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May 19, 2018
Sadarr1985 Cardholder

      I Would Like To Clear The Air, And The Confusion Of When Your Credit Card Sign On Bonus Starts!  A Lot Of People Miss Out On There Sign On Bonus, Because They Think! That It Starts When They Activate There Card! 

   That Is UNTRUE!  Or Some People Think That If You Do Not Activate It, It Will Give You More Time!  If You Do That!  You Have Just Cost Yourself!  That Much More Time To Reach Your Goal!

   Your Sign On Bonus Begins When You Are First Approved!  Either By Phone, Or By The Credit Card Issuer's Website!  And There Website Will Say! CONGRAULATIONS! You Have Been Approved!  And It Has Just Then Started!  Then You Have That Wonderful Time Frame Of 7 To 10 Days For Your Card To Arrive!  In Which Case You Have Just Lost Those Days!  Of The 90 Day Time Frame! 

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May 04, 2018
Anonymous Cardholder

This card is amazing! I have enjoyed a vacation fully paid by my other purchases and they have new offers and deals all the time!

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Apr 30, 2018
Great card if you love Hyatt
markcombest Cardholder

This is a grate card if you love hyatt. Only downside is points earned can only be used at the hyatt brand which is limited compared to say the SPG card from AMEX, however you do earn 3x points at hyatt, 2x on resturants, airlines and car rentals, and 1x on all other purchases.

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