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Most Helpful Positive Review

It is what it is
Helpful to 73 out of 77 people

I got this card about 16months ago when my fico was about 530, got approved for 300, then 450, then 600 now 750.  Yes they charge u 22.95 for every increase, yes they charge their annual fee in annoying monthly payments of 8.25 probably hoping u miss a payment so they can hit u with the late fee.  My score is now 594 just got approved for cap one quicksilver for 300.  This card is about rebuilding credit ive never dealt with the cust service, i make about 200 a month of purchases and sometimes make multiple payments on purchases.  They do report to all 3 bureaus and it is accurate.  Its helped me get my score up and yes when i hit about 700 ill probably cancel it as i get better cards with lesser fees in the meantime if i asked u would u pay me 99 bucks if i could get your fico score up 50points in a year u probably would if you looking at this review, well thats what this card can do.  All the negative reviews are from stupid people not reading, yes express payments they charge, standard ones are free they take maybe 4 biz days and no your available credit isnt available til after it processes so maybe a week in total.  Everything is in writing people just have to learn to read and they then wont get u with all these hidden charges.

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stevez33's review was:    


Most Helpful Critical Review

Aweful Card - Good Results
Helpful to 70 out of 75 people

I (like so many other young adults), screwed up my credit in my early 20's. Thus, when I was ready to rebuild my credit I made sure to read the fine print on the Credit One card agreement. I was fully aware of the $75.00 fee and the unreasonably high APR. My plan was to keep the account in good standing for a year, get better credit lines from more reputable companies, then cancel it.

I oped to open an account and get an additional card for my then fiance. This was pretty stupid because he didn't need it and they charged me an additional $20 for it. Nonetheless, I paid my $95 initial fee in full and continued  to use my card modestly for 12 months. My credit line was $400, I kept the balance below 30% and I ALWAYS paid the balance in full before it was due. In short, I basically micro-managed the account. Within 6 months, I was able to get an American Express card. About 5 months after that, I got a Capital One card. 

Here's what you need to know about Credit One:

* There are absolutely ZERO benefits or rewards points you can acquire. My American Express account already has 30,000 points that I can use for travel, dinners, hotels. etc. The only benefit to Credit One is that they report to the credit agencies which improves your credit score as long as you pay attention and pay on time.

* The initial fees and APR are really high and ridiculous. As a matter of fact, when my annual fees were approaching they tried to charge me another $20.00 for the additional card I had gotten for my fiance (now husband). However, when I called to dispute the charge they reversed it without having to argue with anyone. He never used the card. As a matter of fact, he never even activated it. I just found it annoying that they tried to charge me anyway.

* There is no customer service option when you call. FYI, you have to press 0 or you'll never talk to anyone. I've read a lot of reviews that say the customer service people are rude. I actually found the reps pretty helpful. Sure, they try to get you off the phone ASAP, but I've never had to haggle or argue with anyone. 

* It takes them a few days to post payments. Therefor, I always made a "Standard Payment" which takes a couple of days to process. They have an "Express Payment" option which clears the same day, but I believe they charge for that. I never did it because I felt it was a rip off. Just make sure to pay attention to your payment date. It would have been nice to schedule a payment with a specific payment date instead.

* When I was eligible for a credit line increase, they wanted to charge me $15 if I accepted the offer! Are you freakin kidding me?!

Finally, when I cancelled the card they tried to get me to stay by offering me a "discounted percentage rate of 18% for 6 months". I found this a little insulting because I had been a great customer for a year. When the rep asked me why I was cancelling my account, I told her it was mainly due to the annual fees. It would have been nice if they offered to waive it to keep my business. Either way, I'm glad to have gotten rid on the card!

Bottom line: Its a fairly easy way to rebuild your credit. Pay attention to the fees, use the card conservatively, make your payments on time and cancel it as soon as you qualify for better lines of credit!

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Reviews (365)

Helpful to 4 out of 4 people

I am currently in the process of establishing credit. I have two credit cards with Capital One (love them) and a few department store cards. I received a pre-approved offer from Credit One in the mail and decided to apply. The biggest mistake ever. Today while at my place of business I received 2 phone calls on my cell and 1 on my job phone harassing me about making a payment (6/29/2015) but my payment isn't due until 07/02/2015. I made a payment online today for $50 (my minimum payment is $25) but I still received these harassing phone calls from some man insisting that I use my debit card over the phone and pay my bill. I politely tried to tell him that I made a payment online today and if he would adequately do his job, he would see there is a payment pending for the account.

If you are considering obtaining this card, I strongly urge you to resist temptation. I can not wait to pay this balance off and be done with this company. They're not a company of intergrity. I wish I would have done my research before getting this credit card. I have an impeccible history of making on time payments so it really grinds my gears to be harassed about making payments that aren't even due yet.

