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182 Cardholder Reviews

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OK Card, But Whacks You With 3 Inquiries Helpful to 104 out of 107 people

My husband and I have had a joint card with them for about 9 months now. My score is around 685 and his is around 645. When we applied we used him as the main account holder and we were instantly approved with a credit line of $1300. About 6 months later we were granted a CLI to $2000. We had the first 6 months with 0%, so that was good. The problem is, is that they will whack you with 3 credit inquiries to Transunion just when you apply! Yes 3 inquiries to one Credit Bureau!!! Within 60 days of approval they pulled his credit report 2 additional times. I can't dispute it with Transunion because they do not allow inquiry disputes. Barclays claim they were doing an automatic credit line increase??? Even if they were, they should never be pulling hard inquries for that.  We never approved the additional inquiries nor asked for a credit increase. This seems really slimy. I don't think I'll be using them in the future. Beware of the 3 inquiries if wanting to apply!

bethanydave7982's review was:    

  Mar 09, 2013 Reply

bethanydave7982(1, 104)

Review by bethanydave7982

1 Contributions 104 People Helped

Helpful to 25 out of 26 people

I just disputed with Transunion for 4 hits from JPM Chase Bank they removed all but 1,so if needed  you can dispute inquiries on transunion...

Sherron687's reply was:    

  Nov 29, 2013

Sherron687(1, 25)

Review by Sherron687

1 Contributions 25 People Helped

Helpful to 9 out of 9 people

I Though if you never approved the additional credit inquires this should be illegal, unless it was stated in your contract with them. 

etaylor09's reply was:    

  Dec 08, 2013

etaylor09(2, 10)

Review by etaylor09

2 Contributions 10 People Helped

Helpful to 14 out of 15 people

Hey that is really shady because I just applied and got 2 hard inquiries on my report. I have to look into that more and find out why.

1212cc's reply was:    

  Dec 06, 2013

1212cc(1, 14)

Review by 1212cc

1 Contributions 14 People Helped

Helpful to 12 out of 13 people

Thanks!! I won't even try than!!  :-)

davidwilliams3410's reply was:    

  Dec 06, 2013

davidwilliams3410(1, 12)

Review by davidwilliams3410

1 Contributions 12 People Helped

Helpful to 21 out of 24 people

I just applied for this card, it shows 1 hard inquiry on my creditKarma account.

Volcanoe's reply was:    

  Nov 12, 2013

Volcanoe(2, 26)

Review by Volcanoe

2 Contributions 26 People Helped

Helpful to 5 out of 5 people

Thank you for letting me know that. I will not be applying. I was so close to taking that plunge.

joycecook1's reply was:    

  Mar 25, 2014

joycecook1(1, 5)

Review by joycecook1

1 Contributions 5 People Helped

Helpful to 160 out of 168 people

I would love to give them 0 stars if possible!!!!

Opened Barclay about 4 months ago. Never went over 20% UTIL. $1300 credit limit (one of the crappiest in my stack). Asked them for a CLI a month ago and they said I was a great customer. Over the weekend I go to use my card (Which had a $0 balance and I was decined). I called them and said my account was closed.

After dealing with the worst CSR's ever they said they can't tell me why my account was closed. After calling back 1st thing Monday morning they said my account was closed because of to many inquries.

I recently shopped an auto loan (maybe 5 INQ's but should only count as one since they were all within a day or two) and was given the 100% financing for a new Prius.

Mortgage in good standing with lots of equity, car loan already has a few positive payment marks, all CC Util at about 7% and nothing over 15% on a single card.

The worst thing is that when you call to explain and inquire they give you the run around. They then say there is no way you can ever get this account reopened and my over $100 in rewards are just gone and there is nothing they can do about it (This is a high ranking CSR mgr after calling over and over to finally get someone high up).

Just got CLI's automatically within the last 6 months of over 5K.

Barclay will like you it seems if you miss paments, don't pay in full, and are dependant on their card.

There is a lot of negative info about Barclay online and I read about it after getting their Pre Approve letter wish I would have listened to the info.

If you have recently gotten a Barclay card I would recomend not applying for ANY credit within 6 months of getting the card as they have run 7 Softs on me between the 3 CB's since I got their card. As much as I would hate to say this maybe carry a small ballance at least once so they see you pay interest.

