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Aug 02, 2016
Yay! Shopping Cart Trick
JazSoChic Cardholder

Was trying to get a Fullbeauty credit card via shopping cart trick, mainly because you can shop torrid and brylane home through the site, but no luck. As i went onto Woman Within I got thr preapproval popup for $250. Now i was initially going to decline because this isnt  a store i would shop at untiiiilll i saw a message saying you can use your Woman Within cc at any of the Fullbeauty brands sites or on Fullbeauty site itself. So i got the card . In a way its pretty much as the same as the Fullbeauty card anyway so this was a win win. It will up my overal credit line and lower my overall utilization while i can shop at over 15 stores all in one site with this card. Im excited for whats to come.For some reason my card didnt link to my account so i was afraid it didnt go through but i called the automated line and it was there. I spoke to customer service who was very friendly and they told me they couldnt add the card just wait until i get it but they would be more than happy to place order. i told her i would wait. well about 15 minutes later i logged on and my card was in the system so i didnt have to call them back

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Apr 23, 2016
Easy approval with shopping cart trick
alcatrine Cardholder

I got approved through the shopping cart trick.  Signed up for an account on their website, put something in myshopping cart, went to the checkout screen and saw a pop-up saying I was pre-approved for $250.  I only had to enter the last 4 of my SSN to accept the card, and then just removed the item I had put in my shopping cart (you don't have to buy it).  The card came in the mail about a week later, and has helped to lower my credit card utilization by providing me additional credit.  My scores are bad - I think they were in the 580s when I got approved.  The shopping cart trick works on several cards from Comenity Bank - just Google it!  Haven't purchased anything or dealt with customer service yet. 

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