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Most Helpful Positive Review

Nov 17, 2016
Good thing to have
Anonymous Cardholder

I got this because I needed a large amount of dental work done and it had worked well for me. What I was told is if you pay off the balance in a year then you won't be charged any interest, and that has been true. paid off the whole balance in a year and no interest. Did new charges and same thing. Looks like from the comments I see is people don't know what a credit card is, you have to pay the bill lol 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Feb 16, 2017
Handy to Have but comes with a Price!
Darwin686 Cardholder

Handy card to have for vet visit and mediacal issues from the ER to the dentist but it comes with a price.  They are not ones to raise credit limits unless you ask which results in a hard query.  This card is backed by Syncrony AKA GE Money Bank AKA the worst of the worst creditors in the world.  If there were another card that was accepted like this one I wouldn't have it, but alas there is not at this time.  Over the years Iv'e had this card I've been VERY carefull to read the fine print.  All promotional purchases must be paid before the experation date or this is retoactive intrest.  They are not the best about informing you when your statement is ready or a payment is due, in my experience it has been hit or miss.  I follow strict money mangment rules that make me login to all of my accounts on a weekly baisis and it has paid off.  I've never missed a payment with them and ONLY use this card if absoutly necessary. It is nice to be able to finance medical expences so long as you can pay it off before the date which could be 6 months or 12 months. 

The intrest rate is sky high at 24.99% on this card for me but all in all it has come in very handy with emergency vet visits.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jul 14, 2017
Pain in butt
Anonymous Cardholder

Please watch out for  they send emails in the name of the bank and not anything that says Care Credit.  I had the bank calling me and I thought it was one of those spam calls.  I call  Care Credit after I find out that I am late on a payment--what?  the guy is nice and tells me what day it will appear in my email.  I then decide a couple days later to just pay off the bill and I use their f automated payment system that puts me a whole bunch of time and then it wont let me pay the balance. I NEVER WANT TO USE THIS CARD AGAIN.  If you have a person take your payment you get charged $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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Jul 12, 2017
Refuse to give credit line increases.
Anonymous Cardholder

Very high apr and I've made all of my payments on time always pay more than the monthly amount due, yet they refuse to give me a credit line increase.

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Jul 08, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

Has come in handy for emergancies . 

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Jul 07, 2017
Great to have
Shell234 Cardholder

This card is a great thing to have. As long as you pay it off on time like the terms clearly state you will be fine. We always pay ours off before the end of the promotion to avoid the fees. The interest rates are crazy but's that's to motivate you to pay on time like you are supposed to. I have used mine several times and always pay off early. Although I would like them to do an auto increase since it has been two years of early payoff. This card is a life saver for vet bills and unexpected medical bills. 

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Jun 28, 2017
Great way to build credit
Nymaera Cardholder

I originally got Care Credit as a "starter" credit card to help drag out payments for some dental work. The payments were reasonable and I was on track to payoff within the promotional period. I was glad I had the card when my dog had to go to the emergency vet clinic and cost ~$700 up front. Those services were put on another promotional plan with a shorter payoff period (6 months). This brought up my entire balance and increased my minimum payment, but the key was doing the math myself and paying more than that to make sure the interest wasn't tacked on. If you have more than one promotion and pay over the minimum amount required, they will apply the over payment to the promotion with the shortest period. When I paid off the second promo, they increased my credit limit without being prompted. I've had a great experience with this credit card.

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Jun 28, 2017
Works if you use it properly.
mimimom123 Cardholder

People need to pay attention to what they're applying for. It states very plainly that if you pay it off by the end of the term, you accrue no interest. If you don't, then all the interest from the start of the term is added to your balance. The interest is high, no joke! Just get your debt paid off before the end of six months, twelve months, or whatever you applied for, and no problems! If you pay on time, it's a great way to finance a big medical bill, over time!

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Jun 27, 2017
It saves lives!
Anonymous Cardholder

I'm baffled by the amount of bad reviews for CareCredit. From the looks of it, all of the people who left bad reviews have no idea how this card works. I'll provide a bit of insight as A.) I've had this card for 8 years without issue B.) I used to work for GE in the CareCredit department, so I more than understand it.

There are multiple payment plans. It's your responsibility and your doctor's responsibility to go over the terms of the payment plan when your card is charged. They even make you sign a slip that has the terms of the payment plan on it. For example, if you have a payment plan that's "6 months deferred interest if paid in full," that means that there is no interest as long as you pay off the entire balance of that payment plan by the end of the 6 months. If you don't, you get hit with interest, which is retroactive. That's not hidden. It's not a scam. It's in the terms. 

This just goes to show that you really need to read everything and fully understand it before you sign on the dotted line. 

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Jun 26, 2017
So regret ever getting this credit card!
Anonymous Cardholder

Do not get a Care Credit card. They suck and your paying back triple the amount you borrow!

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Jun 24, 2017
great for emergencies
skc74 Cardholder

This card works well if I am short on cash for a couple of months and need to use intrerest free in full before the date that charges intrest and you will be fine. They are upfront about all fees and deadlines.

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Jun 21, 2017
KTMOE Cardholder

If you make your payments on time this card is great. I dont know why this card gets a bad review. Make your payments that all there is to it!!!

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