It seems from what I have read they HATE good customers who pay in full (or like me) pay multiple times per month.

Jun 25, 2012 Reply
Helpful to 49 out of 49 people

Interesting.  I got the Apple financing card for $2000 and then I noticed they had a rewards card.  I asked if I could covert it, they said yes but I had to re-app.  I did and then had to call the actual credit department.  While speaking with them they decided to close my account entirely.  I remarked how ridiculous that was and was transferred to a supervisor upon request.  They said the same thing, so I asked to speak with a manager.  They told me managers don't anser phone calls.  I make my case and stuck with it and demanded the manager.  I was put on hold for about 10 minutes and the same lady came back telling me she would reopen the account.  I had to take a reduction in the limit, which also got messed up and then corrected about 3 weeks later.  I still have to say the process was a nightmare, but the card and CSR's are good.  I will probably rank them a 3 for now.  Their interest rate is a bit high, but I don't revolve my balance, I pay in full. 

bernhardtra's reply was:    

  Sep 12, 2012

bernhardtra(98, 389)

Top Contributor

Review by bernhardtra

98 Contributions 389 People Helped

Top Contributor

Thank You Barclay Helpful to 73 out of 77 people

I Filed BK Chapter 7 in 2010. I myself have been trying to rebuild my credit and when I applied for this card my Trans Score was 635. I got approved for $1300. WOW! I have had now for 6 months and have make all payments on time. I made min. $700 each month, to show that I was responsible, also 2 of the 6 months I make $1200 payments. It helped me out a lot...after making my 6th payment, they raised my limit to $2600. My Trans Score now is 667. My goal is to be over 720 in 6 more months and maybe Barclay will raise it again... will let you know! Good luck!

nteodorescu's review was:    

  Feb 20, 2013 Reply

nteodorescu(2, 109)

Review by nteodorescu

2 Contributions 109 People Helped

Helpful to 36 out of 38 people

So giving everyone an update...just last week I requested a credit increase of $1400 and got approved instantly online. Have not had a card for a full year yet, but keeping a close eye on the card and always payoff balance shows that your responsible. That same day I got the increase my Transunion that they pull was a 678. I also tried out Apple Barclay and was approved instantly online for $2000. If you keep up the card it will help you out!

nteodorescu's reply was:    

  Jul 12, 2013

nteodorescu(2, 109)

Review by nteodorescu

2 Contributions 109 People Helped

Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

@nteodorescu i meant experian

bforbes808's reply was:    

  Nov 12, 2013

bforbes808(2, 11)

Review by bforbes808

2 Contributions 11 People Helped

Helpful to 8 out of 10 people

are you sure they used your transunion score? Because we both know that thats the score CreditKarma uses. But I ve applied for other cards and they used my equifax score and that was was about fifty points lower than my transunion score? Even the vantage score was different from credit karmas.

bforbes808's reply was:    

  Nov 12, 2013

bforbes808(2, 11)

Review by bforbes808

2 Contributions 11 People Helped

Helpful to 5 out of 8 people

I applied for this cc with a cc score 678 and filed bankruptcy in 11/08 and I was approved with a credit line of $2500.000 and then I tried for a Discover Card 3 days later and they approved me with a CL $800.00 and never thought that I would get a Discover Card with no int for 14 months and then 10.9 after that.  Boy was I suprised.  I don't know what my transunion fico score is but I'm shooting for 700 so I can get a new car with a low interest rate.  Good luck to every one trying to rebuild their credit after hitting some ruff patches.

JUS4DI41's reply was:    

  Dec 30, 2013

JUS4DI41(2, 5)

Review by JUS4DI41

2 Contributions 5 People Helped

Approved, Had Ch7 BK 8 months ago Helpful to 26 out of 26 people

Have been denied by countless other card providers. Looking forward to rebuilding my credit. Before this, I was approved for a firstprogress secured credit card with a $329 limit. Barclay's instantly approved for $850 credit limit, unsecured. Have read to avoid further credit inqueries after Barclay's for awhile or risk getting account closed. So my plan is not to apply for anything else for 12 months, hopefully by then my credit score will be above 700. It's currently 670, but the ch 7 BK is a huge black mark that has gotten me denied from just about everywhere else.

