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Sep 18 2020
Not good advice
Credit Karma Member

CK advised me to get a credit card to boost my credit score. I did and my credit score dropped.

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Jun 05 2020
Credit Karma Member


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Jan 18 2021
Credit Karma Member

I had a $300 limit. Did my purchase, wound up paying for my entire purchase so what was the point of this? I wanted to do this for credit reason's. Now I over paid for items I could have found else where and bought. HORRIBLE!

Jan 16 2021
Why does credit karma recommend this?
Credit Karma Member

The site is garbage and over charges you for a bogus line of credit. Oh well, that’s what I get for trusting credit karma.

Jan 15 2021
This account is a hard hit , but its worth it.
Credit Karma Member

This account I have dealt with on and off since 1996. When you are struggling with credit issues of course your gonna have limitations or max balance limits. Besides the high % and the fact its only.for this company it beneficial. It is a hard hit when you apply. 9nce you pay 6months worth of payments then you have unlimited balance. You pay 30..00 for a fresh start program and they give you a limit. Just at Christmas I ordered 2 barbies and a beautiful throw blanket in memory of my dad for my mom. They all arrived within.7 days. Even the blanket. I pay 20.00 for 6 months and its paid . Do NOT PAY IT OFF BEFORE 6months. That is the point of showing capability of showing consistency. Once its paid then after 6 months your credit becomes unlimited .

Jan 08 2021
So far so good
Credit Karma Member

I applied for the card around May or June of 2020. I was given a small line of credit. I purchased two items and have been making my payments every month. FingerHut has been reporting month to the credit bureaus. The only thing I’ve noticed is you can’t make another purchase until you’ve paid off your current balance, even if it’s below your credit limit. Other than that the card does what it supposed to do and my credit score has gone up.

Jan 03 2021
It's an ok card
Credit Karma Member

When I did have it it was an okay starter card but I will warn you all. You can't go anywhere else to use it. This card is like a department store card to use exclusively in their shop online or by mail order. Well they had mail order when I had it. I will let you know now. They have a lot of good stuff but lots of the things they sell if not all of the things they sell are usually found cheaper elsewhere like Amazon or even Ebay or wish, etc. Now to be fair the purchases offer you monthly installment paying options which is great if you want the items they sell. But be aware that it isn't cheaper you will pay more. I'm not sure how much more but if you do get it compare them to other online shops. It is a good way to get a better credit rating if you don't mind the cons of possibly paying more for the products overall. REMEMBER THIS IS A DEPARTMENT STORE CARD YOU CAN'T GO TO OTHER STORES WITH IT.

Dec 25 2020
Great credit rebuilder account
Credit Karma Member

Credit Karma suggested this account and I applied and was approved for $600.You must use the account and pay on time to get credit line increases.

Dec 14 2020
Good for my credit :)
Credit Karma Member

Got this care, my credit was BAD and I needed to start from somewhere. My score was 420. I have had it for 1 year now and my credit score is 610. It is moving slow but I'm in better shape then I was at first. buy small and pay it off my credit line is $800

Dec 11 2020
Credit Karma Member

I have had an account with them for years and never had a problem with them. Just have to make sure I only get what I can pay for.

Dec 09 2020
Very WORST Mistake!! said i was preaproved
Credit Karma Member

said i was preapproved had 629 fico, denied! denied! so what Now I got inquires!!! hard to see how bad my score will drop!!

Dec 08 2020
Not a good card
Credit Karma Member

My limit when I first got the card was $500. I made one order then my limit drop to $250. This card isn't good at all.

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Great for building your credit history††
See card detail
See card detail
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