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Aug 14, 2016
Do Your Homework and It Will Help
jcoreyw Cardholder

None of us would have this card, or be thinking about applying for this card, if we didn't need it.  So, that being said, of course this card is going to come with fees and high interest rates that other cards don't have for people with better credit.  Our goal is to obtain better credit, and in doing so there is a cost.  I read all terms and conditions before applying for the card.  I realized there was no grace period for interest accruing and I also realized I would have to immediately pay the annual fee of $75 after activating the card.  I also undestand that the next annual fee would be billed in installments.  All this I accepted before EVEN applying.  A lot of headaches could have been avoided if people would just read the terms and conditions before applying.  So, now my person opinion of the card.

1.)  The card will help raise your credit score if you pay on time and keep your utilization low.  I use mine only to pay Netflix and Hulu each month and then PIF.  The interest is next to nothing.  If you go out and max your card out and only pay the minimum payment, then undestand that your going to be paying a lot in interest and you won't be helping your score.  Use the card responsibly and it can work in your favor.

2.)  I've had no issues paying online.  As soon as the statement cuts I send a payment.  I don't wait until the last week or the LAST day - that's just crazy.  I understand that some people may not be able to do that based on when payday is - but understand the gamble you're taking by waiting until the last minute.  Also, there are a lot of people upset over the express payment fee.  Why?  I never pay that fee because I make a standard payment which is FREE.  The only reason anyone would need to use express payment is if they're hard up for the funds to be available faster in which case you're relying too much on the card.  Pay way ahead of time using the standard payment option and you can avoid the fee and relax.

3.)  I look at the annual fee as a penalty for my faulty use of credit in the past.  As with everything else, there is a cost.  The card will help to improve my credit which will allow me to obtain credit in the future without such fees.  But, in the meantime this is the sacrifice that I have to make to get where I need to be.  Again, all this was described in the terms and conditions before even applying for the card so this shouldn't come as a shock to anyone.  Do your research and READ everything before you apply for anything and you will avoid surprises. 

4.)  I called customer service shortly after activating my card to ask when the statment cut date was and when the first payment would be do.  I found the agent to be helpful and we both understood each other fine.  The customer service department does seem to be outsourced.  A lot of of other companies do this as well.  I know Wells Fargo has a call center in the Phillipines.  This isn't an issue for me, but it could be for some people.     

Use the card responsibly by keeping utlization low and PIF each month and it will work in your favor.  Hope this helps.  Good luck to everyone out there trying to do that right thing!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jun 01, 2016
Not the best, not the worst
jared858 Cardholder

I decided to write a review after reading some of the negative reviews on here. Is this card a good card? No. Is the company kind of sleazy? Yes. Do you have any other options? If so, why would you take this card?

This card was the first unsecured card to send me an offer. I knew it was terrible. I read the fine print (something half these reviewers don't seem to bother doing). I read the reviews of the card to know what I was getting into. But, I wanted to reestablish my credit, and didn't see a lot of other options. Capital One and American Express weren't exactly trying to woo my business. So, I got a little card with a $300 limit. Paid to have the limit increased and now have a $900 limit. I paid my bill early every month, and after a year, made sure to pay the monthly fee when it hit my account. I have better cards now, my credit score went up 100 points, and life is getting better. Did I know I was getting screwed with fees and high interest? Yes. Did I accept that as the price I had to pay for being irresponsible years ago? Absolutely. Get the card, read the rules and FOLLOW them, pay on time, and cancel the card once your credit improves enough to get a better card. 

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jan 23, 2017
They help me get we establish real fast
Anonymous Cardholder

They started me with a 500 balance then up to 1000 game 1900 in a year and a half every time I ask for increase they said no on the phone but check my account a month later the increase me I hate the annual fee now they just me a MasterCard along with the VISA

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Jan 22, 2017
Just... no.
Anonymous Cardholder

My experience with this card/company has been terrible. They're constantly freezing it for "suspicious transactions" (for example, using it at Walmart for $162 transaction... in my town... 2 miles from my house). There was plenty of credit. They just randomly put blocks on it and it's so frustrating! When I call to get the block off, it's always someone with a heavy accent so I can barely understand them. They never have a good explanation for the block either. It's always just for suspicious activity.

Also, you can only make 4 pmts in a 4 week period. I like to pay my cards off regularly, but I'm very limited with this card when it comes to payments. I definitely wouldn't suggest using this card for a business. Even if you have authorized users on the account, they still have to get authorization from you (the account owner) everytime an authorized user calls for help. The only easy part about this card was getting approved.

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Jan 21, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

The Credit one Card literally is deplorable, and unethical. These slimeballs offer 300. then on your second on time payment they boost your credit up. Then they take money when they are not supposed to. They call for no reason whatsoever, in advance oif a payment in order to "help" you faciliate the payment. If I needed you scumbags to faciliate my payment for me i would have never gotten the credit ion the first place. They say that there is no annual fee, then after 12 months, they change the conditions, and charge you a monthly service fee of 12. So hold on, let the add. If I do not use my card, and have no balance, i still have to pay you devils 168 dollars. SLIME!

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Jan 21, 2017
Do waste your time, money or credit!
Anonymous Cardholder

This is the worst Bank to get, they closed my account after my payment was returned. Even though I tried to pay another way. Only had it for around 2 months.

