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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Mar 20, 2017
Approved $500 without hard pull
JosepBillcc3 Cardholder

Approved $500 instant online without a hard pull (IMPRESSIVE).  Have 619TU, 712EQ, 660EX.  I check every credit bureau and the hard inquiry no appear.  I have Comenity Univision MasterCard 3k limit after a year, I think that the mastercard help me with the Comenity decision for give me credit without a hard inquiry.  In love with the approval and Comenity Bank.  Thanks Comenity.

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Jan 19, 2017
love tis store
shopsalot51 Cardholder

got aproved for $250 in dec 2014. Now up to $1650. i like the card for bost in rewards. online banking is easy to use and haven had any problems. hate that all credit increase are in 200 doller amounts though.

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Nov 22, 2016
It is, what it is.
FA5 Cardholder

I like shopping at Express a lot. I've gotten told I got preapproved many times while shopping. I finally applied and happy to be approved for $500 CL. I'm at 629T and 635 Eq. Points are decent if you shop there a lot, I'm an A List member - I shop there frequently. Customer service at Express has always made me happy. Good card IF you shop there, also makes it easier to afford their clothes, I think.

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Nov 01, 2016
Good Card
Anonymous Cardholder

Nice Card to have. Pay in full every month

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Oct 09, 2016
So Far So Good
Aboyn3girlz Cardholder

Applied for this card in April was given $200. I used the card literally 3 times  highest purchase was $78. Paid the $28 dollar minimum paid the $78 off . Which left me with a zero balance then asked for an increase was raised to $450 thank you EXPRESS 

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Sep 10, 2016
Open TL helps me keep low utilization.
kelp1978 Cardholder

I got the pop up at checkout, I entered my info and got the annoying 7-10 day message. I waited about two weeks and called the automated Express Next Comenity number and followed the prompts as if I was inquiring about my account balance. It asked for the last 4 of my social...and whaddaya know? Available credit $250.00

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Aug 16, 2016
Good Card to keep up Debt-to-Credit rati
joshuaXaaron Cardholder

As others have mentioned the APR is rather high. I pay my bill within in the billing cycle and I don't get charged interest. All and all a good starter card if you keep it the balance down.

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Jul 27, 2016
Got approved!!!
Anonymous Cardholder

Got approved for this card with  250$ limit. my current scores are hovering around 620 for all CB.  Not much  of a limit  but good to have. Items are nice and Im hoping this will get me closer to my dream store card Victoria Secrets since they are from the same bank.

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Jul 10, 2016
Got It With Shopping Cart Trick
Blkbeut66 Cardholder

This was the only card that the shipping cart trick worked with for me.   I placed items in cart and checked out as guest and offer to apply popped up.  Completed the information (did not ask for SSN), got the Congratulations!! Response.  I only got the last four digits of my account number and no credit limit was specified.  I received my card about a week later. I went online and registered it and saw my limit as $250.  That's fine with me as I'm trying to rebuild my credit and need a retail card in my credit mix.  I have a secured Capital One  Mastercard with a $1500 CL and a Credit One Visa unsecured with a $300 limit and now this one.  I obtained all with pre-approvals.  Credit Karma said my odds were good with Capital One I went to their site and just applied. Got approved for $49 deposit and $200 CL.  I added $1349 of my own money to raise it to 1500.  Overall limit I was approved for was $3000. So I figured I'll do half and let them raise to the max with CLI.  You have 80 days to deposit money toward your limit.   Just don't activate your card when you receive it. You just keep adding until the 80 days has lapsed whatever is in your account on the deadline given will be your crefit limit.   I just deposited $200 every two weeks until the deadline.  I received an offer in the mail with Credit One and filled it out and mailed it in.   I didn't think I would get it but I got approved.  If it helps my credit score is in the 578-628 range and that depends which bureau you pull the scores from.   Even the decline letters don't match what the bureaus are claiming. I also have a BK I filed because of taxes. Never work out a repayment wit the IRS yourself let the professionals do it.   They don't care if you're on your death bed they want their payment.   I had a heart attack and lost my job(s) (yes,  I worked multiple jobs trying to pay my debts) and wasn't able to continue the high payments as before.   When I did go back to work they garnished my wages except for $22. I said all that to say this,  if you're rebuilding it will take time all hope is not lost. I'm now making sure all the bureaus have the exact same info. I've had my score go up 20 points just by doing that.  I hope this helps. 

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Jul 06, 2016
i like so far
JazSoChic Cardholder

Did the shopping cart trick and got pre approved on first try. They didnt give me my limit so I called the automated system and found it it was for $250. They carry my size in jeans but i cant fit their blouses. Im building credit so i just made a small purchase for 2 clutch bags and two rollerballl perfumes. This month they are giving out 250 bonus points for each pair of jeans you buy which is great. Items came pretty fast. I plan to always pay in full and let this card grow with me. I really want the victoria secret card issued by the same bank but so far no luck

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Jul 15, 2016

can you explain how you checked out?
Ive tried the shopping cart trick but have no idea if I'm doing it right.

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11 Reviews
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