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Most Helpful Positive Review

Nov 01, 2016
Frequent Amazon Shopper - Easy Approval
MrZackJames Cardholder

This is a great rewards card. My wife and I shop frequently on Amazon and will reap the 3% rewards quite often. So far we love the card and the power to manage my account online.

A little about me...

I have a fairly limited credit file. I started my credit journey in January 2015 with ano auto loan. I have made every single payment on time. In December 2015 I applied for Capital One Secured Card and was approved for a $200 limit with only a $99 deposit. I have kept utilization low (wife's advice) and made every payment on time. I was increased to $500 in June. I also applied for Chase Freedom in June and was approved for $500. Chase automatically increased my limit to $2000 in September. I have 5 comenity cards with nice credit limits and still keep utilization low. I applied for this card two weeks ago and was instantly approved for $2000 "Initial credit limit"!! Chase has been good to me and I will stick with them!

CK scores TU 666, EQ 656

100% payment history

14% Utilization

13 Inquiries (Mostly due to shopping for an auto loan in February for my wife) 

1 Collection of $325 which I will pay off at the end of this week

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Nov 17, 2016
High APR; rewards complicated but okay
ALKfromTX Cardholder

* 19.49% APR not great for my credit score (800)

* 3% cash back -- not as good as Discover It card or Amazon Prime store card

* 2% cash back at gas stations

* 2% cash back at restaurants

* 2% cash back at drugstores

* 2% cash back at office supply stores

* 1% cash back on other purchases

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Aug 18, 2017
Dual Interest -- what a joke
Anonymous Cardholder

I paid this card in full and they punished me and charged an intrest charge and called it dual intrest  - basically they're ripping people off 

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Aug 16, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

I had this card up until today August 16th. I feel like their policies regarding payments and lates fees are very poor. Not only that, but their costumer services only "allows" them to do a certain amount. 

In June, I aquired a late fee for being a couple hours late via the only service. I called in and they were able to refund the late fee. That was good....

So, for next month I paid more then the minimum on the due date. After that I had scheduled another payment for the following day to cover the next month, for some reason I received another late fee. I called 

costumer service and I explained what happened, and they told me that I should have waited a few days before posting another payment. 

The women did confirm that she could see what I was trying to do, but unfortunetly could not refund that late fee, because I had already used a late fee courtesy. I can understand, having a courtesy late for forgetting 

to send a payment in. But when I actually made a payment for that month (a few days to early according to them) and this is not a traditional circumstance, why would I still receive a late. I believe any good card 

credit company would have waved that fee. I'm giving them a 2 for their inability to fix the problem. I cancelled the card during that conversation and they didn't even care. Why would somebody want a credit card 

from a company that doesn't care.  

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Aug 14, 2017
Terrible experience with this card

My application was accepted and I was issued a credit card. I though the application process went smoothly, but two weeks later they looked at my Experian report and decided I didn't have enough personal credit history (most of my previous credit was jointly held with my wife who passed away recently). Even though they had my telephone number, email address, and could instant message me through the app/website, they chose to simply close my account without notifying me. I found out the account was closed after my kids and I ate a meal at a restaurant and I couldn't pay for it with my credit card. It took multiple messages and calls to their customer support department before they would even explain why the account was closed (I assumed it was an error or something up until that point). Customer service was rude and evasive every single time I talked to them. 

I closed my checking account with Chase before this because they were terrible, but I really wanted an Amazon card because I love Amazon. I have learned my lesson that everything Chase touches is awful.

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Jul 25, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

Why is it everytime I order something from Amazon, Chase bank tries to open an account?  This is a lawsuit waiting to happen!

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Jul 21, 2017
Instantly denied, then approved w/ recon
taysulli Cardholder

I've been working on building my credit back up for the last couple years after I let two retail store cards go delinquent/ultimately to collections back when I was 18. I paid the collections off three years ago and have had nothing but positive credit history since then (4 credit cards and a student loan, all never late - AAoA is at 3 years right now). When my CK showed a score of 722 for TU and 718 for EQ, I decided it was time to apply for this card. Somewhat to my surprise, I was instantly denied for the card. About an hour later, I called the recon line and was connected to a credit analyst with Chase. I asked her in a very nice manner (protip: I think that part went a long way) if I might be able to learn more about why my application wasn't approved. She reviewed my credit history and told me it was due to the two collections. Once she noticed they had been paid off, she offered to reopen my application, and after answering a few questions and being on hold for about 5 minutes, she came back on the line and told me she was able to approve me for $500. I'm happy to have been approved for a card with such awesome rewards--5% back on all amazon purchases, 2% back on restaurants/gas/drugstores, and 1% back on everything else, redeemable for credit on amazon. I see this card as having no annual fee since I'd already been a Prime member before this, but just a note that you do have to pay the $99/year Prime membership fee in order to get the 5% back on amazon (otherwise it's 3%). I plan to pay off the balance on this card twice a month, hopefully doing so will result in an auto credit line increase in the next couple months :D 

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Jun 28, 2017
Approved with recon
Anonymous Cardholder

I applied in December because of the $50 amazon gift card and was instantly denied.. I was 18 with just 6 months of credit history. I called backdoor number and was approved but had to send documents. Started with $500 limit, 2 months later increase to $2000 limit and now it's at $7000

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Jun 23, 2017
Chase keeps issuing new cards, major PIA
Anonymous Cardholder

Why does Amazon continue to do business with Chase Bank? During the past year we've been issued 3 new cards without request. Issuing new cards with such frequency must be expensive for them, so I wonder what else they are doing inefficiently. They provide little explanation for sending out new cards and no one in customer service can answer questions about it. Each time a new card arrives it has a new expiration date and new security code. I have close to 20 accounts set up with autopay and I need to log in to each one of them to change the credit card information. It's not worth the few percentage points rebate from Amazon. I'll shop elsewhere with a different card that will remain stable for at least a few years.

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Jun 19, 2017
Got it!!! On a lower score too
cullenfan92963 Cardholder

Applied for the Chase Amazon Visa, with a 602 EQ, 579 EX, and 588TU.. had to call and verify info and identity, go into branch and show ID, and was approved on the spot for $500 starter limit. But it's a Chase approval!! Just the beginning... 2.5 yrs out of BK7 and have other cards secured and a few unsecured with perfect payments and high balances. I anticipate in 6 months to get approved for the chase freedom and/or southwest card as well!! 

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Jun 05, 2017
Great Card
EMTPBASS Cardholder

Immediately approved for $5,000 credit line, opened account and actually had an $8,000 credit limit.  Credit score hovering around 800.  Perfect with as much as we spend on Amazon.

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Jun 01, 2017
Amazon Prime is GOOD.....CHASE is BAD
Anonymous Cardholder

This thing sat in my drawer as it was the tool used for me to get the Prime shipping (a good thing) and I don't keep balances on revolving credit. In fact, forgot that I even had a CHASE card. I received payment reminders in my spam, along with a dozen other CHASE phishing scams... This morning, I decided opened up one of the emails, and it stated a $42 payment due (actually $25, plus late fees, etc). I discussed with staff over the telephone and they wouldn't waive the fee. I immediately cancelled the card and called AMAZON to simply deduct their annual fee from my personal debit card. I had a squabble with CHASE back in the 1990s. I'm not a fan of this bank. Their well-crafted (but corny) tagline/slogan: "CHASE, so you can..." simply promotes consumers to live beyond their means, saddling themselves into debt with them until eternity...

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