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2.3 out of 5 stars
67 Reviews

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Most Helpful Positive Review

Nov 16, 2015
Anonymous Cardholder

If you rated this card bad maybe you dont undertand how to use a credit card. I applied and was approved for 2,500. Only had to use 400 to get a tooth taken out and i paid it off in a couple months.. Had no problems with it. Called to increase my limit for surgery and they gave me 6,000. My credit score is 730. They gave me a year to pay it off without interest. Never had a problem.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jun 06, 2016
major hit on your credit
Anonymous Cardholder

I applied got a 4K approval but my credit went from 691 to 640.... I should have just used another card then to apply for this one....Try to avoid this card

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Oct 12, 2016
LouieVeee Cardholder

Great for emergencies. My puppy got sick. I applied online and instantly got approved. It was only 500$ but I expected that since my CS is only about 635. I told the rep that it was an emergency and needed the funds right away, he said that was fine and that I'd be able to use it right away and gave me the card number over the phone. It was awesome service. People complain about the strangest things. This card saved my pups life and in grateful. One thing you need to understand is to take advantage of the zero percent for 6 months or 12 months you need to spend over 200$ on your transaction. Anything less starts accruing interest right away. Keep that in mind. Overall I'm glad they approved me and can't wait to pay it off so I can get a credit line increase. I'll keep this card in my wallet for all my vet needs,maybe medical and the dentist too.

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Oct 08, 2016
Horrible Customer Service
MindyLu8702 Cardholder

You can't make a payment online and you can't make a payment on their automated system using a debit card. They only want a checking account number. If you have to call and talk to someone to make a payment, they charge you an extra $10. I am an unemployed, single mom and I can't afford to waste that kind of money. I have not been able to make payments because I am unemployed. I really need to use this card for dental work but they won't let me because they have locked my car due to no payments. They REALLY need to accept payments online and with debit cards. Debit cards are processed from your account, it's not the same as a credit card. I am getting my unemployment on a debit card. Can't use it. They are major jerks!!!!!

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Oct 08, 2016
this card is extremely helpful!!
Jazminre Cardholder

I have owned this card for a little over 2 years now. This card is truly amazing however this is a catch! The catch is you MUST pay your balance before the deferred interest option expires nor can you ever pay late. If you are the kind of person that usually pays more than the minimum payment every month and is never late then this card is for you! I have never paid interest for this card and neither will you if you keep on top of it! I definitely recommend this card !

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Sep 30, 2016
Msheslin1 Cardholder

Even though I have a credit score of over 700, they wouldn't extend me the credit I needed to get a price dire done. This is the worst company, do not use them.

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Sep 28, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

The interest rate is extremely high compared to other cards.  The promotions are good, as long as nothing comes up to prevent you from paying off the balance within the stated timeframe.  BUT... if you don't, there will be several thousands of dollars in accrued interest added to your balance PLUS the extremely high percentage rate. 

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Sep 23, 2016
Takes Advantage of People in Need
WithKeyLymes Cardholder

In situations such as needing prescription eyeglasses or emergency veterenary care, this card seems like a godsend.  However, you will learn quickly that they were hoping you thought that.

To avoid rehashing the same issues that have already been brought up, I'll tell you some more reasons to avoid CareCredit and anything else run by Synchrony Bank.  First, they will approve your for a higher line of credit and send out the cards without asking if you wanted it -- they're 'rewarding' you for paying your bill so well.

Second, and most heinous:  PAST DUE AMOUNTS ARE CALCULATED FROM THE MOMENT THE BILL WAS MADE AVAILABLE FOR PAYMENT, NOT THE DUE DATE.  With a due date on the 8th, if you are a day late and find yourself paying on the 9th, you are 'three weeks past due' according to the cardholders.  The customer representatives have no additional or alternative information about this, and will deny that the due date is 'actually the fifteenth'.  Essentially they have manipulated the system to allow them to send your bill to debt collection a month earlier than they are legally allowed to.  I have missed a single payment deadline and -paid up for August- I am apparently 38 days overdue on the 23rd of September, an amount extrapolated from the 15th of August.

Deceitful, manipulative company that loves preying on the week.  More of a corporate entity than any kind of bank or company.

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Sep 09, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

It should be called the "Care Less" credit card.

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Sep 09, 2016
worst in the world
Anonymous Cardholder

they will do everything they can to totally rob you.   stay away!

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Aug 29, 2016
Worst card ever! No worth it.
Riema Cardholder

THis company is the greediest company I have ever seen. They are like loan sharks!!
They have very high interest rates, and even if you pay on time and even more that the due amount, the balance does not go down. I have a credit limit of $8,000 and charged $4,200 over a year ago for a cosmetic procedure but despite making $187/month, my balance only went down by $700 so far (in 16 months). This year alone, they have charged me over $500 in interest (in 8 months - it's only August). I had to break down and just paid them off the $3,556 balance I had. I never want to charge anything else to this card again. It's awful!!!! Do not get it

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Aug 28, 2016
Very helpful
Anonymous Cardholder

Helped pay my vet bills and now for my eye prescription 

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