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I think I went a little overboard
Currently I am enrolled at a university and trying to get my degree in Math/Secondary Education. Entering my second year I am taking out 10500 in loans on top of the 9500 I already have out (all federal loans). I also got my first credit card in May of 2012 and I think I went a little crazy. All of my cards are paid on time and I've never missed a payment, by the way. Currently I have:

Sub Student Loan 3500.00 (4500 more in spring 2014)
Unsub Student Loan 5939.00 (6000 more in spring 2014)

American Eagle Store Card - Opened Sept 2012 Limit 800/No Balance
Best Buy Store - Closed after being open 1 month. wanted to buy a fridge but didn't fit so
closed the car when I returned it.
GAP Store Card - Opened May 2013 Limit 750/No Balance
Sam's Club Store - Opened July 2013 - 1500 Limit/NO BAL

Secured Card - Opened May 2012 Closed May 2013 Limit/Deposit 600
Cap One Mastercard - Opened May 2011 - Balance 350/Limit 1000 (will go up to 1500 in sept)
Bank Americard - Opened June 2013 - 750 Limit/100 Balance
Barclay Financing - Opened June 2013 - Limit 1200/Balance 300

I know I went a bit overboard with all of the 20% off now promotions they get you with and don't know really what to do from here. If anything I was planning on keeping the 3 major label (visa/MC) cards open incase I have car trouble or another emergency while at school but I'm not too sure what would be better. I don't use the American Eagle card as much as I once thought, but it is my oldest account. Right now I only have my Capital One, BankAmericard, and Sams card in my pocket, everything else is locked away. WHAT DO I DO :(!

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Need to clear the balances.

How that 20% discount really gets people (been there)!  And too many pay just the minimum on the new account which often negates the discount due to the higher rate on the card. 

Keeping the unused cards locked away is a good idea because you aren't using them but the available credit is there on your report.  What you DO want to do is get the balances on the cards down to $0 and keep your usage at or below 20%, with bills paid in full every month.  How you do this is going to have to be your decision because only you know what your regular expenses are and what your income is, and your class load.  Can you squeeze in a part-time job to earn some extra money to clear out the existing accounts?  You definitely don't want the existing cards to go into a collections status.  Or, if there is any small amount left from the student loans to pay the bills down, so much the better. 

Just don't go beating yourself up over this.  You're human, and humans make mistakes. 

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