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Most Helpful Positive Review

Mar 07, 2018
Good for establishing your credit
meliApo Cardholder

Bottom line, Fingerhut is great for helping your credit in the long run and easy to get. Buy something that not too outrageously overpriced, hit up the sales and pay it off quickly.  They'll raise your limit often and you'll end up with it helping your credit ratio a whole lot.  I started with 200 bucks a couple years ago, bought a few things and didn't even pay them off totally before they raised my limited to over 1000 dollars. It has since gone up and is over 3,000 dollars.  It's also easy to pay for online.  No problems at all.  The only problem is the stuff is overpriced compared to what you can get in the store, but it's good quality products. A lot of it is directly shipped from manufactors as well. 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Apr 02, 2018
Pros and cons
crashleigh84 Cardholder

This is a good account for building credit. They approve almost anyone and they report monthly, so as long as you don't miss any payments you will begin to build credit history. Be smart, don't max it out, and pay more than the minumum. The only thing I hate about this card is the "temporary credit line increases" that they give way too often. You have to spend the money in order to make the credit line permanent. I wouldn't care except that they report the credit line increases to the credit bureaus, so they're going to report the decrease in a month or two. It's likey they're forcing you to spend money. Don't fall for it. Make your tiny purchases, pay them off quickly, and when your credit is looking good enough that you can open up better accounts, consider the pros and cons of shutting this one down. Use it only to build credit, not for actual shopping as the prices and interest rates are insane. 

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jan 16, 2019
This Company Is Shady!
Sotiro Cardholder

I have been with Fingerhut for a few years and used them to help build up my credit. Beware because in December they gave everyone a TEMPORARY  increase so that people would buy something and those who didn't end up with a decrease that ended up taking a hit on their credit score.. mine dropped by 31 points. They knew full well that reporting a decrease would hurt everyone's credt score. I had to contact them and tell them I do not want anymore temporary increases and I also contacted the credit department regarding this and they told me that I would have to dispute it with the credit agencies.. They have poor customer service and I will be closing my account with them soon. I will be filing complaints against them and their shady practices!

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Jan 21, 2019

I absolutely loathe this practice. Every time they remove the temporary credit line increase, my scores take hits, not as much as yours but averaging about 4 points. When I'd request they stop doing this, most of the CSRs claimed it couldn't be done until I finally got a very nice and very knowledgeable CSR on the phone. She said she could put a freeze on any further credit increases on my account. Waiting to see if that works, hoping it does. I'm reluctant to close my account since FH is one of my oldest accounts and has a pretty high CL. Closing it would probably impact my score more than the seesaw CL increases/decreases.

Jan 10, 2019
Be careful with this card
nperez60804 Cardholder

Be careful with this card, as it is a good way to improve you credit, but beware it can hurt your credit too. I Worked hard to build up my credit and I will admit that I did use this card over time to help me with that and it did. However, I had a decent credit limit with them at one point and as I was paying off after a big purchase with them, they suddenly reduced my my credit limit by a great deal. This made it seem like my utilization was high and in turn that action by them caused my credit score to drop a substantial amount. When I contacted them about it and asked why, they simply told me that since I wasn't using the credit, they reduced it. No reward for being responsible and paying down a large purchase, which is why I wasn't charging anything more. It was very upseting and they customer service was poor. They refused to increase my credit limit back to what it was unless I was making a substantial purchase. I still have the card, but I rarely use it anymore. 

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Dec 31, 2018
Customer service is terrible.
rxreedy Cardholder

Ordered an item on Saturday afternoon. Emailed to cancel it over the weekend and called on Monday morning first thing to cancel it. They said they cannot. When I called in the first lady (American) put me on hold and hung up on me after 5 minutes of hold.  The 2nd time I called in Ron said he would put a request in but couldn't guarantee it and there was no way to know if it would cancel. I ordered this item on Saturday afternoon and called in at 7:30am on Monday morning Mountain time, and you folks can't do better than this?

