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Jan 30, 2019
Nastassia16 Cardholder

I have 10 other credit cards and this is the only one I have always have an issue with. Please beware and make sure you read the fine line to everything, they send you promotional misleading emails on how to receive an APR for a certain amount of months, than they always have some reason why you call why you couldn’t be granted it. I previously owed $2000 paid it down to $50, since I owed the $50 after the APR was done they made me repay back interest of $500 since I didn’t pay it of on time that the 0% APR ended. I have never had any other credit card do that so I didn’t think that even read for that. Then they sent me an email claiming , use this promotional period however you want, I purchased something by the date it said, and they said no it wasn’t however you want I was supposed to use checks they sent me in the mail that I never received. I can’t wait to to pay them off and close the account, I don’t care how much it hurts my credit they are the worst.

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Oct 04, 2018
sionnet Cardholder

Apple must terminate their relationship with them. This credit company is the worst with a lousy customer support.

do not fall for this card, it's not worth it. there are other credit company better than Barclay(the worst)

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Sep 08, 2018
Absolute Crooks
allisonoverton Cardholder

WORST CARD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND TEAM EVER. Paid off $1,970 within the allotted time period of free interest. Got no notice of $30 being remaining on my card when deferred interest was up. I had put other purchases on this card and paid off so much of them it's not even funny. They think it's okay to charge $580 interest on the original $2,000 purchase over $30. What literal trash and scum a company is to pocket $580 off $30. I will never support any Barclay card again after this incident.

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Nov 03, 2018

You do realize that when you sign up for promo financing with ANY company store card, you're required to pay it off before the promo is over. They will charge you the full interest amount because that's what you signed up for. It's on you to keep track of what's left on the promo balance.

Jul 29, 2018
BlueMoneyJc Cardholder

Don't give them your money, they don't really offer financing. 

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May 13, 2018
Nightmare Credit Card Ever....
Khloe2018 Cardholder

I received the credit card already but they closed it without my permission, since I applied they approved me for 2k$ and was trying to purchase iPhone in Apple store but it said I can’t purchase and they asked for another doucuments, I mailed it to them already but still didn’t have action for it, I was so so disappointed about this card because they checked my credit scores and they closed it and affected my score but thanks I Have a really good score that just a little bit effect but the the reputation of closing is there already, They maybe thought I was a fraud and they didn’t trust me even they checked everything my credit score 👎👎 Vet Bad Credit Card Ever... Don’t Ever Try to Apply it 😬

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