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This sounds like a scammer has latched onto this co either through some computer hacks at their offices or by hacking your computer if you are making payments on line. There has been several complaints about different companies doing exactly as you describe. NEVER EVER give your credit card info to someone that calls you. You can take the phone # they called you from and just plunk it into GOOGLE and search. Check out the sites that show up in Google's results - if the # you Googled shows up on specific sites you will see it and see if others have the same problem. If it turns out to be a scam, report it to law enforcement, fraud department and the actual company you have the card with. If it's a scammer they do not want you to call the company and get pretty nasty [some even say that the police are coming to arrest you for non-payment of a debt and that is just pure bull]. They are trying to scare you into giving up your card #, name as it appears, expiration date and your security code [the cvv # they always ask for when ordering on-line or over the phone or catalog. You can, if you wish, mess with them right back. Tell them you have to run out to your car [or someplace like your spouse/kid has it and is out with it and you need to get in touch with them to get the card back so you can make a payment] to get the card, so if they give you their name, number and extension, you will call them right back with the info they are demanding. If they ARE scammers you now have additional information to give to the authorities. Also act scared/nervous so they believe you when you say you are going to call them back. If it is who they say they are [after thoroughly checking], and you are not past due this is also illegal and though I am not one to jump on the "sue 'em" train, the harassment is interfering with your job and and that is something you do not want to lose because they are acting inappropriately.

lcbflorida1's reply was:    

If this is your only option stay away

Stay away from this company, the worst credit card practices I have dealt with, will be turning them over to consumer credit agency, they have the nerve to try to charge you a monthly fee to have their card of $7.99, I told them under no circumstance would I pay them to have their card, they constantly offering you an credit increase for an additional fee. Told them to close the account and I sheared this card.

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Misrepresentative and unethical!
Helpful to 6 out of 6 people

This company has very misleading and unfair business practices.  I would not recommend them unless you can't find credit anywhere else.

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They approved me with bad credit (539) which I was excited about but after having the card for several months I can not wait to be able to cancel it. The customer service is horrible (over seas) and the payment process is difficult. They charged me $25 for a returned payment fee, when there is no reason the payment should have not gone through. I now have to send them bank statements and wait to be reimbursed because of their mistake. Do not get this card unless its your only option, they will nickel and dime you to death and its sometimes difficult to get someone on the phone. 

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Been good to me
Helpful to 4 out of 4 people

Now of course we all know that if anyone is even considering this card they must have, like myself, previously ruined their chances of credit with other more reputable companies. With that being said I knew what I was getting into when I applied for this card. Yes, I did my research. Yes there is an annual fee and yes there is a high interest rate. I applied anyway. Why? Because I know what I need to do to rebuild my credit. I know right now I don't qualify for other companies without making a deposit to a secured card. Even after reading the reviews I took that leap and applied. I was immediately approved for $500. (All scores range about 570) This is my only credit card are that I have applied to thus far to rebuild my credit. I have used my card for only one month and received and email saying they are giving me a $200 increase without a fee. I was totally surprised as I haven't even had the card two months. Also, I order a lot of products as a reviewer. For my protection they held my account because of suspicious activity. I informed them that I was aware of the purchases and all was well. I appreciate that they were aware. I had no problems at all when I called. Yes the rep did speak with a strong accent but the process was seemless. Overall, I'm glad I went with what was best for me. I know what I need to do and this is a great starting point. 

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I too applied for this card to help build my credit. Everything was going goo. I made three payments on time & then all of a sudden when I called to make my May payment there was no option to pay over the phone. I then paid online & after 5 days I was told the payment was not honored by my bank. I called my bank who stated Credit One had not issued the item for payment. So, I went back online, checked my payment information which was correct & proceeded to make a another payment which I was told was not honored by my bank. I called Credit One & asked to speak to a supervisor who stated I was missing a SEVEN on my payment information. RED FLAG - How did she know I was missing a seven? In order to make a payment with her I had to pay the $9.95 fee. Now my account has been suspended. I cannot pay over the phone without paying another $9.95 fee, can't pay online because my account is suspended. So, I am going to send the payment in the mail first class where they have to sign for it! I am really angry about this. Beware of this card if you are thinking about it! I wouldn't recommend it to anyone!

kta29627's reply was:    

Credit One worked for me!
Helpful to 4 out of 6 people

I applied for the Credit One Bank Visa about two years ago.  I was initially approved for $300.  After timely payments, I have steadily increased my credit limit, and it is now $1500.  This card is useful for those looking to rebuild/repair their credit.  With on-time payments, paying more than the minimum, or even paying off the balance, it can work for you too.  A lot of the lower ratings I've read for this card seem to come from people with poor credit who still haven't grasped the concept of how to repair their credit properly.  That's unfortunate, because I have had a rather successful experience with Credit One Bank.

