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Jul 20, 2012

M&T bank aquired my mortgage then i did a loan motifacation,a verycomplicated and took 3 months,but they did a great job,lowered my intrest a lot,removed all my late charges,and in general did every thing they said they would.I would recomend them very highly.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Apr 20, 2013
Banks that Stink
Anonymous Borrower

I asked for a loan modification and sent in the required paperwork they wanted but they kept on writing me for more of the same.  If they wanted 10 copies, I would have sent them 10 copies. So, now, I'm in foreclosure and have to find a place to live and get rid of all my memories that I was saving. So, no M&T stinks. If I was one of the big banks that was going bankrupt, all would be forgiven.

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Jul 23, 2016
Horrible Customer Service
Anonymous Borrower

Had a house fire.  Only owed them $70,000, on a $249,000 home.  It's been almost a month and they are very difficult to work with on rebuilding, as every cent of the $249,000 has to go thru their strict "approval process" Our insurance agent and contractors are just baffled on how long it has taken them to respond to simple questions.  Another review stated you get a different story from every customer service rep.  This is VERY TRUE!  Do yourself a favor and avoid M&T Bank!

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Apr 14, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

They had the worest customer service reps. They were rude and unwilling to help. The supervisors were the same way. I am switching my loan provider immediately.

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Feb 10, 2016
Most Frustrating Mortgage Company EVER!
desdemona1105 Borrower

The customer service people are great.  That's the good part.  Our commercial loan on two buildings was sold to M & T from Bayview.  In 2009 our small business of 24 years hit bad times and we almost turned the buildings over to the bank but they worked with us and lowered the interest so that we could keep them.  Ever since that time, the interest went up and up and up so that it reached over 9% with a threat of another increase in 2 months.  M & T was never going to allow us to sell one of the buildings without the other nor allow the loan to split into two loans so that we could sell one of the buildings.  We decided to refinance with another another mortgage company who approved us.  First we discovered a lien that hadn't been cleared up with Bayview and we hadn't been with them for 6 years.  After numerous calls, it was determind that the lien would be released at the time of the refinancing.  The we had to wait 60 days to close in order to eliminate the over $2,000 penalty.  After that, we faxed a request for payoff amount and we've been waiting another several weeks to just get the payoff.  Our monthly mortgage was nearly $1,900 and the new loan will be $1,200 saving us a hefty $700 per month.  In addition, we can sell one of the properties anytime we like without selling the other.  A nice option to have.  BUT this isn't over yet.  More indigestion may be coming before we are completely split away from M & T.  

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Dec 12, 2015
Story Kept Changing
Anonymous Borrower

I got a letter dated Dec. 4 that they were investigating my mortgage information request.   I hadn't made a request to M&T Bank.   For 45 minutes (I timed it), the rep gave me four different stories-ranging from they were responding from a request on Dec. 8 (so how did they know about my complaint in a letter they wrote to me on Dec. 4) to you tried to pay on the Dec. 4 (I pointed out that she had just told me that the payment was processed on Dec. 2 and so I was unlikely to try pay again on Dec. 4).   At the end of each story, I would ask to talk to a supervisor.  After 45 minutes, I got Jeremy, a supervisor n the Customer Service Mortgage Department in Buffalo.  He gave me a song and dance about that the letter occured because I sent the payment to Buffalo and the check had to be sent to Baltimore (which I know that I didn't because I looked at the address twice before I sent it.)

Their customer service is terrible!

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Jul 31, 2015
Anonymous Borrower

Both my houses mortgages got soled to M&T. Long story short I was happy with my previous banks I just payed an time no problems. As soon as the loans got sold to M&T they send me letters saying that both my mortgages escrow account was low and they needed to adjust both of my loans +$246 in one and +$22 in the second loan. I called and they told me wnerynabk has different requirements for the escrow balance . I was happy with my previous banks (Chase and Flagstar). I will refinance I want nothing to I with this bank.

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Jan 30, 2015
Problems w/payoff 8 commercial mortgages
Anonymous Borrower

I can't believe the fees M&T Bank tries to charge when paying off a mortgage during refinance. First they tried to charge a 60 Day Notice fee which amounted to over $10,000 for the 8 loans. This was an error because my mortgage notes specifically listed no fees. So then they charged "Other Fees" which amounted to them charging me for all of Feb 2015 interest even though the loans were refinanced January 30. They claimed they needed the funds before Feb 1. I just paid the title company extra to wire the funds today! I expect to get a refund of the over $4,000 in interest they are trying to charge for Feb! By the way, these fees were in addition to payoff letter fees $200/loan, $100/loan close fee; plus more.

In my opinion, M&T employees are quite pleasant but M&T bank practices border on extortion.  

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Sep 23, 2014
M&T Bank - Worse mortgage company
Anonymous Borrower

Rating = -10 (negative 10!!!) We were behind on our mortgage and BOA sold it to M&T.  We asked at the beginning of the year if we could do a loan modification and they agreed after contacting them multiple times.  We start the 3 month trial period in early spring with no issues and was told the paperwork would soon follow.   They lied.  It has been 4 months since the trial period and every time we call them we hear the same story....It is in for review.  We asked if we could do a short sale...they said no because after the loan modification our credit rating would be too high....yet here we sit waiting for the loan modification to actually get approved and still making payments.  And oh... we found out the monthly payments have not been applied to our mortgage.  They are holding it in a suspence account while our credit rating continues to sink.  Stay away from M&T at all costs!!!!  They never return calls.  Funny thing...we had one person at M&T tell us not to pay our mortgage.

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Sep 09, 2014
The worst bank I've ever used.
Anonymous Borrower

M&T Band is simply the worst bank and credit card I've ever had.   The amount of fees and problems I've had with their customer service are countless.  Once my credit card is paid off, I will be cancelling the account and the card with no regrets.  This is a fascist organization and I can not figure out how they can still operate when there are much better institutions like USAA out there.  AVOID M&T AT ALL COST.

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Sep 04, 2014
bad mortage bank
Anonymous Borrower

ill tell everybody the truth this bank is a very aweful and bad band to go for laons

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Aug 11, 2014
If zero stars were an option....
Anonymous Borrower

This company continues to scam. We received a letter today saying we have to 8K to keep the house. Everytime we speak with someone they say something completely differet. Our loan was sold by BOA. If you can avoid dealing with this company, please do so immediately. I believe every negative review on here because we have done through the same thing. Constant back and forth with no real answers, threatening to take your home. 

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