.It also to my knowledge that systems used by the credit bureasu such as E Oscar do not protect the consumer as well but just allow some companies to just verfiy it wether or not it true.My credit file contains a public record/judgement that is not verifiable.I have already made the attempt with the source your company has listed several times.It was also brought to my knowledge that these court houses do not report, nor verfiy this type of public record with any credit bureaus nor have they ever reported such information on any consumer.This is really disturbing to find out that the credit bureaus lie and falsify these type of documents just to make a buck.It is also to my knowledge that these violations are punishable in the court of law by $1,000 per violations, plus court fees and attorney fees as well as punative damages a consumer may seek.I could also hold the company in violation of fraud by your company misleading and lying and falsifying these documents.After contacting several different FCRA attorneys willing to seek these damages free of charge, I choose not but would like to resolve this in a civil matter.


                At this time I would like for the company to delete this negative, unverifiable, and misleading public record from my file and a updated copy showing the correction be mailed to me.I have contacted the source and have already stated this was not verifiable to me ,nor was it reported to your company nor verified by them to your company as well.I found out this is a known tactic used by  your company to mislead of consumers and creditors for pure profit.I will await your appropriate timely response and appreciate you effort in having this matter correct.Please do not send  me a letter saying to contact the source and that it has already been verified by them when it fact it never was nor never verified by them.Also if the company has used another source other then the one listed, please provide me with there name and address so I may have them serve in a legal matter as well for there misleading information as well.

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