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Bad credit credit card
Helpful to 2 out of 2 people

I got this card in late 2012 when my credit score was low because financial issues I had as a result of the economy crash of 2008/2009. I was approved for $400. Never missed a payment, worked on my credit by getting other cards in the subsequent years and paying off installment loans. In the whole time I had this card my limit was only raised $850, and everytime you get an increase (optional) you have to pay $10. I got a Capital One Quicksilver card in October of 2014- they started me small, $300 to be exact. After using and paying off every month I got a big increase of $3000 more. I used this card to transfter the loan from Creditone Bank. I had a zero balance. I got an email from Creditone Bank that read "statement ready", I checked it and I owed $16.25? I checked, the annual fee is charged in monthly payments which equals to almost $200 a year! The annual interest is so high too, it makes no sense to have this credit card once you establish your credit. I called to cancel the card, and the middle eastern lady tried to keep me from closing the account by offering to waive the annual fee for three months. I said, "no thank you". I paid the fee they were charging and had the account closed. I will keep an eye on it, but it should be ok. It was ok to have this card when my credit was not good, but I am just about a 700 now. They don't change their fees as your credit improves or at least offer it. NOT good.

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same here after 5 months got a $2000 increase my score went from 540 to 665 in 6 months

boobi3540's reply was:    

Annual Fee Card, No AutoPay/Chat.
Helpful to 3 out of 4 people

Dont have AUTOPAY.
No Customer Chats, So wait for 30 - 40mins to get into a person to speak with

Late Payment Fee applied even before getting a Statement / Alert, After 2days to Lat Payment getting alert as Duedate passed.

Customer Rep said to reverse that and so did, again next day applied.

Because of this i lost 32 Credot Points on first day and 18 points on second day because they reversed and reapplied.

Annual Fee is $95, i never requested card, it came as pre-approved for no annual fee with Limit of $1500.

Receuved is $500 limit with $95 AMF.

In no way they were able to know what i am speaking about.

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BalajiMuniraju's review was:    

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Helpful to 4 out of 5 people

Yes, this card has a crappy interest rate, a crappy annual fee, crappy customer service, etc, all as previously stated by numerous others. I am just gonna grin and bear it I guess because I had equally crappy credit. This card is just a stepping stone to better credit ultimately rewarded with better cards at which point I can shoot credit one the bird. for now then just sucking it up and taking my medicine. only getting what I deserved.

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grinandbearit's review was:    

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The worst credit card I ahve ever had!
Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

I opened up this credit card account in Oct. of 2014 and was given a relatively small credit line because I had poor credit and was trying to rebuild it. The application process was okay nothing special and everythign seemed to be fine until I needed help with customer service. I first noticed a problem about three months into having the credit card when I noticed that a bar a went to charged the wrong amount on my card. After not being able to contact the merchant directly to help me fix thsi issue, I called the customer service line for Credit One Bank. The process of gettign someone on the phone was tidious nonethelss but finally when I was able to speak with someone they weren't too helpful in trying to help me resolve my issue. The stated that I had to submit my disbute claim in writting to this Navada address and wait 30 days for them to adjust the amount. I thought that was outrageous. I mean in this day and age you can'y even get a creditor to adjust your account according over the phone or interent. I did what was asked and waited teh 30 days and they finally adjusted my account.  Then recently my computer was hacked and someone was able to log into my online account with CreditOne Bank and change me personal information and enven able to make a dupplicate card with my same account number and make all these fraudulent purchasing on my account. The theif even tried to pay my credit card bill to continue to use my credit card unlawfully. I contacted Credit One Bank and informed them of the situation and they told me that it would take up to 90 days for them to complete a fruad investigation regaridng the unauthorized transaction and afterwich I would receive a refund of teh payemnt intitiated by the iledged hacker from my online account protal. So now My account is being reported to teh credit brueas that it is over  its credit linelimitt due to these fruadulent transactions, my account is frozen and I cannot use my own line of credit and they informed me that if I wanted to use my line of credit I would have to make a payemnt towards charges I didnt even make in the first place. ABSOLUTELY THE WORST CREDIT CARD COMPANY EVER!

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Credit One Bank is one of the leading issuers of Visa credit cards specifically for consumers who need to establish or rebuild their credit. Through Credit One Bank’s website, consumers can get pre-qualified or apply for a credit card without affecting their credit score. Consumers can also look over credit card offerings and check the status of their credit card application. Once consumers become cardholders, they can manage their account online through 24/7 online account access, sign up for email and text alert notifications, and also design and customize their card with the Design My Card lab online. Cardholders' payment records are reported to the three major credit bureaus. Customer service is available in an online help center, by mail, and over the phone.

Credit One Bank is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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