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Most Helpful Positive Review

Jun 07, 2017
Good for debt consolidation
Brittandlewis Borrower

I am very happy I got the loan, it helped me pay off 3 high balances I had on cards. However be aware when you are actually in office and going through the loan terms etc. They added on roadside assistance and health insurance without making it known that I am getting charged for this. I had them remove it as I already have both. I am getting this loan to help me out with my debt, not add more to it. So be aware and make sure they aren't charging you for something that you don't want. Other than that I so far have had a good experience.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jan 10, 2017
Cat746 Borrower

Make this your last resort and pay it off as quickly as possible. Really...THIS SHOULD BE YOUR LAST RESORT. I borrowed $3,000 in October and requested a pay-off in was $4,387. How is this possible??? They sold me insurance that I cancelled, they refunded the entire cost of the insurance but they still added the cost insurance coverage to the loan. Watch this...the cost of insurance is amoritzed over the life of the loan but if you cancel they send you the entire amount...trickery. I asked for written documentation of this practice, there is none and they are not willing to provide any.  Please, use this as your LAST resort and decline ALL insurance coverage. This should really be illegal.

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Sep 20, 2017
Great customer service
Fiona44 Borrower

Offered and were able to loan more than I applied for when the representative learned the reason for my loan request. It was appreciated that they would offer.

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Sep 19, 2017
JJC2 Borrower

I know many people complain about this company, but to be honest they were up front and honest with me, they went over everything and answered all of my questions, no one forced me to sign anything and even after going through all that work if I decided last minute that I didn't want to signthey were ok with that and would ask me to come back if I cahneged my mind. If they feel that I cannot afford it they tell me right up front and I truely appericate that overall, I think this company is amazing and I will continue to do business with them for a long time! 

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Sep 19, 2017
REB46226 Borrower

The folks were very friendly! I enjoyed working with them on this loan.

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Sep 19, 2017
Outdated website, Ineffective processes.
Anonymous Borrower

For the past 30 days they have automatically drafted my payments from an old account twice after I have changed the payment information. This in spite of me proactively going online and changing the account information. While the company allows you to perform account payment modifications for some reason this payment modification doesn’t replace what the company has in their system. Please understand, when you log into your account you can see the changed payment information but the company continued to pull money from the old account. I’m very confused as to why a company provides the means to accomplish responsible payment and account modification but doesn’t allow the information to replace the previous payment information. I was informed by a Clinton Maryland Branch representative that modifications to the account can only be done by the branch. This further confused me, so I asked, why does the website allow you to change the payment information if it doesn’t take until you change this information through the local branch? The representative had no idea why the company allows that option but doesn’t apply it. He then told me I had to come into the branch to fill out a form. At this point, I’m becoming frustrated, in the world of technology, why is this company still operating in the stone-age of business. I asked why there is not an online form or perhaps I could send you a canceled check. The representative then accepted the canceled check suggestion. I emailed the canceled check and he never replied, another Clinton Branch Representative reached out to me a few days to apologize and make the corrective adjustments to the account for payments. Needless to say this morning I awake to another overdraft action on my old account. This is now twice this company has failed to properly change this information for account payments, their technology seems is ineffective, One Main Financial is not a green-initiative company as they rely on paper forms but fail to include information on this process on their website. I would not recommend this company; although they advertise as a company they operate like a mom-and-pop store. As they are location specific and their website is only effective in telling you if you’ve paid or if you have missed a payment. Simply put, if the website options are not directly modifying the account and associated actions then what is the purpose of having those options without explanation to the customer? This company should reimburse the fees I have incurred due to their ineffective processes. I will update this review after/if I hear back from someone. This company is not very responsive or organized after you become a customer.

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Sep 19, 2017
They hit all 3 credit bureau. Awesome
Dustystarr Borrower

Set up payment as auto draft and you will never here from them. They have helped my credit so much in so little time!

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Sep 18, 2017
Very professional
Beccajoc Borrower

Helpful and able to purchase the car I needed 

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Sep 18, 2017
Debt Consolidation when it was needed

The aplication process was easy, the people were in the office were very informative, and all the facts related to the loan were well explained.

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