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Jan 21, 2017
No grace period on due date
trkmech Cardholder

If your due date is the 20th they will be calling you on the 21st looking for a payment and charge and you a late fee

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Jan 22, 2017

You know, what? 3 weeks in advance when the bill is due? And you know you have a balance. So pay it on time and you won't have this issue ;)

Jan 21, 2017
thelawnco Cardholder

Avoid credit one bank if possible. If , not , use it for shortest time possible then apply for capital one and cancel the credit one card. Ridiculous fees and interest is charged on daily balance from time of purchase. No way to avoid interest even if you pay card off each month. They also charge you to make payments and to have authorized users.

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Jan 20, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

Please, take a minute and read what I have to say, it will help you to stay away of this bank and their services!!!

I applied to this cc in August 2015 and have had it since then. They say on the pre-approval invitation they send to everybody that they will approve you a credit limit of $1500 which is a huge lie. I applied (don’t remember what was my score at that time) and they only gave me a credit limit of $500. I used it one day to make some purchases at the mall and ended up using almost the entire credit on it. The next month I paid off the card because the interests on it were ridiculously high. At this point I also have to add that they charged me $75 for the “membership” which appeared automatically on the first month statement. I applied several times for an increase and they always said NO. After a year of having it (and without using it) I requested an increase and again they said no but a week later they send me an email saying that they increased my credit limit so I went online to check my account and I found out that THEY CHARGED ME A FEE FOR INCREASING MY CREDIT LIMIT!!!! WTF!!?? I have credit card with the most prestigious banks in US (Amex, Chase, Citi, Bank of America) with credit limits starting at $3000 and none of them have charged me a single penny for increasing my credit limit!!!! I called the bank and after arguing with a “customer service representative” who knows about that as much as I do about flying a space ship, made me talk to a “supervisor” and he finally removed the fee and promised and ensure me that I won’t have to pay the “membership” which they continued charging me after that. But what made me real angry was what happened a few days ago. I checked my account online at the end of December and they didn’t posted the minimum payment for January (they were charging me $8.36 monthly for the annual membership of $99) A few days ago I checked my account again and SURPRISE!!! they were charging me the payment of January, plus a fee for a “late payment”, plus a $0.17 fee for interests on purchases. The total was $25. How the hell they could charge me interests on purchases if I didn’t use the card for over a year!!???, plus the fee for a “late payment” if they didn’t post the payment for January on time!!??

I decided to call to the bank to solve the issue but before I could do it, they called me saying that I have a late payment and trying to make me pay it. The woman who was on the other side of the phone was very rude and unprofessional and in a threatening way said: Well, we have on file the two debit accounts with which you make your payments so tell me which one you want to use to pay your balance? I was working and barely could pay attention to all what that woman who doesn’t even speak English correctly (none of their “customer service representatives” does, and not even Spanish) was saying so I said: NO!, in any way I authorize payments to the credit card, not until I speak with a supervisor! That same day I called them and there my battle started. The representatives offended me, never let me speak with a supervisor, saying that the supervisor weren’t there and will call me back in 24 hours… again WTF!!?? Which other bank in this country doesn’t have a Customer Service Supervisor to speak with a client by phone??!! I had to explain my problem three times to three different people because they always said that will transfer me to someone who could help me and it was a lie. One of them told me in an aggressive way: Sr. you have a late payment and you have to pay it! How can I have a late payment if you f****** idiots didn’t posted it on my account!!!???? After arguing with them for more than 30 minutes they removed the “late payment fee” and I ended up paying $17 and even though they wanted me to pay a fee for doing it by phone… again WTF!!?? To end the story I requested to get my account closed down. Hopefully I’m done with this people, THEY HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE WORLD!! I regret a million times to have opened an account with them and will post this review in every single place I can. PLEASE BE AWARE AND NEVER APPLY FOR A CREDIT ONE CARD!!!

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Jan 19, 2017
This card is helping me rebuild my credi
Anonymous Cardholder

I applied as suggested by Credit Karma and was approved easily.  There is an annual fee of $75 which is managable.  So far have had no issues using the card or making payments online.  Easy self serve online accounts.  I recommend it for anyone tryint to re-build good credit history. 

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Jan 18, 2017
Low limit

Capital one is way better. My score was a 670 (with no derogs, just haven't had credit long enough), my limit is a whopping 450.00. I had the card for 7 months with no late payments so decided to ask for a credit limit increase since other reviewers said they give them. They told me NO because i haven't had the card for a year! I've had 2 Capital One cards for a little over a year and am up to 2300 limits on both! Steer clear of Credit One! Paying it off and done with it

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Jan 18, 2017
Horrible customer service
Anonymous Cardholder

Closing down my account with Credit One was the hardest thing to deal with through their Customer Service. It would be wonderful to close the account on my own through their website but NO I had to sit for almost 8 minutes arguing with the person on the phone named "Terry" and it was so difficult to understand what that person had to say. I told him all I wanted to do was close down my account and he said it for the 10th time (I OBVIOUSLY GET IT NOW DUDE) that they dont want me to close my account and I could spend a free $25 and it did not matter how many times I've said "NO, JUST PLEASE CLOSE MY ACCOUNT. THAT IS ALL I'M ASKING" but this person just kept repeating like an automated voice machine and finally gave up and said "Your account is closed" OH THANK THE LORD FOR ALL YOUR IGNORANCE. Worst customer service ever to just CLOSE down an account that I no longer wanted.

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