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I have an issue where I can prove pre-authorized transactions that I didn't allow. I have a stack of papers where I hightlighted them all. They were moving money around in my BBT account. They used money accounts and then said that they weren't allowed to use a "prepaid" card and claim to have reversed my first payment but the money never went back into my account in full. Just in increments which Capital One used to bounce and manage my account remotely without permission and colluded with my bank in shutting down multiple accounts. I had a score of 780 before my first card. I always made payments on time until my parent took my card under the agreement that he was going to pay it off, then never did. He has been saying he paid the full bill this year. I look on Credit Karma and it says the card is STILL active. Capital one wouldn't send me replacements and locked me out of my card account so I can't verify payments are being recorded, and was the issue I have paper documents supporting my claim. I just don't know who to talk to or take this up with. I'm under a lot of financial pressure to succeed, and was working recently but laid off without cause or reason. I made $60. The other money I've made writing articles for A.C., LULU, Google Adwords, Blogging account had over 300k views total within three years. Write poems and have been published online. But I have been living off allowance of $600 a month and I don't have any bills, so I don't qualify for gov. assistance or aid, and I'm in a rut because I want to finish last two years of college and bank won't give me a loan but I'm nervous too. My dad took two of my credit cards and shredded them. He's also putting pressure on us to move out, I live with my mother and my dad has his own cottege apartment somewhere. I don't want to fault him for this, but he completely ruined my score by not paying as agreed, and put me in the most impossible bind being as I'm out of work and he can't be making a point this way. I was making regular payments, I have 30 dollars a day five days a week, and was making payments with my allowance in order to buffer and save. My whole intent was to raise my score. I never spent over the limit or recklessly, those were all late fees that incurred over a year of not having access to my accounts, and because IDK things just seemed messed up. I was constantly referred to the same woman on the phone, and then the security at capital one asked me to send a copy of one of my dad's income or bank statements on a recorded dad said they were refusing to send a bill and when he got the bill he paid the full amount. I was told the account was paid off and closed. Then I just called and was told I had one card open, and that both had charged off. So confused.

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