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Insight Credit Union

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Jul 11, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

This place was great when it was Bell Tell.  Now their csutomer service is horrible.  They behave like a money hungry Corporation.  I cant wait to be able to leave these people one day.  But boy after 40 years wtih them, they have me, what I see now, in their CLAWS....nothing but vultures now!!!

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Jun 05, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

One of their bank managers, Keith in Crystal River, is committing fraud by posting in LinkedIn an embellished creditial that he has two BA's one in Criminal Justice and the second one in Psychology. Both being completed in a 3 year time spam of 2011-2014. This person also posted that he has an MBA with same university, completed in the same time frame of 2011-2016. Further investigation found that he has only completed and earned credits for his BA in Criminal Justice. Now you tell me, is this ethically right? And would you trust a banking institution that hires liers?

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Jan 28, 2016
Horrible customer service
Anonymous Account Holder

Very poor customer service. I am very disappointed with how they handle calls and requests. First time when I called to tell them that I will be purchasing some items from the U.K. and I want to make sure that they will not block an international transaction, I was on hold for 1h or more and no one answered the phone. Finally, I went to the local branch where they gave me an "inside" number to call and they answered. Today I needed to speak with them again and the same happened. However, this time after 25min waiting to speak with someone a lady picked up and asked me to hold for a second. Well, I did hold - for another 30min!!! I hanged up and called again, only to get the voicemail saying that their office was closed. Very disappointed in this Credit Union.

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