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Sep 14, 2016
Always top noch
cabomix Account Holder

I needed to get away form big banks,buh bye Citbank and Chase...

I don't carry a ton of money on my accounts and when I opened my account.  I felt welcomed by the people at the branch. Not only did I get a new account, I got a car loan with the lowest interest rate for a used car. My deposits show up inmmeditely after depositing on my mobile app (I haven't had any bounced deposits though). If you are a good client and your word is worth something you will have a wonderful experience from this credit union.

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Jul 25, 2016
Great member service
luminiferous Account Holder

Been a member for a couple of years now.  Love the super-convenient branch on Market St in San Francisco.  (If you want a safe deposit box in the city, look no farther.  It's right near BART, and is very affordable.  Also love that you access it just by going to the tellers, so you can wait in line instead of standing around waiting for somebody to figure out you need something.)

Have multiple products (checking, savings, credit card) and have been really happy.  My credit card was approved on a Saturday, so they work convenient hours for members.  Only small drawback is that they limit you to four ACH transfers in progress, so it's not a good "money transfer hub."

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Aug 26, 2016

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