Oct 24, 2013 Reply
Giving those of us rebuilding a chance! Helpful to 65 out of 69 people

Over time I've learned to take what the internet says with a grain of salt, a lot of these reviews are giving negative reviews to situations that are sort of outlandish. What I mean is, when you're ****ed off at the quality of service and food from a restaraunt you're more likely to call and complain than you are to call them and say hey great job. That being said, Barclay Bank has been around the block, so it only makes sense that they are nervous when people exhibit bad credit behaviors. So if you get this card and you apply for 5 other cards after it, they'll probably back out and pull your account. I'm rebuilding my credit, and Credit Karma said I had a poor chance of recieving this card, but since it seems to me that predicting card approvals is not one CK's strengths, (said I had a fair chance at being approved for a Cap One Quick Silver - but was declined) I went ahead and applied to Barclay anyway, because my only other cards are a secured mastercard through cap one and a credit one visa (with no grace period) both of which have pitiful limits with a very doubtful chance CLI's even though I pay my balances in full every month. That said, I really wanted a card that has some kind of rewards, and thought the no annual fee would be nice too. So since my AAoA is low anyway and I already have inq's on my report, I took a shot in the dark at this card, my CK score is a 584, which according to them I had a 5% shot at approval. I applied directly from the Barclay website, and got an instant approval for $500, sort of shocked, since Barclay is sort of a prime lender and has stringent policies on credit. Now that I have this card, I'm finished, I have no need to place anymore inq's on my report, and this is important to Barclay. So I have to give them a thumbs up for realizing that not everyone with bad score in incapable of showing responsibility,

rico5037's review was:    

  Sep 23, 2013 Reply

rico5037(2, 65)

Review by rico5037

2 Contributions 65 People Helped

Helpful to 9 out of 11 people

I agree. Barclays took a chance on you when you needed it. So honor that and be loyal. How long do you think it is safe to apply for a new credit card with another bank or AMEX? 1 year? 2 years?

HelpMeCreditKarma2020's reply was:    

  Nov 18, 2013

HelpMeCreditKarma2020(8, 11)

Review by HelpMeCreditKarma2020

8 Contributions 11 People Helped

Helpful to 2 out of 3 people

i found your answer very very interesting, and it's like you're talking about my case. i have cap1 secured card for couple of years now and no CLI since 09-2012, i have a motorcycle loan with  springleaf, and still my credit was not improving, so i thought since CK showed me a good chance on Cap 1 quick, i was like why not, but i thought id probably do some research before i apply, and found a website reviewing ccards with fair crdit 642, so they had #1 as barclay and then cap 1 Quick silver, the difference is apr and annual fee. after a long thinking, i went back to ck to view the odds on barklay, it showed poor. didn't care went for it, and i was instantly approved for 1000 CL, and i couldn't believe it, over all what ck  says isn't 100% accurate, and everyone needs to do more research because the credit world is full of arguments, and imagine if there was one and only one credit bureau running the show !!!!! lol

adilov's reply was:    

  Mar 11, 2014

adilov(1, 2)

Review by adilov

1 Contributions 2 People Helped

Very Happy Helpful to 73 out of 78 people

Got approved for $1700 with a score of 643.  Currently have two Capital One cards with limits of $500 and one Orchard Bank with a limit of $900.  I was only carrying a balance of roughly $100 across all three cards.  Someone else suggested that odds of acceptace are increased with low utilization, seems to hold true for me too.

thewally's review was:    

  Oct 02, 2012 Reply

thewally(1, 73)

Review by thewally

1 Contributions 73 People Helped

Helpful to 55 out of 57 people

I had mentioned is ABSOLUTELY TRUE...Low utilization is a MAJOR FACTOR. That's why I recommend to people not applying for new cards with high balances already on others. You are in DEBT and using ALOT of credit that has been extended to you which makes you an immediate risk to new creditors.

