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Most Helpful Positive Review

May 07, 2019
WoodMonte Borrower

Overall this was an awesome experience. I have a loan with a competitor and I went to them for this loan. Because my credit was protected with a lock I received a decline. Upgrade took the time to look over my credit, have me do a temporary unlock and the approved me right away. In fact, the rate was less than the other lender and Upgrade funded me overnight. They are truly the best!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Feb 06, 2019
Keep track of your payments
Alex776 Borrower

Really bad experience. I paid my loan and still charged me an extra month but refuse to reimburse me. If you need money try Marcus 

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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Jan 20, 2020
Slow Customer Service and Speed
travis304 Borrower

Others report a "quick experience" with Upgrade, but this is likely only applicable when the approval process is automatic. I've been rebuilding my credit thanks to a deadbeat ex-wife and outstanding balances due on closed accounts (scores around 615-630) so I applied for a relatively small loan ($4,000) through Upgrade to bump up my scores, pay off her debt on my report (already disputed, to no avail) and pay off a credit card. I have high income and only took this because CK said I had a "90% guarantee of approval". Okay, great. Submitted my application. It took about five days before anyone from Upgrade contacted me to request a different bank statement. I'd just moved cross-country and opened a new account at a local credit union, since my existing credit union is now 2,000 miles away. I provided pay stubs, a note for the Underwriter explaining my move and new account, and additional documentation to verify my employment. They still (for whatever reason) refused to allow the funds to be approved and transfered to my new account, instead requiring we use my *old* credit union account, which I want to close out. This is needless and they couldn't explain to me why they requested this, but okay. So I updated the account information. Another four days goes by, and *finally* this stupid little loan (that I could literally pay off with one-and-a-third paychecks) gets approved. It is now business day 3 after approval, and the funds have not been released. So, we're going on well over a week, now. I'm fine with waiting for the approval process on financing, but not if the company blatantly advertises "quick and easy". 

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Jan 18, 2020
Great experience!
Huskermedi Borrower

Very easy to apply. I had my money within 4 days.

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Jan 18, 2020
Upgrade was very easy to work with ,fast
Richp76 Borrower

Great to work with ,customer service is great

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Jan 18, 2020
Loan consolidation
Kelley1971 Borrower

Quick, easy, helpful to overall process of loan consolidation and budgeting.

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Jan 17, 2020

So, I applied for the loan Friday 1-10-20.  I sent all documents requested & downloaded the app on my phone.  Initally I did not hear anything back after sending requested docs.  I opened the app and saw the status had changed to accepted and Funds would be sent shortly.  Per their website it says that could take 3-4 business days after loan approved.   The app shows you all docs pertaining to your loan which is nice feature so you have it for your records.   I finally grew impatient, so Wednesay I reached out Upgrade through email.  They replied back with loan has been approved and funds will arrive shortly, mind you this is the same message I had been looking at since Friday.  So, I emailed back informing them of this and weirdly enough Thursday there was a change on my app showing I was approved but this time my bank info was attached.  Now, I was pretty bummed thinking my 3-4 business day wait for funds just begun, shockingly I open my bank app and funds had arrived as promised.  I only have a few negatives.  1.  Someone dropped the ball and this should have been processed much sooner as I was approved on Friday and if I had not finally reached out I still would be waiting.  So, my best advice is contact them as soon as you noticed you have been approved.   Secondly, the fee they are upfront about but to only get $2865 of a $3000 loan is a pretty hefty up front cost.  All in all I am happy I applied and if you are wise with the loan this can help you greatly.   This is a legit company and funds will arrive.  Just be mindful that if you are not proactive you may wait longer that is my only suggestion if you need funds ASAP.

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Jan 15, 2020
Easiest loan I have ever applied for.
MikeV444 Borrower

I applied for a credit card debt consolidation loan. The loan process was simple and the response from Upgrade was lightning fast.

I couldn't be happier with my experience with them.

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Jan 14, 2020
“The easiest loan ever”
Piopio1 Borrower

It was quick and easy! I'm really glad I had credit karma do the job for me to find them because the process was incredibly fast I apply on a Wednesday night and my money as in my bank account by Friday morning! I highly recommend this lender

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Jan 14, 2020
Great Start - Horrible Finish
SY2020 Borrower

To be clear, getting the loan was fast, easy and hassle free - the problems started after that. While the application and set-up are all online, the online system is lacking - ESPECIALLY if you are attempting to pay more than the minimum or pay off the loan in question. With that said, if you skip to the bottom of this review, I have other companies I have used in the past and evaluated for additional options.

The first frustration happened when I wanted to send an additional payment - most other companies permit you to post additional payments in between billing cycles, Upgrade does not. The website does appear to allow you, but in all actuality, it does not.

The final straw was when I paid off the account, it asks you to input a routing and account number, which I did and confirmed it (their customer service staff acknowledged the additional account), but then they drafted it from the previously used account number. For some, this would not be an issue, for me, it was and it resulted in me being overdrawn in an account, having to take a half of day off a work and get a cashiers check to the other bank and negotiate on overdraft fees. Why I feel this is not my responsibility - I specifically identified and confirmed the routing and account number the funds were to be drafted from.

Their customer service staff was polite, but relatively clueless and were offended by my anger and frustration. With that said, I am confused how a customer should respond when your initial pleas for assistance is met with, "there is nothing I can do" and when urgently trying to find a resolution they want to discuss why they made the mistake.

Basically, my feeling is that this company makes it more difficult to make additional payments to principal and when there are errors, they are great at apologizing, but not at resolving any of the problems.

To be clear, the staff are polite, but clueless on their system - as with two representatives I got "suggestions" that weren't even possible on the website I was using.

If you are looking for a personal loan and you want flexibility, I would look to other companies - like SoFi, Discover, Wells Fargo, etc - good news, if you have an account with CreditKarma - even easier to locate additional options based on your credit score!

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