Nelnet Student Loans Reviews

Nelnet Student Loans Reviews
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Jul 07, 2020
Munt117 Product User

I have been really satisfied with XAP Credit Solution. They are very helpful and my credit has drastically improved just like they said. No one would have believed my score could be raised in 72hours after I contracted them. Even the chapter 7 on my report was removed including other derogatory items. I now have a Vantage score of 789 and FICO score of 800. I would highly recommend XAP. Contact via xapcreditsolution at gmail dot com. Cheers!

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Sep 08, 2019
NewEnglandGuy Product User

This is a disfunctional  company. They mistakeingly consoladated  all of my sub and unsubed loans into unsubed. I did not notice this until about two years after the consoladation when I was calculating interest. I have about 30k in subed and only about 4 in unsubed. Trying to get them to fix this 6 mistake took almost six months and hundreds of hours of time dealing the the US Dept of Education  and many other bureaucrats. In the end they had to adjust over 2 thousand dollars worh of interest payments but only did so because thier mistate had to be explained by an out side agency. No credit damage but probaly spent more man hours than the adjustment was worth. I can't speak for the application process so i'm leaving that neutral. 

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Aug 12, 2019
Please read!!
singled02 Product User

I was mislead to think that because I was going to gradschool that my loans would be sent into differment status. 2 weeks before the start of the semester my credit score was dropped literally 150 points from a 680. The initial rep had given me incorrect and misleading information. He left no notes on my account. I called to fix the situation and Veda team id # 37893 explained the reason. I understood when she went in to debth about the situation. However the representative's miscommunication for the initial issue was still showing on my credit report. She told me that "Nelnet does not do removals or participate in "goodwill policy"". Which was confusing because the last 2 reps said that they did, but it is not valid for my situation. I asked her if she could verify if it was because my situaition was agency error or is it something that Nelnet does not participate in at all. She said that it was something they can not do at all regardless of anyone's situation. 

I felt like I was being lied to and judged. Also that noone wanted to claim responsibility for the misinformaition given to me. I had no problem paying what I owed if I was not given the wrong information. I now fear that because of this major drop in my credit score a personal loan is no longer an option for my payment to continue my education. All of my hardwork is being tarnished because of miscommunication and someone refusing to accept responsibility.

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