Capitol one is the joint for rebuilding and Low utilization is key to eventually getting what we all seem to want...a 10k+ limit for emergency's or other reasons with a low APR and no AF card :) Do your research people!!!! CK scores mean ZIP.....USE thier report card though!!

greatcredit123's reply was:    

  Oct 11, 2012

greatcredit123(5, 66)

Review by greatcredit123

5 Contributions 66 People Helped

Helpful to 28 out of 32 people

Maybe so. I just lowered my utilization from 53% to 27%. Capital One CL of $1,500 and orchard bank $500. I was approved for $1,000 with score of 747, but BK 4 years ago.

mittens71671's reply was:    

  Oct 11, 2012

mittens71671(7, 67)

Review by mittens71671

7 Contributions 67 People Helped

Helpful to 4 out of 5 people

Was 643 your TransUnion score?

Lanspi's reply was:    

  May 22, 2013

Lanspi(1, 4)

Review by Lanspi

1 Contributions 4 People Helped

Helpful to 2 out of 7 people

I have a ck score of 639 and have about 35% utilization on my cards. Is that a longshot for approval??

eagle1gator's reply was:    

  Oct 19, 2012

eagle1gator(3, 2)

Review by eagle1gator

3 Contributions 2 People Helped

surprised Helpful to 24 out of 24 people

I applied for the this card in September and was instantly approved with a $500 limit. I was shocked because my ck score is 598 and my equifax is 617. The rewards are better than most. I am hoping for a credit line increase within the next 6months. I plan on paying it off each month. I'll update whenever I get that increase! 

mtmagnasco's review was:    

  Oct 22, 2013 Reply

mtmagnasco(3, 24)

Review by mtmagnasco

3 Contributions 24 People Helped

Love this card Helpful to 33 out of 34 people

I have had this card for a year and my credit has been bumped twice without asking, from $1300 to $2300 at 5 months and finally at a year to $3500. I am 21 months removed from a bankruptcy and this was the second card I got. The interest rate isnt the greatest but I treat this card like a charge card and pay off the balance as I spend it to collect the rewards. With 2% on gas grocery and utilities and 1% on everything else I put everything I can on the card and collect around $40-50 a month in statement credits for nothing. Really great experience over the past year.

risingcrest's review was:    

  Mar 22, 2013 Reply

risingcrest(1, 33)

Review by risingcrest

1 Contributions 33 People Helped

Lowered Credit Limit Helpful to 39 out of 41 people

I initially opened this card in March 2008.  I have used it for balance transfer purposes using 3 separate offers over that time.  I have a previous credit limit of $15,000.  I made a $7900 payment in order to pay off a previous offer.  When I looked 2 days later, they lowered my credit limit to $6300 citing I had too much available credit.  This is after Barclay Bank purchased all of Bank of America's Upromise debt including $12,000 available credit I had on that card.  After speaking with the cs rep, who told me 'there is nothing we can do', I will be closing both my Upromise I've had open since 2002 and this card.  I have a credit rating above 740, have never missed a payment, pay well over the minimum payment on 0% offers, and always pay the interest-bearing balances off monthly.  Judging from the previous posts, they are offering deals to those with issues in an effort to gain some interest.  I am very disappointed.

Dec 04, 2012 Reply
THINK TWICE BEFORE APPLYING -DENIED @664 Helpful to 17 out of 17 people

Applied today & denied. Currently Two Cap 1 Cards and payments made in full 2x a month...never late. Income over $60k and CK 664. Credit Karma indicated very good odds of being approved. Trying to rebuild. Wanted to make sure to post this so that someone else doesn't have to take a hit on their report.

Sunday8's review was:    

  Apr 18, 2014 Reply

Sunday8(2, 22)

Review by Sunday8

2 Contributions 22 People Helped

I was recently denied with 734 score.  I have cap one card, never late and just approved for Discover which isnt showing up yet.  1 inquiry on file in last 6 months, 3 on the file total.  I had my reservations about applying because my friend had horror stories with them.  I should have taken his advise and save that inquiry!

creditguy71's reply was:    

  Apr 24, 2014

creditguy71(1, 0)

Review by creditguy71

1 Contributions 0 People Helped

wow, sounds odd they denied you.  Are you sure it was the "average" card you applied for?

switchman70's reply was:    

  Apr 19, 2014

switchman70(128, 94)

Top Contributor

Review by switchman70

128 Contributions 94 People Helped

Top Contributor

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