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Mar 08, 2014
easy to apply surprised by result
Anonymous Cardholder

I am working hard to build up my credit again after my college years destroyed it, and am very careful to not apply for cards I don't think I'll get, as I try to keep my inquiries to a minimum (as that is currently one of the best things about my score). As I am preparing for my destination wedding, however, I am looking to cut corners, save money, and have access to additional funds just in case we want to splurge a little bit. The offer for a $50 gift card sold me, and as I am a frequent Amazon shopper, the 3% back on purchases is a great incentive. 

Upon submitting application, I got the old - we cannot immediately approve your app, we are processing your request, we will contact you soon, etc. I thought for sure this meant I was denied - I've been there.

To my surprise, I checked my email not 15 minutes later to find I had been approved with a $1000 limit and the $50 gift card had been added to my account. For reference, my CK score is 625. 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Nov 27, 2013
instant approval

I was on Amazon's website purchasing a tablet as a Christmas present for someone, at the end of checkout I was prompted to apply  for the Amazon store card. I couldn't see applying for an in store only card but I did notice that they also had a Amazon visa that was through Chase. I completed my purchase using my debit and then went back and applied for the visa. I was instantly approved, I was a little shocked to see that it was only a $500 limit. My cs is 666. I already have discover, chase freedom, and citi and all of these have high credit lines. I did get a $30.00 gift card. I thought that was pretty cool. I hope this helps someone

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May 21, 2016
Surprised Approval!! maybe this will help someone with a situation like mine  A little history here ....I have been off the "credit radar" for over 10 years after some major issues till around January of this year, I had absolutely NO file ( at least Credit Karma couldnt find anything) My hubby made me an authorized user on his first credit card a Capital One Platnium. A month later I was able to get my own Capital One Platnium ( $500 Credit limit). Then he got a Discover it- ( $4k credit limit) again made me an authorized user.  

Today I applied for the Chase Amazon Visa Rewards Card and was instantly approved for 2k credit limit . Surprised me I wasnt very sure I would be able to get it. My Credit Karma TransUnion is at 681, Equfax at 686...and I have no idea what my actual FICO's are LOL. Just trying to build a bit after years of neglecting. I have NO negative marks/No collection etc ....My credit history today is at 3 months. We/I keep the credit card Utilization UNDER 10% at all times. I have No other loans or types of credit accts except the cards listed above.

Of course I cant comment on how the card actually is or their customer service because I DID just apply today ..However I did get credited right away for the $70 gift card promo they have for applying/approval for the card.

I'm looking forward to the rewards offered on the card as I do alot of Amazon shopping in Fairbanks Alaska things are either not easy to find here or so expensive it's better to order online :)

Hope this helps someone :) 

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May 08, 2016
5 years Post BK at 716 and rejected

Wanted to get a Visa card so figured after getting an offer I would go for it. Went thru BK 5 years ago because of my business closing, have worked hard and brought my Equifax to 716, with a current salary of $60K,  but was rejected out of hand because of the BK. Prior to the BK I was a Chase card holder in great standing for 20+ years and they didn't even lose a cent to me during the BK as it was due to my business side not my personal side. Avoid this one if you have had any hardship at all as Chase only cares about the numbers not the person.

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May 06, 2016
erwangdamango Cardholder

I applied for this card randomly one day when I saw the ad on Amazon.  

I had a secured card for 6 months.

I was instantly approved for $1500 when I applied for this card.

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May 03, 2016
Absurd. Amazon should be ashamed.
Anonymous Cardholder

No e-bill functionality from an e-commerce company. 1 bill and done. I will never use this card again. Hope the $25 fee was worth it Chase... (and Amazon)

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May 02, 2016
College Student w/ 1 year credit history

I've had a co-signed Visa card through my bank for 1 year w/ a $2500 credit limit that I've used frequently, decided that since I spend a lot of money on amazon that I'd like to apply for the card. CCS is around 720 for both. Approved for $3100 limit. 

