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Most Helpful Positive Review

Nov 01, 2016
Frequent Amazon Shopper - Easy Approval
MrZackJames Cardholder

This is a great rewards card. My wife and I shop frequently on Amazon and will reap the 3% rewards quite often. So far we love the card and the power to manage my account online.

A little about me...

I have a fairly limited credit file. I started my credit journey in January 2015 with ano auto loan. I have made every single payment on time. In December 2015 I applied for Capital One Secured Card and was approved for a $200 limit with only a $99 deposit. I have kept utilization low (wife's advice) and made every payment on time. I was increased to $500 in June. I also applied for Chase Freedom in June and was approved for $500. Chase automatically increased my limit to $2000 in September. I have 5 comenity cards with nice credit limits and still keep utilization low. I applied for this card two weeks ago and was instantly approved for $2000 "Initial credit limit"!! Chase has been good to me and I will stick with them!

CK scores TU 666, EQ 656

100% payment history

14% Utilization

13 Inquiries (Mostly due to shopping for an auto loan in February for my wife) 

1 Collection of $325 which I will pay off at the end of this week

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Feb 16, 2016
Good card bad customer service
Anonymous Cardholder

if you have any problems with this card, the customer service program will tell you it's your own fault and not help you in any way. My card was denied. When I called customer service, they said they KNEW that it was denied, and admitted that they did not contact me in any way. They said  were updating their cards, but never notified me about any upgrade. ONLY after HAVING MY CARD REJECTED and ME CALLING THEM and BEING ON HOLD FOREVER, did they explain things. BUT, MY CARD WAS STILL DEACTIVATED WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION!!!!!  Now I am left without an active card. 

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jan 16, 2017
Too corporate, no flexibility
Anonymous Cardholder

So I submitted a request online to change my payment due date - awesome! They didn't tell me when the date change would be effective - boo! So I submitted my payment on the new due date that I had requested, only to find out I had been charged a $37.00 late fee for not paying it by my old due date. I called to complain and they said they were "unable" to reverse the late fee, even given the circumstances. In my opinion Chase embodies everything that is bad about large corporations. They are willing to charge customers over tiny little things (I mean, really, $37.00 is a drop in the bucket for such a huge company). They had a great opportunity here to create goodwill with a customer, and they chose not to. The only reason I gave them two stars instead of one is because over the years my free Amazon rewards will probably make up for this late fee, so I'll break even instead 

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Jan 06, 2017
Nice rewards
Ph525 Cardholder

Got approved for $500 CL with CK scores in mid to high 600's. I was really happy with the approval and even happier with the rewards. Have had it for 3 months and have had excellent service on the occasions where I had questions and called customer service. Truly happy with the card. I have been paying it off before due date and hope to get a CL increase in a few months. I applied online at checkout on

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Jan 03, 2017
Awesome rewards card first chase card
jeffreyhampton Cardholder

I applied several times I didn't get approved I have many accounts at other banks I'm satisfied to get approved for a 500 limit had a score on credit karma of 661 TU and 660 Equifax when I applied so not a huge limit but it will grow as I use it responsible as I do my other cards.

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Dec 23, 2016
Horrible Card
Anonymous Cardholder

After paying off my measly $500 credit limit. I still can't get a credit line increase. I plan to close my account. 

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Jan 14, 2017

Closing this card is going to hurt your score. I assume it's too late and the damage is done. Why is the card bad (besides your credit limit, which is generally your fault)? You give no valid reason to why this is a bad credit card to own. The benefits look pretty competitive compared to other major credit cards.

Jan 15, 2017

Usually credit cards companies need you to make 5 to 6 months worth of payments before they raise your limit. Either that or if you call them for an increase they can check your account and see that the amount of purchases in the month are greater than your limit and they will see how many times you had to pay the card in the month to continue to buy.

I started with $800.00 with Amazon and in 6 months built it to $5K. They look at payment and how many purchases you make. I buy everything on Amazon so it was a no Brainerd for them. If I were you I'd stick it out. Opening and closing accounts hurts your credit. Also this new card Amazon just launch with Chase is a better rewards card and the card is a nice looking brushed metal card.

You get 5% back on Amazon (if you are a prime member, 3% if you aren't) and 2% back on a food and gas with 1% on everything else. It's my new everyday card. Best of luck!

Dec 10, 2016
Some kind of badness
Anonymous Cardholder

Got one of these in the mail having never applied.  Called up chase and sounds like a ton of people had exactly the same problem.  Took about 30 minutes but card is cancelled but looks like I am being sent extra paperwork.  Something is fishy, and would be nice to know the source of the badness... no idea who was responsible.

Card may be good, but something fishy is going on and would like to know what.

It probably was not Amazon or Chase because using detective work, they got some of my personal info wrong... but were still approved somehow.  when its an inside job they have all the right info.  Would be nice to know which cyber criminal did it.

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Dec 08, 2016
Wonderful if you are good with finances.
Eileen170 Cardholder

If you are good about paying off balances its great. Otherwise, the interest rate is very high and makes the whole point system pointless. I have started paying all my bills with this card specifically to get the points because I make sure I pay if off every month. Racking up on points. They offered a credit limit increase but I have declined and stayed with my $900 limit for about 5 years or so. Do not need it and its common sense to not take it if I do not need it. 

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Jan 14, 2017

You are stunting your credit by not taking an offered credit limit increase. Don't take my word for it, even credit karma and other major credit resources will tell you the same thing. Having a high overall amount of credit shows how responsible you are, especially when you keep a low balance or none at all.

Dec 07, 2016
It's pretty good.
Anonymous Cardholder

The card was pretty useful my only complaint is that to use the reward points you get on amazon you have to purchase with this card. Understandable I guess.

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Nov 27, 2016
Great for Amazon shoppers.
ithaclies Cardholder

My wife and I both have these cards for our Amazon shopping. The points we get help a lot towards future purchases. It makes buying on Amazon even cheaper!

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Nov 17, 2016
High APR; rewards complicated but okay
ALKfromTX Cardholder

* 19.49% APR not great for my credit score (800)

* 3% cash back -- not as good as Discover It card or Amazon Prime store card

* 2% cash back at gas stations

* 2% cash back at restaurants

* 2% cash back at drugstores

* 2% cash back at office supply stores

* 1% cash back on other purchases

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Jan 11, 2017

Why would you apply for a card like this if you have a 800 credit score ? Little fishy

Nov 15, 2016
worst credit card experience
Anonymous Cardholder

This card service suspends service when bill is not pain within 48 hours of due date and will not reinstate for 6 business days after payment is made. The system automatically charges $37 if payment not treceived on due date. This is the info as provided by their customer service dept. My payment went to a different account number as  my account number  was changed when they sent a new card with a chip and hence payment was " delinquent " . I had to go thru several hassles and this was my worse credit card experience ever.Never heard that from any other credit card service provider.

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