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Mar 05, 2016
They are there, when you're in need !!!
pmartin1664 Borrower

I am just so tired of the whining, and the down right lying, that goes on in these review pages. Fact of the matter is.... none of us would be asking these Onemain for money, unless we have made a complete mess of our OWN financial affairs ! Why on earth DIDN'T all you whiners go to your bank or YOUR credit union to straighten out your affairs? Oh that's've got such a poor credit history, that no one will touch you !! When you sat down and signed the paperwork when Onemain agreed to help reverse your teenager like spending habits of the past, you were all smiles and thank you's. But when it comes time to make payment 8 or 9, and you've got no more of that excess cash in the bank, nor have you started to prepare budgeting what you'll need each month to make good on that loan....well.... now you're Inspector Gadget of the Federal Banking Association, and you're claiming to everyone who will listen....Onemain are crooks. It's pathetically funny, I've yet to read a review where someone says that they are a CPA and have figured out that Onemain is stealing from them. as well, I've also yet to read where one of these deadbeats tells of a successful story of how "I got my lawyer on them" !! Oh don't have $200 to pay your monthly note, yet you've want us all to believe that you've got a lawyer who says you're right and will fight for you. And not for nothing....I can't see any attorney taking this kind of case for less than a $1500 retainer. JUST GROW UP , AND PAY BACK WHAT YOU AGREED TO. You were lucky that these people loaned money to you in the first place. I have absolutely zero sympathy for people like this/. I believe they will be deadbeats their entire lives. It's truly sad. I say that because once or even twice when I was younger, and then again when I wasn't so young....I allowed excuses to get me into financial trouble. My numbers sucked 550. THAT"S right 550 !!! Couldn't get a lollipop on loan! Then I grew up. I joined CreditKarma for free, and then opened up credit cards that I paid on early, and even several times a month, instead of spending on things that were asinine. I took a personal loan through Onemain and paid all my old balances down to zero. Closed those old cards out, repaid my onemain a bit ahead of time, thus saving money. I wrote to Experian and the other 2 on accounts that should NOT have still been on my report. If you don't ask that they be taken off, they'll remain there. and even though 10 -15 years has pasted no one will question them. But they sure still add up against you when you apply for ANY kind of credit !!!!!! So to continue on my story....after paying Onemain back, or I should say CitiFinancial, as that was their name then, I applied on CreditKarma for a car loan and was approved by 5 different companies. I'm into my 14 month of payments, my number has grown to 780 and I get pre approved offers monthly. But the key to my story is......STOP BLAMING ANYONE YOU CAN FOR YOUR DYSFUNCTIONAL FINANCIAL HABITS. START TODAY TO TURN IT ALL AROUND , AND WITHIN A YEAR.....YOU CAN BE SMILING ALL DAY, EVERYDAY, INSTEAD OF ONLY WHEN YOU FIND SOMEONE TO GIVE YOU A HIGH INTEREST LOAN !! GET WITH IT !!!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jan 10, 2017
Cat746 Borrower

Make this your last resort and pay it off as quickly as possible. Really...THIS SHOULD BE YOUR LAST RESORT. I borrowed $3,000 in October and requested a pay-off in was $4,387. How is this possible??? They sold me insurance that I cancelled, they refunded the entire cost of the insurance but they still added the cost insurance coverage to the loan. Watch this...the cost of insurance is amoritzed over the life of the loan but if you cancel they send you the entire amount...trickery. I asked for written documentation of this practice, there is none and they are not willing to provide any.  Please, use this as your LAST resort and decline ALL insurance coverage. This should really be illegal.

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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

May 26, 2017
Personal loan

Super friendly staff very helpful and responded very fast after I was approved I will definitely do business with them again

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May 26, 2017
Very easy!
clb1213 Borrower

This was a very smooth, easy process. Everything was explained and nothing was hidden.

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May 26, 2017
Easy to obtain
Lewangll216 Borrower

Wanted a boat and now I have it at a reasonable rate.

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May 26, 2017
Referred by Credit Karma
JaxPat Borrower

Referred by Credit Karma as a souce off consolidation of my credit card debt. I was not able to get the full amount needed, but the amount given did help. The process was very easy and the people in the office were informative and great. Thank you for assistance.

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May 26, 2017
Get way to Consolidate Debt!!
Enidcutie26 Borrower

I was more than impressed by the hard work and amazing customer service our local branch loan officer had through the whole process of us obtaining our loan!! They were quick and on top of it all the whole time. I would absolutely recommend anyone in the Enid, OK area to see what these amazing people can do for you and help you consolidate your debt. Our loan officer found us a solution when we didn't know what else to do and now we are doing much better than even before getting our loan through them!!! Thank You!

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May 25, 2017
Good way to Consolidate Debt
Tean94 Borrower

OneMain Financial sends out pre-approved letters with checks that look legitimate.  They say you can get the money the same day if done before 2pm.  We applied for a loan to help consolidate debt.  However, the lowest allowable interest rate they offer is 16%.  The benefit is they'll often loan you higher amounts than your personal bank or credit union, but the interest rate is often double or triple what you could get at those institutions.  The other benefit is you have choose how long you want to pay off the loan, so instead of making minimum payments forever, you can have the peace of mind, knowing that your debt will be paid off at a certain date.

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May 23, 2017
Personal Loan
FeeFee4eva Borrower

It is a high interest loan, but in my current tax situation it came in handy. I like the fact that thete is benefits that goes along with this loan and the website holds a lot of important information to its clients that will assist them in making credit and money decisions. I have enjoyed this part of it because I am learning a lot.

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May 23, 2017
Personal Loan
autumnlaine Borrower

The staff at the facility are always very nice and helpful.  I would like to see though, that the website was more up to date on showing recent balances, transactions and statements.  I really like the rewards opportunities.  I just used the monthly budget calculator and found it be very helpful.  A lot of the other items with helpful hints are also well done and helpful.

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May 23, 2017
What a joke
PlanoTech Borrower

Approved for up to $7000 with an auto title??? Up to $2000 if I go in to their local office and fill out applications. Waste of time and hard inquiry on my report. Do yourself a favor and look at netcredit.

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May 23, 2017
Anonymous Borrower

It was so quick and easy to apply as get approved! The customer service was amazing! I highly recommend them to everyone!

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