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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Aug 03, 2017
Using it for 8 months now
AliasTheLeo Cardholder

I applied on November 2016 and till now this card is doing great for me, I got $60 in cash rewards and there is so far another $60 cause they match the rewards for first year, I started with 4k credit line and today I requested a limit increase for the 3rd time and got the limit increased for the 3rd time, though I carry some balance from month to other and npw I have 7K.

Discover it card is really great so far and helped a lot building my pretty new credit history, less than 2 years. currently looking to expand my business with them by opening saving account and discover miles.

I recommend this card

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Jul 22, 2017
Best customer service

This is my go to card, not only because the rewards have been excellent, but because any time there is any kind of dispute or mix up in payments, Discover will take your side no matter what. 

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Jun 20, 2017
Good card.
Lizzardwatts Cardholder

When you have to call customer service, you actually talk to a real person without jumping through hoops!  

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Jun 12, 2017
Fabulous Customer Service
avelosa Cardholder

Misplaced your card? Temporarily freeze it from the app on your phone. Confused about an interest rate charge? Call customer service & you really do speak to an actual human who treats you like a human instead of just another scripted call in the queue. Need a balance transfer? Do it online or on the app without too much hassel at all. Great company to deal with. Two thumbs up.

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May 02, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

My first card with 1750$ ceredit line. Perfect card for beginners

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Apr 30, 2017

My first credit card in years after ruining my credit when I was young. Have since built credit to 744. Was approved to 4500. Great customer service as I lost card and called. They got on the ball and I had a new.card the next day.

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Apr 12, 2017
Just Approved
Jessy1119 Cardholder

Fico is 645 and I was just instantly approved for $2600

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Mar 20, 2017
A Great Addition For Building Credit
SharkieClarkie Cardholder

Like everyone else here, I too had been building a stronger credit profile. 6 mos. ago I started off with a score of 552 and was fortunate enough to be approved for a Capital One Secured Mastercard with a 200 CL. Through responsible use and handling of my credit, I had seen rapid growth with my scores in a matter of 6 mos. My current vantage scores from CK is 662 for both TU and EQ, my Experian Fico is currently at 742. Thus, i figured it would be the perfect time to apply for my first unsecured credit card, and after thorough research I decided to pull the trigger with Discover and was instantly approved for a CL of $1800 to start and pulled my credit report from Equifax with a Fico score of 728. I was offered a 0% APR for 14 mos and 23.49% thereafter depending on my credit worthiness. I applied for my Discover card on March 9 and got it fairly quickly via first class mail. The packaging was neat and the card itself was a beautiful Garnet card. The application process was so easy and the account managers are so friendly and information during the application process as I decided to apply by phone rather than online in case I had any questions. Really lucky to have Discover as an addition to my long term cards and I am looking forward to the next few mos. of my credit journey. For those of you double guessing yourselves if you should apply for it or not, give it a go and you will not be sorry. I have a referal link below that gives you a $50 cashback for the first three mos. of use. Best of luck to everyone.

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Feb 12, 2017
Glad i was approved
BLADDHA Cardholder

So glad that i was approved for the Discover so i applied for Citi Simplicity, they denied me, well ok, i applied for Cap1 Plat, got me only $500 with 23%apr, whoa!!!, well ok thanks Cap1, and Discover got me 0apr for 14mnths with 4.5k cl, plus cash back etc...enough to get me going this year.....Fico 674 when Discover sent my first statement but CK said otherwise....Happy to be with Discover, i see you also have options for bank accounts and other need to go elsewhere

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Feb 09, 2017
Good Card
JAV2016 Cardholder

I recently got approved for the "Discover It - Cashback Match" version. I had actually applied (denied) for the card 2 weeks before being approved. Go figure! I received a preapproval mailer after being denied. I was still a bit bitter about the denial a couple weeks earlier. But I decided to give them another shot and pull the trigger on the app. Boy, am I glad I did!! I was approved for $4,200.

My stats at the time were:

Oldest credit line - 7 months

AAoA - 4 months

FICO Scores - EX 711 / TU 717 / EQ 711

CK Scores for me are way off. They were about 630-640

Utilization - 4%

Accounts - 6

Inquiries - 7 on each credit report

No BK or Derogs.

I had a $5k Walmart Store Card. Highest limit besides that was $750.

So far, everything has been good. They have a 14 month 0% interest rate. Good cashback rewards system.

Only cons I can think of are: The rewards do not post until the statement cuts. There is no online chat feature for account support.

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