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I need 100 points in 6 months
I have been very irresponsible most of my young adult life. never paid my bills, always ignoring debt collector's. the past 6 months i have been practicing good spending and paying my bills, joined a credit union, and so on, really helped that i went from making $20k/year to $60-80k/year starting 05/2015 my credit score in 03/2015 was 470s-480s range. according to CreditKarma at the time i thought best way to boost credit is get as much as possible and make payments each month on time boy was i wrong. after 1-2 months it went from 470s then to 580s (Credit Karma) i also had 2 collections fall off. i thought awesome should be at 600s in a few months iam wanting buy a house in 01/16-02/16
i need to move closer to my work and was going to rent but to rent anywhere near my work for my family size is $1,200-1600/month i would rather just buy a house instead of throwing my money away on rent. i need my credit score to be at 620-650 by January is it possible

TU:539 EXP: 531 EQ:524 (True FICO 8 Scores)

-I have 5 open non medical collections
-Verizon $1,380 opened 02/2012 filled dispute 06/2014 updated the open date to 06/2014
-Comcast $159 opened 12/2013
-Nashville electric $280 opened in 10/2012 i disputed it 04/2015 it then updated the open date to 04/2015
-FOX Collection $25 opened 10/2014 paid in full 06/2015
-Nashville Fire/EMS 09/2014 $757

I have 2 closed collections
- AUTOMASTERS $2,900/$12,000 repossession opened 09/2012 closed 03/2013
- Some company that bought the Auto Masters Loan mentioned above^^ the weird thing about this one is its for the original amount of the AUTOMASTERS loan and has the same monthly payment and terms and it says im paying on time monthly in good standing but its closed ??

-I have 7 credit cards reporting just paid them down two weeks ago still waiting on them to report new balances.
-Credit One card opened 06/2015 $302/$300 paid it down to $50/$300
-Care Care One card authorized opened 04/2015 $504/$500 paid it down to $0/$500
-Capital One card authorized user, opened 12/2011 $480/500 paid down to $300/$500
-capital One card authorized user, opened 06/2015 $514/$500 paid down to $$230/$500
-Walmart store card authorized user, opened 12/2014 $460/$500 removed myself as authorized user 06/2015 still reporting as of 08/2015
-Finger Hut Store card opened 06/2015 $116/$220,new balance will be $80/220
-Kay jewelers closed in 2013 had 6 missed payments before paying it off

-I have 7 Installment loans reporting
-Carmax Auto $0 balance, Status:paid closed, no missed payments opened 10/2011 closed 05/2012
-Carmax Auto $0 balance, Status:paid closed, no missed payments opened 07/2011 closed 10/2011
-Credit Acceptance $7,522, Status:current no missed payments opened 07/2015
-Old Hickory Credit Union, Status:current ,$384/$500 no missed payments opened 06/2015
-Sun Loan $245 Status:current no missed payments opened 06/2015
-Fingerhut FreshStart $0 balance, Status:closed, no missed payments opened 04/2015 closed 06/2015
-- World Finance installment loan, Status:Charge-off, balance $402, 1 on time payment 15 missed payments opened 01/2014 updated 06/2014

i have 28 hard inquiries mainly from two car lots i tried to get credit from sent my application to 15 different lenders over a two week span. on 07/2015

what should i do to get from 530 to 650 in 6 months ??
pay off collections?? i have already talked to the open collections none of the agencies will pay for delete
i am paying off the rest of the credit cards at the end of this month and the sun loan will be paid off friday.

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I would keep asking for "pay for deletes" on the collections and hope that you will find someone to agree to it. Only after several attempts are made to get pay for deletes would I just pay them. Honestly, I would reset your sights and shoot for home ownership in a year or two rather than 6 months. I agree that it sucks to throw money away by renting, but you got to pay your dues now for damaging your credit, 6 months of good behavior is not enough to undo years of bad behavior. Be patient and keep working hard, but be more realistic in your goals to avoid being let down.

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Do Not Pay Fox Collection

Fox Collections will not remove your tradeline, once paid. A $25 open medical collection is not even recognized by most, if not all, scoring models. I, too, had a small bill with them. They will tell you to send an email to, but that is simply to give you the impression that they will remove upon payment. They will not. Save your 25.00 and use it to pay down debt that will result in a positive benefit.

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