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Dec 24, 2018
card that is there to give you a chance
lam9614 Cardholder

Try to make double payments because you will see your principal go down in no time

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Dec 19, 2018
Pattypoo1978 Cardholder

Easy to get credit but wont do credit increases!! I have had this card for 2 years only late with one payment and that was within the first 6 months i had it. Since then all my payments have been made 12 to 14 days before the due date. Evidentally they dont care about keeping their paying customers happy. Going to pay it off and cancel my account!!!

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Jan 02, 2019

That’s funny because I went from intial credit of $230 to a raise of $500 credit within 2 months. I made double my monthly payments but weekly til it was paid off and then they increased my limit.

Jan 21, 2019

Fingerhut is great about giving increases but the second you miss a payment, all bets are off. That's pretty much the way it is with all creditors though...either no CLIs or a whopping increase in interest rates.

Dec 18, 2018
Great Card for credit rebuild
mjp117 Cardholder

Got the card with $300 credit line with under 600 score. Made initial down payment with first order. Great because I wanted to be able to buy gifts for xmas and knew I could pay this back right away. 

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Dec 12, 2018
Bad credit Good Xmas
HustleBone Cardholder

First off thanks credit karma I’m able to give gifts and have a good Christmas thanks to Fingerhut. I was approved for $200 line and within a month received an increase to $400. I never pay the min always more if not full  balance to keep utilization down and saw increase in score within 3 months!

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Dec 11, 2018
Be careful
YellowPaper Cardholder

I haven’t had an issue with Fingerhut until I ordered a pre lit Christmas tree from them. It arrived with two wires that I’m assuming were supposed to be connected to a light. I didn’t notice this until I went searching for the reason why half my tree wasn’t lit up and I got electrocuted by the wires. It wasn’t serious enough for me to go to the hospital but serious nonetheless. Their customer service was horrible. I explained to them that I needed this tree for a event and all they could do was resend me another one and at all cost to me AFTER my event. They would refund me for the cost of the defective tree after it was received which I understand that but I would have to pay for the shipping and the new tree. To me, there was nothing done to compensate the fact that i was electrocuted because they failed to do a quality check on the tree which all they would have had to do was plug the tree in and they couldn’t speed up the shipping time to get it there in time. I might have accepted this if I could at least get it in time but they could do nothing for me. Because of how I was treated, i am just going to pay off my balance and close it. Honestly I would have recommended Fingerhut before this incident but I feel like now they refuse to take any of the blame. This could have all been avoided if they did their job. 

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Dec 16, 2018

Look I really have nothing good to say about fingerhut , but they really aren't responsible for manufacturers defects. They can't open and check every item they ship. You should have taken your complaint to the manufacturer.

Dec 20, 2018

I agree, why fault a credit issuer for a manufacturer defect, do you know how stupid you sound?

Dec 20, 2018

Please don't close the account. It is better for your credit score to pay it off, leave it open and don't use it.

Jan 10, 2019

You're probably not aware that being electrocuted results in death. So either you got a shock from a defective product that is in no way Fingerhut's fault (quality checks are done by the manufacturer and Fingerhut does not make the products it sells), or you posted your review from beyond the grave which, if proven, could result in a huge windfall for your living relatives.

Jan 15, 2019

Not all electrocutions equal death. Some range from minor or extreme. I’m just considering this card and looking through reviews... but that’s the dumbest reply I’ve seen yet. Electrocution ‘results’ are based on current, time, and whether a breaker flipped or person was there to intervene.

Agree with the other two, that it would have to be brought up to the manufacturer, but as the seller they hold liability as well.

Jan 21, 2019

In the electrical industry, electrocute is equivocal with receiving enough voltage to die. Electrified or shocked is otherwise used. Electrocution actually derives from electricity + execute: “to put to death by means of electricity”. So the correct usage means that someone or something has been killed via powerful electrical current. But thanks ever so much for your opinion.

Dec 09, 2018
Sdrocks Cardholder

Look this is a good credit builder, I got approved for this card and after about 6-9 months they raised my limit to 1500 .. however I was not responsible with this card and blew it .. great card if you’re responsible 

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