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How can I tell how much I owe all together it's so confusing?
I want to know how much debt I'm in all together cause when I go to check it all there's some that say charge off or debt paid or passed. I don't understand at all. I just want one number in my head not so many. I have very poor credit. Too many old bills and 2 repos no credit cards. Also my school is on here that I owe that I really don't think I should pay cause it was a school who was being sued for over charging and not doing what they said for students. Like getting them jobs right after.

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You have a lot of reading and learning to do to cover all of the questions you have.  This learning will serve you well in all of your future life. To cover a few of the points.

Add all of the old bills that are less than seven years old and this is how much most lenders will say you owe in total.  In fact you owe it all morally, because you borrowed it, but SoL (Statute of limitations) will say legally they can no longer come after you in a court.  Even if the SoL is past, it stays on your credit file for seven years for most debt, some are 10 years, and not sure about student loans as they may stay for 30.

#1 It sounds like you only have one loan for a school that might be helping your score IF you are making payments on it. I would look into any class action law suits against the school and see if you can qualify for joining. Other than that I would pay the loan as I know many in your shoes for a few different schools and they are just having to suck it up and pay.

#2 If you have an income, I would first start paying off any that are "In Collection" and read here in the boards about the "Pay for delete" and try for those.

#3 Start getting good things on your credit reports such as get a secured credit card ASAP, or go to your bank and get a secured personal Loan.  I did the latter for the start of rebuilding my credit.

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If it was you OP that found this answer by Nomadre "Not Helpful" I can completely understand why the school did not help you. It would be because you don't wan't to learn. Nomadre gave some really good advice here and you should appreciate that he took the time to type it all out in an attempt to help you. Part of being an adult is to have more than just one number in your head, finances require a little bit of thinking and a little bit of work. If you cannot take the responsibility to read, listen and work hard you will never be able to straighten out your finances and credit issues. Please, stop and think, this is your future and something worthy of spending some time on and working carefully on.

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