Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa® Card

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3.7 out of 5 stars
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Application Process

3.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Service

3.5 out of 5 stars

3.5 5

Card Details

  • Balance Transfer Intro APR 0% for 12 Months
  • Balance Transfer Regular APR 13.74% - 25.74%* Variable
  • Annual Fee $0
  • Purchase Intro APR 0% for 12 Months
  • Purchase Regular APR 13.74% - 25.74%* Variable

Our Take

The Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa® Card is a solid option for people who want to earn cash back on every purchase.

What to Like

The Wells Fargo Cash Wise® Visa offers 1.5% cash back on everyday purchases, and bonus cash back for purchases made with Android Pay™ or Apple Pay™ in the first twelve months. There’s no annual fee and a 0% intro APR for the first 12 months on both purchases and balance transfers.

Look Out For

There’s a 0% intro APR on balance transfers, but you’ll still have to pay a 3% introductory balance transfer fee during that intro period and a 5% fee afterwards. There’s also a 3% foreign transaction fee.


Most Helpful Positive Review

Jul 27, 2016
Wells Fargo is my card!
Horndogdave Cardholder

Didn't even get rating odds on CK but I still decided to apply! It took them a while to give me a decision like (48hrs)... let me start off by saying I filed BK like over 3 years ago now so I didn't get a quick answer as far as turn down so I didn't mind waiting.... They told me to call and I did 48hrs later and they said to my amazement that I was approve for 8500.00 I was shocked! Well not really cause 5 months ago I got approve for 10k with capitalone but Wells Fargo is the **** to approve me cause after all they are a well-known Institute. So I guest it help keeping your nose clean after BK no lates no going over board on ur credit is a big no no. I got about over 50k in credit cards and I know I'm only spent about 4500.00 of that.... also my credit scores are as follows TU-696 EQ-696 EX-725 good luck hope this helps! Dave

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Dec 23, 2016
Unexplained late charge
rs122334 Cardholder

Just noticed a random late charge even though I always pay in advance and well above the minimum due. I called and they said they would take it off and not to be late again. I didn't want to argue my point but you could look at everyone of my statement and I've never paid less than 150 a month and never caried more than a 700 balance. Be wary!

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Apr 23, 2017
$600 cell phone coverage is a great!
BAlert Cardholder

I applied for this card just to get the cell phone coverage.  Signup bonus, cash rewards were a plus.  CK indiated poor approval odds, but I think it is becuase of the requirement for an existing account w/WF for approval.  Easy solution - I opened a checking account (with additional bonus for 10 debit card uses), funded opening balance with another cash back card, then applied for the credit card.

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Apr 17, 2017
Ok at first
Mayelly1 Cardholder

Updated 2nd review: Firstly, took them almost 3 weeks for me to get their card after approval. When I received it and 'activated' it online, the first time I made an online payment, the card was declined. I had to call the customer service who told me that the card was not activated (when the Wells Fargo app shows that it was activated). No big deal. So I went on a shopping spree to hit my first $1k to get the  $150 cash bonus (which I did successfully). 

Once the payment was posted, I made the full payment right away. The balance showed as zero once my payment was cleared but the credit balance was not put back to my original credit limit. It had been 5 days after the payment was cleared and I decided to call. The customer service said that cos the amount that I paid off was so large that it would take 12-14 business days for the avalaible credit to go back up again. His answer was absurd to me and I told him that this is the first time a credit card company would hold a credit limit for that long after a payment was cleared. I then told him that this is not good for the customers who might have only one credit card as well as it seems like they are not encouraging their customers to use their card more frequently?

I have only had the card in my hands for 2 weeks and I have made 5 phone calls to them in total and I have never made any phone calls to my other credit card companies over issues like this. 

My verdict this time? Do not get this card as your main card. Got my $150 for spending over $1k. To the sock drawer it will go. You have disappointed me Wells Fargo. 

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Apr 07, 2017
Mayelly1 Cardholder

Got instant approval. Credit score was 680 across the board at that time. Loving the perk of $150 for $1k in 3 months and zero APR for 12 months. The card took 2.5 weeks to get to me which is the longest time taken for a credit card company. Had to call twice to check on the status of the credit card delivery but the CSRs were very friendly. They reported my new account and credit limit to the CB pretty fast which boosted my credit score significantly. 

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Apr 06, 2017
Excited for It
nbnicholas Cardholder

Instant approval. Excited to add to my card portfolio. The $150 for $1,000 is a nice perk too.

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Apr 04, 2017
Free $150 for $1000 purchase
BudnSam09 Cardholder

Got approve for $10,000 but Im not stupid  spend $1000 to get the $150 and Im off to another card.

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Mar 10, 2017
Wells Fargo is a joke
Anonymous Cardholder

Wells Fargo is a joke.  I applied and received this card.  After receiving it in the mail, I called the number to activate it.  I was then told to bring 2 forms of ID and a bill with my address to my local branch to activate.  When I arrived at the branch they didn't know what I was talking about and told me to call the number on the card to activate.  After explaining that I tried that and was advised to go to a local branch to activate.  The bank employee then called someone on the phone who told them In addition to 2 forms of ID & my utility bill that I would need my physicial Social Sevurity card.  I told them I lost that many years ago.  I then told them to just cancel it and that it wasn't worth the hassle.  I was then informed that I couldn't cancel it without my actual Social Security card,  I threw the Wells Fargo credit card in their trash and walked out.  I then called Wells Fargo and tried to cancel it over the phone.  They told me I had to go back in to a branch to close it.  Now I have an open account that I can't use or cancel and a credit inquirey on my credit which caused mt credit score to drop slightly.  What a circus Wells Fargo has become.  I never thought I'd have to pay an attorney just to cancel a credit card that was never activated.

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Jan 21, 2017
It's my primary Credit Card
mtmccain2000 Cardholder

It's easy to get approved and they give you increases regulary.

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Dec 23, 2016
Unexplained late charge
rs122334 Cardholder

Just noticed a random late charge even though I always pay in advance and well above the minimum due. I called and they said they would take it off and not to be late again. I didn't want to argue my point but you could look at everyone of my statement and I've never paid less than 150 a month and never caried more than a 700 balance. Be wary!

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Dec 20, 2016
Jackblack1688 Cardholder

I love 1.5% cash back for everting and 12 m 0% interest on purchase promotions.  This is one of the best cash reward cards in the market.  

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Dec 30, 2016

Really Jack Black? Im pretty sure the paid Actor would have a better card than this....

Feb 16, 2017

I bet Jack Black works for Wells Fargo

Dec 16, 2016
I got approved
Atlantis4569 Cardholder

I got approved for $4000 with a credit score of around 643, but it's probably because I keep quite a bit of money in my wells fargo checking account, have money constantly being deposited, have a long history with them, or possibly because of my income. Not really sure, maybe a combination of all, but I'm happy with the results. I got a pre-approval in the mail and I was like, "yeah right", but went ahead and applied anyway. So I say go for it if you have a decent credit score or a decent history with them. 

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Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa® Card