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Most Helpful Positive Review

Aug 06, 2016
Update after over a year using LendUp
Anonymous Borrower

I'm going to start out by saying I've literally NEVER needed these loans. I've solely taken them out for over a year to work my way up the LendUp "ladder" so to speak. I started out taking monthly $250 loans, and ALWAYS repaid them on time. Each time you repay your loan, you get more points and work your way up to lesser rates & longer terms of repayment. I can't complain whatsoever. The whole reason I wanted to reach the Platinum level that I have is for the simple fact that fast cash in the event of an emergency is no longer easily available NOR cheap these days. If I ever find myself in a financial bind.. Whether it be myself or for someone else... I now have $1,250.00 of available cash credit that is deposited straight into my account the following business day. I use it all the time and have never had any issues in either received my deposited loans into my account nor in repayment. I've even contacted customer service a couple of times for simple questions, and each time I've gotten to speak to a rep. I will admit the wait times are long, but it could have been that the site was undergoing technical difficulties that day. I like that it takes me less than one minute to agree to have the loan deposited into my account the following business day.. There really is no ongoing process after you've made an account and have successfully confirmed your bank information. I don't have to get an expensive and risky title loan, or really deal with anyone in the event I need cash. Recently, I actually needed the clutch replaced on one of our cars, and we like to buy clutch kits from an independent local manufacturer that only accepts cash. As soon as we noted the clutch was a problem on my lunch hour one day, I signed into my LendUp account and in less than 2 minutes had agreed to the terms of receiving $700 the following day. Next morning... There it was. We had our clutch, and had the option to repay our loan in installments of $130.00 per month. No penalties if you repay early, and if anything, you are charged a lesser rate than for your initial term! Recently, I received an email from them that I was overcharged interest on a loan I had paid back early, and they informed me they'd be crediting my account $36.00, AND THEY DID! It was in the account the following day. What I will also admit to is that since reaching platinum level, I've had the option of LendUp reporting my repayments to the credit bureaus, which I declined (yes, it's an option you can select or decline!). I opted not to because I've read it's reported as a credit card rather than an installment loan... So it's like being approved for a $1,000 credit card and immediately maxing it out prior to receiving it, and repaying it slowly. HIGH utilization on top of hard inquiries. Don't do LendUp to build credit... More so for fast available emergency cash that you are SURE you'll be able to afford to repay. Just my 2 cents!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Mar 18, 2016
Not the best way to build credit
capturedinprint Borrower

I guess I should have read the fine print, but I took out two loans and repaid very quickly, only to find out that you have to do this MANY more times before it shows up on your credit report. Not a good way to rebuild credit in the loan category! I wish Credit Karma would recommend better alternatives.

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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Jan 03, 2017
Installment loan
MsLGordon Borrower

As you move up their ladder they offer you higher lines with better terms. Never had a problem with the online process is so easy.

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Dec 31, 2016
I like it but...
Kimicalz Borrower

Lendup is a great company. I use it whenever I really need a loan. My only issue is that when I click on "Check Payment Status", I enter my bank info and everything goes through but then I get an error message saying "An error has occurred. Check back later". This happens each time I try to clear my payment early. It's annoying. I hope they can fix this soon. 

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Jan 10, 2017

If you're experiencing issues with LendUp, we'd love to help. If you haven't already, please send us a secure message by logging in to LendUp and using the Contact Us form. Thanks.

