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Most Helpful Positive Review

Aug 29, 2016
Had this card for years. No issues.
darosado1 Cardholder

I started off at $300, then a few increases later (yes a fee, but I'm OK with that) it's $800. I'm the one with bad credit not them. My score was down to 440 and now according to Credit One's own site themselves is 626. Now I'm to the point where I make my payment at least a week before the due date, and have no issues. I suspect people complaining are the ones who send out a payment check on the 3rd when it's due on the 4th. Be responsible and this is a good card with ample cli opportunities. If you want to call a card horrible look up the surge MasterCard (I don't own it but read about it). Processing fee is $125. No credit line increased and a yearly fee off $99. People who have low credit scores should be willing to pay a small price for somebody to give you a chance. Just how lenders charge low scores origination fee. Basically it's YOU screwed up in the past, give us a down payment and we'll believe in you. Or you can mope, and get nothing. And your credit score will stay horrible. So with that I say thanks Credit One, you saved my day! And I'm not blind to it! 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jun 29, 2017
Bad C/S even worse payment posting
Britt072890 Cardholder

I absolutely do not recommend getting this card unles it is your very last option. I currently have a card with them and customer service is terrible you will NEVER speak to a representative that speaks clear english it's aggravating because you can't understand one another. 

The amount of time it takes for a payment to post and become available is disgusting. A whole week before fund la are available unless you pay for express payment which is like $15

last but not least never have money refunded to your cardboard because they will take the refund and not allow you to use it as a payment or even use it at all. I revived a refund from a retail store and they never posted it, it didn't count towards my available balance. In other words yes my total balance went down BUT the $40 refund was not shown as an available balance that I could use so I basically lost my money. 

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Aug 23, 2017
KristenKShiver Cardholder

So many RULES, cabby keep up with them. Cant even make payments when you want to!

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Aug 22, 2017
Good card crappy customer service
Habit123 Cardholder

Ur funeral think twice

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Aug 22, 2017
Good card crappy customer service
Habit123 Cardholder

Ur descission think first though

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Aug 22, 2017
A22h0l3 Cardholder

High annual fees, High rates, when you make a payment they charge you 9.95 to make an express payment ( every credit card i have except this one does it for free for you.) Not much you can do online. Like ask for increase, or cancel card. or even chat ect.  I will be canceling because i got a credit card with a higher limit with no fees with chase. I was told if i close my card i have to pay the annual fee in whole. thats 99 just to close my account. an account that has a zero as its balance. In the year and 2 months that i have had this card they have only reported to my credit once. other then that they havent done any reporting and we have to call they to complain about that. if you really need a credit card may i suggest a secured line at first, its cheaper they credit one. if not go with capital one. they dont make you pay fees just to make a payment. and they dont have annual fees. credit one has a rate of 25.99 capital is almost the same but ecerything else is free.

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Aug 21, 2017
There are betters out there for sure.
comradegeorge Cardholder

One thing I regret about this card, is the payment situation. I have never before seen on any other credit card site, bank site or other the processing times for payment via web. and having to wait 12 days for credit to update. Just ridiculous. So I am not gonna use the card except in an extreme emergency. Originally I only applied for this and another Merrick, to decrease my credit utilization more quickly. So I do not plan on using either card unless emergency comes up. If you have a balance then I have learned that if you make payment online 5-10 days before due date, you should not have an issue with them being so slow to process it that it comes late. that is my worry with this card. So far I have not had that issue as I have not seen first payment due date yet. Just hope they do not delay and delay trying to make it late on purpose so they can eff up my score and charge an extra fee.

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Aug 21, 2017
not worth it
HBCC Cardholder

Never received the card in the mail after waiting almost three months.. I did, however, receive a bill for the $75 yearly fee. Just spent almost a hour on the phone with their customer service center trying to get them to close the account and waive the $75 since I never got a card.. what a mess.

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Aug 21, 2017
Very convenient
ReidWhorton Cardholder

Accepted everywhere with no problem. The statements aree easy to understand and beinging able to trak my credit has been a true blessing...

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Aug 20, 2017
Many positive things and a few negatives
ShesSoLovely Cardholder

This card has been a great financial resource for me now for about 4 years. The positives have been that I find this card pretty easy to manage online, they have an app that is straightfoward, and they have rewarded me with steady credit increases over time with consistent payment. Additionally, I really like the credit score tracker that is embeded in the account. As for the negatives, some are obvious: there is a high monthly interest charge, and other charges abound as well, such as a charge to up your credit limit, etc. However, these things can be offset in other ways: for instance, I prefer how they bill the annual fee spread over 12 months, rather than yearly as some other companies do. As with any credit card (especially when building credit)--it is a mixed bag, but overall I have had a consistently good experience with this product.

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Aug 19, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

Well first I thought this card was a Capital One card. Which I think they want you to believe, by trying to duplicate the logo. I have bad credit and I need a card to attempt to build my credit score, I don't actually need it for cash or purchases. The card I got had a $300 limit, my intention was to use it to make a small purchase once a month then immediately pay it off. Ideally I planned on linking it to my Netflix account so a $10.99 charge would be billed then I could put it on automatic payments and leave it alone – never carrying a balance over 10%. So I get the card, I've never swiped it once. There is already a $75 charge on it, which they did not tell me about. I activated my online account and nowhere does it tell you what that charge is for. Even if it said activation fee or something like that, at least I would know. So before I even use the card, I log on to pay the $75 fee because now I'm upset I have a balance on there (hello, I'm supposed to be building credit, not further wrecking it). For one thing if you want your payment to post within a day, it cost a fee of $9.95, if you do a standard payment it will cost nothing but won't post for 5-7 days. So within an hour of activating it I had to make a payment, which I can't help but wonder if it will be late because it doesn't say when the payment is due anywhere, and it won’t post for 7 days! Also they don't allow you to set up automatic payments. They obviously want you to make late payments! I just now about 12 hours after activating it, tried to log in to my account and an error message came up saying the site was down. I deeply regret ever getting this card! I've never even used it and feel like they do everything in their power to charge you ridiculous fees and purposefully make the payment process nearly impossible. I wish I would have read all the reviews before getting it! I won't be using this card ever, but I can't help but think I'll be paying on it forever regardless. Instead of moving forward, I just took ten steps back in the credit building department!  

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Aug 19, 2017
The card is good for restarting credit
Doorrusse Cardholder

The hidden figures down the road. It's not good to apply and have to pay for fees. Then down the road have to pay later fees. I'm speaking of the money you have to pay for increase of card credit and the 90.00 extra for APR rates and hidden fees.

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