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Nov 01 2016
Frequent Amazon Shopper - Easy Approval
Credit Karma Member

This is a great rewards card. My wife and I shop frequently on Amazon and will reap the 3% rewards quite often. So far we love the card and the power to manage my account online. A little about me... I have a fairly limited credit file. I started my credit journey in January 2015 with ano auto loan. I have made every single payment on time. In December 2015 I applied for Capital One Secured Card and was approved for a $200 limit with only a $99 deposit. I have kept utilization low (wife's advice) and made every payment on time. I was increased to $500 in June. I also applied for Chase Freedom in June and was approved for $500. Chase automatically increased my limit to $2000 in September. I have 5 comenity cards with nice credit limits and still keep utilization low. I applied for this card two weeks ago and was instantly approved for $2000 "Initial credit limit"!! Chase has been good to me and I will stick with them! CK scores TU 666, EQ 656 100% payment history 14% Utilization 13 Inquiries (Mostly due to shopping for an auto loan in February for my wife) 1 Collection of $325 which I will pay off at the end of this week

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Aug 14 2017
Terrible experience with this card
Credit Karma Member

My application was accepted and I was issued a credit card. I though the application process went smoothly, but two weeks later they looked at my Experian report and decided I didn't have enough personal credit history (most of my previous credit was jointly held with my wife who passed away recently). Even though they had my telephone number, email address, and could instant message me through the app/website, they chose to simply close my account without notifying me. I found out the account was closed after my kids and I ate a meal at a restaurant and I couldn't pay for it with my credit card. It took multiple messages and calls to their customer support department before they would even explain why the account was closed (I assumed it was an error or something up until that point). Customer service was rude and evasive every single time I talked to them. I closed my checking account with Chase before this because they were terrible, but I really wanted an Amazon card because I love Amazon. I have learned my lesson that everything Chase touches is awful.

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Jan 10 2020
Ideal for Chase customers+Amazon shopper
Credit Karma Member

I'm a Chase account holder and Prime subscriber already, so when this ad popped up while shopping on Amazon offering an instant $100 Amazon credit, I applied and now I use it for everything! You can't beat the 5% cash back on Amazon purchases, plus 1-3% on everything else. Plus, Chase banking makes it so easy to pay the credit card through their app, I basically use it instead of my debit card and then just pay the bills in full each month. When paid in full, you not only pay 0% interest, but also get cash back that adds up fast and points never expire unless you default. This is my new favorite card!

Sep 18 2019
Their fraud protection is a joke
Credit Karma Member

So apparently while I was out of town on business travel and used my credit card for a cab ride the cabi charged me $200 rather than 20. And because I can't produce a receipt saying that it should have only been $20 Chase refuses to refund the difference note to self do not use your Chase credit card while you travel. Apparently because it detected a chip they don't need my signature as proof for the charge. Although I loved the Amazon Rewards the fact that they let me get ripped off for $200 kind of negates that

May 09 2019
Good Reliable Card for Amazon Shoppers
Credit Karma Member

I don't have anything bad to say about this card. It is easy to manage and the chase website and app make it easy to make payments. The 5% cash back at Amazon and Whole Foods and 2% back at restaurants is nice. Not the best in terms of rewards but a reliable card.

Mar 02 2019
Instant Favorite!
Credit Karma Member

This card has instantly become my favorite card. I have a Chase bank account so it makes the card extremely easy to manage. You get 3% cash back on Amazon purchases, and 1% cash back on all other purchases. I treat this card like a debit card and use it for everything that I would use my debit card for, then I turn around and make a payment and it comes immediately out of my checking account and back on my card. Super convenient! I've only been using the card for a week and I already have over 1000 points. Also you can redeem the points for gift cards, starting at 1000 points, or you can use it towards an amazon purchase. Love this card!

Dec 18 2018
Credit Karma Member

The customer service is so bad from Chase that I am planning on closing this account because of the following experience. I got the card put charges on it, paid the bill in full and 5 days later Chase still hasn't cleared the payment! Customer agent got Supervisor on the phone who just put me on hold forever.

Aug 05 2018
Best Credit Card for Amazon Frequenters
Credit Karma Member

I got this card as my first credit card since I frequently buy products from both Amazon and Whole Foods and I have Amazon Prime. If you also purchase from these two stores, the cash back is amazing. 2% on restaurants and gas also helps. The card also feels great, it has some weight to it, giving it a premium feel. Customer service is great, but I only had to call them once to verify my identity. The credit limit I started out with is very low, to the point I can't make any hefty purchases on this card. The APR is also high, so make sure you pay off the card right away. So should you get this card. If you have Amazon Prime, buy most of your products from Amazon and/or Whole Foods, and are on top of paying off your credit card, this card was made for you.

May 12 2018
My favorite credit card!
Credit Karma Member

Was approved for a $2500 limit, even though my Experian report shows a score of 645 and one old, charged off debt. The card was instantly added to my Amazon account as the default payment method, even though it was about another week before I received the card in the mail and could register on Chase's website. That part was kind of weird. I wasn't comfortable spending on a card when I couldn't even log in to make a payment, so I made sure not to use it until I had the physical card in my hand and had registered with Chase. I've now had the card for a couple of months, and I use it constantly. As with all my cards, I only use it for things I have the cash to pay off immediately, and I keep my statement utilization very low. I've made about $30 back in cash rewards in the two statement periods I've had the card. That's probably small potatoes to some people, but it's free money, and it's more than I make with my Discover card, so I'm happy.

May 07 2018
Best Card I've Had
Credit Karma Member

We've had this card for 5 years now. We've always gotten excellent customer service when we've called. They've always been friendly and helpful. We've had a number of disputes and they've always been resolved to our satisfaction.

May 06 2018
Credit Karma Member

good credit and denied counter offered with garbage card

Apr 24 2018
Great Card for Responsible Credit Users
Credit Karma Member

I think this card is great: if you are the type of person who orders from Amazon at least twice a month and doesn't carry a balance. What that means: I pay my ENTIRE balance when I get my statement/before the due date. Anything you don't pay off before the due date from the previous month will get interest added to it. If you pay your bill off entirely each month, the interest and all that won't matter, because you aren't getting charged interest. Since this card is for people with prime accounts (and the prime cc is the one being used to purchase items), it's a great card with great benefits. I haven't had any issue with Chase a company, and this is my first Chase account.

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Chase Rewards Visa Card

Chase Rewards Visa Card

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