Dec 26, 2016
Okay If it's your only option
SamLovesYou Borrower

Let me start off this review by saying that this is an okay loan IF it's your only option. If you have very poor credit and you just need a few payday loans then it's alright. But if you're trying to build credit, like me, then this is an extremely costly way. Interest rates are so high and you don't build credit until you "climb the ladder" (which means racking up enough points). I like the idea of their Educational courses and earning points from them, they really are helpful! However, even after completing all of them I still had to take out 11 (!!!) loans to earn enough points to get to prime and be able to have my loans reported to the credit bureau (so for 10 months I took out and repaid loans without anything being reported). The smallest amount I could take out for my prime, credit building loan was a whopping $750 and of course the interest was still insane, even though I felt like I was led to believe that interest rates would decrease as you climbed the ladder, but you can't really tell a difference. But with each of my payments I did see my credit go up a little, which is great! Does this make it worth it? No, not really. After I finished paying off my first and only credit building loan I decided to add up how much lendup costed me, and with all the interest from all my loans combined, I spent over $200 on lendup! Like I said, if this is your only option, and you're responsible, then go for it. But what I strongly suggest is to try out a secured credit card or a secured bank loan instead. Yes, you do have to have a security deposit, but it beats spending hundreds of dollars in interest!

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Dec 15, 2016
Great Lender & Customer Service
peggita23 Borrower

I've been with Lendup for my short term loan needs for 2+ years now as I work on rebuilding my credit after a separation that left me in debt and reduced household income. LendUp has been a life saver for me. Their loan structure allows you to borrow what you need for the period of time needed (limits apply but I believe it's up to a month, which is better than any paydayloan place that only gives you until your next pay day). The online process is easy and they have alot of resources. After paying your loans on time you earn points, the more points you earn, the more you can borrow. For the bigger loans, they report to credit agencies so as long as you pay within terms it will help your credit. I have referred a few friends and they all love it! Customer service is good too, you can do alot of it online but when you call they are very quick and helpful too. I was actually very impressed with Jesse this morning, I called to update my phone # and when I got thru the line cut off, I was bummed to have to call again and wait in the queu again but low and behold, a minute later, Jesse calls me back! He realized the call dropped and made sure to call me back to complete my request. That is pretty awesome, have not encountered another lender who goes above and beyond like LendUp has. 

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Dec 09, 2016
Terrible customer service.
Anonymous Borrower

You pay everything on time. Try to change. Your bank account they dont respond then tell you pay off the loan then you can change your bank account. I said well im recording this call just like you and the lend up. Customer support yells at me. What you are recording this call too and hangs up. What a bunch of clowns. I feel bad Credit Karma supports this. Deleting it next.

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Jan 10, 2017

We're sorry you're disappointed; however, it sounds like we could clarify a couple points for you. If you haven't already, please send us a secure message by logging in to LendUp and using the Contact Us form, and we'll get back to you to discuss further. Thanks.

Nov 28, 2016
Worked for me
ashleyf05 Borrower

I don't know why it's so hard for people to do some research before just applying for something, and then saying it's a rip-off. Lend up has been great for me.  I take out 350 and I pay back 375. At Pawn America I take out 330 and pay 375. Trust me Lend up is cheaper. Once you get to a certain status you have the option of reporting to your credit.  I did and my score went up.  It's on there every month as paid. I would recommend Lend up to anyone that needs a small loan and can't get any help from the big banks.

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Nov 29, 2016

Hi Ashely

Nov 29, 2016

When I applied for a loan for $350 its says total payment back will be $1000? Do you know why this happened?

Nov 17, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

The process is quick and easy and customer service is great. Referred by a coworker and I am glad she told me about them. Good for when you are in a crunch.

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Nov 12, 2016
Barrett775 Borrower

I have used this service 2 times so far. Both times it has been quick and easy. They also have educational videos for you to watch. I suggest signing up for the educational videos alone.

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Nov 10, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

Great for when you don't have perfect credit but still want low interest and plenty of time to pay off!

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Nov 10, 2016
There when you need them!!!!

I have been dealing with lend up for about a year. They provide great service for people like myself who have less than perfect credit! I have quickly moved up to a prime loan which is automatically reported to the big 3 CBs. If you make your payments on time and use your debit card if you need to you can take out another loan the same day! The rates are the best thing going as far as I'm concerned! You can't beat it! If your going to be a couple days late with your payment call and make arrangements. I Love Lend Up. They provide the best service and rates hands down!

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