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Credit One Bank Reviews
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Most Helpful Positive Review

Mar 25, 2019
Credit building life saver
Jaleesazzzzz Cardholder

I've had this card for 5 years now and my credit limit increases periodically. I've always had great experiences with customer service. If you do your part and pay your bill on time this is a credit way to establish credit

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Dec 21, 2018
ItMeB16 Cardholder

WORST CREDIT CARD EVER!!!! PLEASE RUN!!!! I went out of town & used the card at Walmart & my card was immediately declined. I received a text to confirm the transaction. I received another text stating my card was cleared and ready to use again. Well, it wasn’t. Customer service was closed. I called the following morning only to discover that if you’re out of town & use it at Walmart they automatically place a block on your card and to remove this block you must FAX a copy of you Drivers License & a recent utility bill to their ‘home office’ it gets better, it takes 2-3 days for them to receive your fax & an additional 7-10 days for them to review it & release the hold on your card!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have NEVER heard of it taking ANY company 13 days to confirm I AM WHO I SAY I AM!!! Besides I answered every security question, social security #, address, phone number, last transactions!! I’M DONE!!!

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Nov 14, 2019
T1m0thyN Cardholder

It's completely unusable. They don't give regular limit increases. I had the card for two years without a single late payment. They never raised the limit over a thousand dollars. I went to Chase. Opened a new card with a $5,000 limit on day one. Then a few weeks later, they raised it to $11,000. Skip this one and go straight to Chase and apply.

I closed my Credit One card then I mocked them like a red headed step-child. They don't want real business. They just want to gouge you for 30 dollars out of every 100 you spend. That's assuming you can put a hundred on their card without your credit score getting hit for buying lunch. Credit One blows.

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Nov 06, 2019
HOLD ON! There's a charge for everything
MontanaMan2 Cardholder

I would describe their service as Predatory, At best. They charge hig fees for anything and everything, Prompt posting of payments, creditline increases, if the offer it, it comes with a fee. They think you need them. They don't want your business or to eaarn your loyalty. They think they are doing you a favor and only want to charge your money.

THEY SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED by a Consumer Protection Agency.

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Nov 04, 2019
DahliaLeNegra Cardholder

They will not send you emails or notifications. I was signed up for e statements as well as text monitoring aIerts. I had a zero balance. They charged me a renewal fee which was not in my contract. I never recieved a statement so I had no idea. then they charged me a late fee for the renewal I knew nothing about. no luck getting help via customer service. Instead I paid it and closed the account. too dangerous after spending years rebuilding my credit.

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Nov 04, 2019
aulinlma Cardholder

Difficult to get into their site to make an on-line payment.  When you get in, it says you're using a new device (which I wasn't using), and they have to send you a confirmation code in order to proceed.  Then, the confirmation code doesn't work and they suspend your account.  They request you call customer service to have your account reactivated.  When you call customer service to reactivate your account, they say they will "help" you with the payment - but - guess what?  It's going to cost you an extra $9.  I said forget it - unsuspend my account and I'll make the payment tomorrow. Total scam!!!

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Nov 01, 2019
JLN357 Cardholder

I can't log in to make a payment and I have a problem with balance and I'M not have any luck. from them. This may wind up in collections.

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Oct 31, 2019
Drop your credit score
Tomyom50 Cardholder

Very poor customer service hang up on you when you tell your complaints very slow service takes up to a week for a payment to post at your bank then they charge you a $30 late fee when it's their fault my credit score has dropped 100 points in 3 months since receiving this card because of this card very crooked company

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Oct 30, 2019
Great Card Great Service
Jgray766 Cardholder

Don’t max the card out.  Pay off the balance in full if u can. If not at least pay the minimum.  It’s easy.  And yes it costs to do speedy payment but oh well!!  It’s worth it to me to get my balance paid in full so I can use my available credit!!  Kind customer service too!! Interest isn’t high.  Just watch your bill!

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Oct 26, 2019
Bruceb44 Cardholder

No security at all. No two factor, no authorized devices, no automatic lock, no tokenization. Hackers and fraudsters have compromised this card like four times. They are unable or unwilling to protect your information and credit.

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Oct 26, 2019
Good card, managed by idiots!
Glen281977 Cardholder

I enjoyed this card for the last four years.  However, I paid the balance to zero on October 17, 2019, and in return, my account was frozen.  I have been told by customer service I need to go into my bank, obtain a signed letter stating the funds I used to pay my CC with were actually mine, then submit that letter to Credit One Bank.   Only after I provide this letter will my account be unfrozen AND if I fail to provide the letter, my credit card will be closed.  I refuse to obtain this letter, so it seems in 30 days, my account will be closed.  

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