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M&T Bank Mortgage

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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Nov 29, 2016
Bought our home mortgage
spups Borrower

M & T Mortgage bought our home mortgage.  We find them to be a dysfunctional company and completely out of their element when it comes to servicing their customers.  They have no respect for or appreciate of their customers as has been evidenced by our dealings with them over the last 4 weeks.  They took a double payment out of our bank account and have left us no money for any necessities we have.  We have called them, and even faxed them documents they requested.  They still have not returned our money.  This is so disappointing when you consider we are their customer!

I would highly suggest you go anywhere besides M & T Mortgage.

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Jul 23, 2016
Horrible Customer Service
Anonymous Borrower

Had a house fire.  Only owed them $70,000, on a $249,000 home.  It's been almost a month and they are very difficult to work with on rebuilding, as every cent of the $249,000 has to go thru their strict "approval process" Our insurance agent and contractors are just baffled on how long it has taken them to respond to simple questions.  Another review stated you get a different story from every customer service rep.  This is VERY TRUE!  Do yourself a favor and avoid M&T Bank!

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Apr 14, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

They had the worest customer service reps. They were rude and unwilling to help. The supervisors were the same way. I am switching my loan provider immediately.

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Feb 10, 2016
Most Frustrating Mortgage Company EVER!

The customer service people are great.  That's the good part.  Our commercial loan on two buildings was sold to M & T from Bayview.  In 2009 our small business of 24 years hit bad times and we almost turned the buildings over to the bank but they worked with us and lowered the interest so that we could keep them.  Ever since that time, the interest went up and up and up so that it reached over 9% with a threat of another increase in 2 months.  M & T was never going to allow us to sell one of the buildings without the other nor allow the loan to split into two loans so that we could sell one of the buildings.  We decided to refinance with another another mortgage company who approved us.  First we discovered a lien that hadn't been cleared up with Bayview and we hadn't been with them for 6 years.  After numerous calls, it was determind that the lien would be released at the time of the refinancing.  The we had to wait 60 days to close in order to eliminate the over $2,000 penalty.  After that, we faxed a request for payoff amount and we've been waiting another several weeks to just get the payoff.  Our monthly mortgage was nearly $1,900 and the new loan will be $1,200 saving us a hefty $700 per month.  In addition, we can sell one of the properties anytime we like without selling the other.  A nice option to have.  BUT this isn't over yet.  More indigestion may be coming before we are completely split away from M & T.  

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