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My credit been the same for 5 years why haven't it moved up?

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Could be several things

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Mine has been the same too, despite having made all my payments on time. The only thing I could think of, by looking in detail at my report is a) my credit history hasn't hit the next bracket yet-... b) i don't have a whole lot of accounts open. i paid my car off so no longer have that monthly on-time payment to help... c)i have steadily had to have a pull on my credit (getting a new cell phone, getting utilities set up, even my job pulled my credit.) So i'd think through some of those things!

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Stagnant credit score

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There are certain factors, that you probably know about, to help in improving your credit score. Beyond paying on time, having higher credit limits can reflect well if your credit balances are below 30%, or having a minimum of three credit lines. Paying off old debt may hurt you temporarily but eventually help. Having OLD credit, also helps improve your credit score so don't cancel old cards, rather use them once a year even if you don't really need them. (charge something, then pay it right away so you don't forget to pay)  Keep them on your record (up to 999 months is recorded).

The absolute best way to improve your credit score is just TIME- A long history of credit on an account as well as a history of paying on time, (no lates).  Each month you should see your credit improving. If it's not, you most likely have a derogatory item, like a collection,or judgement that is weighing down the score. Get it resolved if you can by either disputing it, or paying it.

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consult an expert

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you need someone to review your credit report and to talk to you about your goals ultimately. creditmergency has an eBook that gives you a way you can skyrocket the score

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i had this problem too

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is reidiculous how credit works  but actually for example paying off a car a home or even a credit card wont increase your credit

what will increase one is your debt to credit availabilty ratio  if you can afford it meaning taking a hit as in hard pull inquiries open up a couple credit cards new credit accounts i when from no credit cards to 24 credit cards  and 6 mechant cards   when i shop i use all of them keep track of it migth sound complicated

but i never spend more than what i make in a week time   and i pay them off weekly  to avoid interest   my score jump over 150 points in just one year 

you prob thinking i took a lot of hiuts i did when i open account i lost over 60 points  but the acounts that i got aproved for they disapear from my credit report 6 months the ones that dint they will remain for up to 2 years when applying just do this one trick  if is the same bank and you are applicating for multiple cards from same bank usually just one inquire will be pull instead of numerous  example citi,capitalone and syncrony bank   for sure but chase,pnc,discover,american express forget it   american express worst by far, and barclays nevada yeah dont apply unless you have a score over 680

and no collections or missed payments  or apllying too many cards from them at once there very picky

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Lots of reasons

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What have you done to increase it?

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