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Jun 11, 2016
Perfect service and customer relations
Anonymous Account Holder

Never any problems. Service is excellent. Moved my money from a bank to this credit union and have had no regrets. I'll never go back to a bank again. Great credit card interest rate 7.4%. Friendly tellers who recognise me on a first name basis. No long lines. I only wish there were more branches.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Mar 20, 2015
Grow Financial is an OK lender.
Matthew1041 Account Holder

I have my auto loan with them and, though my interest is at a high rate it is lower than my old loan. I have a checking and savings with them and the only complaint I have is the hours on weekends or evenings. Other than that, they have done a bit to help me. I obtained a secured card from them and I haven't had any issues with it. Going on 6 months now and my score started at 491, now I'm up to 573. Not too shabby, I've been working with them on other products to rebuild credit. They offer secured personal loans which is AWESOME! They take 1,000 from your checking and put it into an untouchable savings. Then transfer 1,000 back into your checking. You then setup a payment monthy on the original 1,000 and the interest rate is very low. So think of it as taking a monthly payment and putting it into a savings. & get the credit reporting while you're at it. I'm pretty satisfied.

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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

May 02, 2017
Grow doesn't care about their customers
Anonymous Account Holder

I've been charged more fees than i can understand. Paper statement fee. Atm inquiry fee. Non network atm fee. And when i call them they rarely want to give my fees back. I was always told to go with credit unions but this one has put a sour taste in my mouth for credit unions. I will be switching soon.

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Mar 18, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Highly unsatisfactory since they became Grow Financial.  When it was MacDill Federal Credit Union the service was great - not so now.  They claim they changed the name of attract the public because a lot of opeople thought it was just for military people.  This was a marketing issue.  They changed to make more money and I know many people besides myself who have serious complaints - especially complaints about the knowledge of the people who work there.  Also I should not have to provide you my email address in order to make comments..

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Feb 13, 2017
Horrible customer service
Anonymous Account Holder

I've never had a wait time shorter than 15 minutes regardless of what time I've called. They do not seem very knowledgeable, and transfer you between departments constantly. Absolutely horrible to get in contact with someone. And each representative gives you different information. 

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Jan 13, 2017
As unfriendly as a regular bank
Anonymous Account Holder

I have had credit unions before. Loved it. This runs just like any other bank. And they don't update with credit bureau quickly. Paid off my cc 1/6. On 1/14 still not showing paid

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Dec 17, 2016
Worst customer service EVER!!!
Anonymous Account Holder

No help what so ever, extremely rude and acted like she didn't want to be on the phone. The rep name was ******* ***** and very unprofessional

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Nov 30, 2016
Terrible all around, aviod!
tmarie94 Account Holder

Grow was the worst loan experience I've had in my life. I had to deal with them for 3 years for my previous car loan and nothing was good. The customer service I received can't even be classified as "service". Everyone I talked to was rude and didn't listen to any of my concerns, which there was a decent amount due to their poor service. Also, even if you spend 3 years making on time payments, they won't help you with anything you may possibly need.

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Nov 28, 2016
Great products and services
Anonymous Account Holder

this credit union offers many services for my auto loan including paying from another institution, unlike many others that have mentioned having an issue. the online option saves your info after the first time a successful payment goes through, I originally used this option before I decided to move my entire account over. I also opened a checking account and moved all my money from another local credit union that didn't offer as many ATMs or as good of rates on their checking.

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Aug 08, 2016
Grow Financial = Disorganized
boymetgirl80013 Account Holder

We have an auto loan, established through a dealer, and provided our insurance info and reported the lender info to our insurance company, months later we received a letter stating that forced placed insurance had been placed and 3k added to our loan...WHAT?  I called and waited for 3-5 minutes that lasted thirty-five minutes or more on several occasions.  I supposedly got multiple letters, which I did not receive one, and they should have said they should have called but not one They are terrible, disorganized, and very unhelpful.  Their issues go far beyond what I could list here but I am refinancing to drop them as a lender, they are the worst!

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Jul 12, 2016
Running a Racket?
Anonymous Account Holder

We applied for Homestead Exemption as fast as possible and it has taken this Credit Union over 7 months (still in process) to fix my mortgage.  My tax bill is exponentially higher than it should be (which Homestead should take care of) and this incorrect, increased tax bill increases my mortgage $350+ per month than what my mortgage should be.  This correction of this overpayment has "been in process" for 7 months resulting in 7 months of overpayment on my part ($2500).  They are making money off the interest in my overpayment AND if they do this stunt to enough poor saps, they make a pretty penny--GREAT RACKET GROW!  I'll keep calling and emailing weekly until you fix this.  

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Jul 01, 2016
I have been vwry satisfied.
cmilagros51 Account Holder

Grow Fiancial has always been there for me.  I refinanced my car loan through them at a much lower interest rate.  I have been with then over 10 years with no complaints.

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