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Apr 20, 2016
I applied for the $50 amazon credit
ashful Cardholder

I got approved instantly with a 655tu/ 648eq score. I haven't gotten it in the mail yet but it's pretty cool that it automatically sets it as your default payment option on amazon (so you can use it right away) and automatically linked to my current chase account!

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Apr 20, 2016

Okay I will just post here about my application process experience and while I use the card in future I will update this review. I was shopping for a shirt on Amazon and $50 gift card sold me on this card so I applied with TU 649 EQ 663 and I got the message that I'm not immediately approved and further information required from me by mail... Two days later I got an email that I was approved and nothing else needed from me to do... I'm waiting to get this card and I will update my review as I use the card for couple months at least

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Apr 11, 2016
Great application promo
Anonymous Cardholder

I applied while shopping after the $50 gift card offer popped up in my cart. The application was very easy. I was not approved immediately, but after about 2 weeks I received an approval email with a $1500 CL! My experian is  619. I hope responsible use will help me boost my credit score over time. I look forward to the rewards which will pile up with holiday shopping and I also intend to use the card for gas. 

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Apr 05, 2016
Looks good so far.

Had 733 TU and 763 EQUIFAX scores on CreditKarma. Remember, Credit Karma uses vantage score which nobody uses, no matter what they tell you. My Experian FICO score was 671, and I thought my score might be high enough to get this card even though I was denied by a chase prequalification thing on their site. I applied and got a we couldn't approve you at this time message. I planned on calling the reconsideration line and plead my case, but I wimped out and just let it go. A couple weeks later I got an email saying I was approved for a 2k credit limit, and just recieved my card in the mail today. 

I use Amazon a lot so I think the 3% will really add up. This also has better non Amazon rewards than any of my other cards, so I'll be using this as my primary.

I'm gonna throw out some random facts about my credit in hopes it'll help someone else.

I had just paid all my near maxed out balances totaling $3500 down to $250 which I let post to all 3 bureaus by waiting a month. 

All 4 of my collections accounts were paid off about 6 months prior. They averaged about $400 each.(utility bill, medical, old credit card)

I had 5 inquiries on Experian, 2 on TU and 0 on Equifax

I only had 1 30 day late payment in 3.5 years on my oldest card(1500$ capital one secured).

My oldest 2 cards are Wells Fargo secured and Capital One secured. I have a Credit One card for 750.  After paying my maxed out cards down to almost 0, my 1.5 year old Barclay card increased its limit from $1000 to $2700. 

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Apr 03, 2016
"Further review" hope for everyone

Hi All,  Just wanted to share my experience with this company.  My CK scores are currently TU 670 and EQ 675, I have a 3 month old credit history, with on paid CO.  I applied for this card online through Amazon, my initial thoughts were, there is no way that Chase would extend credit to me.  I mean come on, 3 month old history and one CO.  I am trying to rebuild my credit and I thought what could do that better than a card from a reputable company? Nothing!!!!  So even with doubt, I applied.  I received a message stating "your application needs further review" so my first thought was, synonomous with DENIED!!! And I was correct, i called Chase recon the next day, a young man named Jordan informed me it was indeed denied, for too short of a credit history.  I politely asked him to review it for recon, he did, came back on the phone 3-5 minutes later, said it was still denied.  Lol I continued my conversation with Jordan, answered all of his questions and discussed my CR with him in detail.  He left the phone again for 1-2 minutes.  Came back on, stated I just needed to call a verification line, to verify my identity and it would be approved.  Do not know the CL or any details yet, I just know that Chase is awesome, the number went straight to a rep, no BS menus or automation, and Jordan was very polite and understanding.  If you have applied for this card, with less than desirable credit history, call Chase, this company is phenomenal.  Most every other company I know of, would have told me I was crazy and had no chance of recon.  Believe me, I have talked to allot of potential creditors.  Chase is willing to give me a chance to build a history with them.  Thank you to Jordan and thank you to Chase!   

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