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Jun 03 2012
Credit Karma Member

I am so thrilled! I am 31 years old and destroyed my credit along with many others in my generation who went to college in the early 2000's. I was offered credit cards galore, didn't really understand how to use them responsibly, and before I knew it was in over my head. The stature of limitations has long since run out on these cards that I never paid off, and many of the banks who lent them to me no longer exist (Providian bank, for example). I am now a very responsible consumer who lives below my means with no debt aside from student loans. I have been paying those diligently for over 2 years and have seen little effect on my credit score. I was getting depressed about it until about 4 months ago when, to my shock, I was approved for a Capital One Platinum card with a $300 limit! I have been paying it off in full every month since, and lo and behold, my credit score went up 19 points! Today I decided to go ahead and apply for this card, and to my suprise, I was approved for a credit limit of $1000 with 0% apr until March 2013, despite my credit score of 589. I am beyond thrilled, as I am now confident that continuing to pay my balances in full every month, coupled with my student loans, my credit score should be above 600 by this time next year. I hope to have it in the 700 range within 2 years and finally not feel ashamed of my credit score. It is so true that paying your bills on time is the absolute best way to re-build credit. I am grateful to Capital One for giving me a chance to prove myself.

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Mar 22 2015
The best credit card available!!
Credit Karma Member

This is my favorite credit card ever! I only had arond 590-610 credit score and I was approved for $300! With points! That's new to me, I've never had a card with rewards, no scam... I did what I was supposed to do and paid on it regularly, sometimes 5-8 payments a month. 5th month of paying %100 on time, my limit jumped to $2,300!!! And rewards, I called Friday ask about the rewards. I was told that I had $47 of rewards accumulated! They can write you a Check and mail it or, what I did, applied it to lower my balance!! Awesome, BUT when or if you do what I did, it doesn't count as your payment if you do the same, that doesn't count for a monthly bill payment so.. Watch out... Love it and I wish all 5 of my cards were quicksilver?

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Jul 14 2020
Awful card, even worse customer service
Credit Karma Member

I got this card to rebuild credit after some financial trouble. Based on all the reviews- most people got healthy increases after 5 months of clean payments. I paid this off as soon as I used it every month, spotless payments, no issues with anything. When it came time to increase my cl, they increased it by $200...what a joke. I called and asked to speak to a CA or anyone who could review my file for a manual increase. CS rep was useless and incompetent and read the script. I'm finalizing a collection settlement, then back to AMEX I go. Stay away from this card and capital one at all costs

Jun 23 2020
Useless for an executive who travels
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card a few years back and was approved right away; however, I was approved with only a $500 limit! I can't even buy an airline ticket for that amount! When I asked to have my limit increase based on my credit score (826), they rejected my request and said, "you don't ask to have your credit limit increased, we decide when you are eligible". End of discussion...I took scissors to the card and cancelled it the next day.

Jun 08 2020
This card helped get me going again!
Credit Karma Member

I first got this card as a "Secured Card" where I put money down. Within 6-8 months they refunded my money and it became a "UnSecured Card" Also they have periodically upped my credit availability on the card without me even having to ask. :) It has helped me get my credit going again. So it has helped me after not taking care of my credit in my younger years.

Dec 19 2019
Great card
Credit Karma Member

Just wanted everyone to know that I had a 576 credit score and credit karma stated that had fair approval odds. I read the reviews and went directly to capitalone website to apply. I applied there and recieved no annual fee with a 500 dollar credit limit and 2% cashback. I recieved the card in 1 week. They have a wonderful app that i downladed and love. Very easy to use. If you are working on rebuilding your credit this is truly a wonderful card. They also stated I would get an automatic limit increase with 5 on time payments. I will come back and update if that happens!

Dec 18 2019
Excellent card with no problem.
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card for 3 years and I have paid on time and have received credit line increase each year. The rewards are easy to obtain and easy to use. I have never had any issue with customer service.

Dec 16 2019
Life changing
Credit Karma Member

Few mistakes when I was younger ruined my credit, anything and everything I've ever applied for since I've gotten denied. I thought forsure I would get turned down but credit karma said it was good odds so I applied and I was so shocked and pleased when I got approved, only a $300 limit but it's better then the limit I had before, nothing.. I just got approved like 20 minutes ago and im very excited to get this card in the mail. As someone who lives pay check to pay check having a nice cushion if I come up up short a couple days before payday will be life changing. High APR but if you pay it before the due date then their is not interest if I'm reading that correctly? I haven't had a credit card in 6-7 years so this is a big game changer for me this holiday season, thank you capital-one for giving us a second chance

Dec 14 2019
Must have
Credit Karma Member

Amazing card and in general very good company! They also financed my Mercedes c300 smooth process all around. I love the app and its very easy to redeem your cash back all from your phone. Another big thing is being able to lock and unlock your card from your phone I always keep it locked until I am ready to use it so no more worries if I cant find it or forget it at a bar.

Dec 14 2019
Credit Karma Member

Avoid if possible! They preapproved me for a credit limit raise. I've had them for 2 years paying on time with average credit. No reason to decline me and put a hard inquiry on my credit. If I could, I'd pay people to avoid this company.

Dec 13 2019
Credit Karma Member

My approval odds said I was pretty good so I applied. I was denied. Discharged from Ch 7 BK 3/2018. No open lines of credit. Just student loans. I opened a small loan to rebuild credit a few months ago and that was approved. My scores have increased but still need help rebuilding. I know now that CK odds are flawed. I took a hard hit for nothing. Application processes was quick and easy.

Dec 13 2019
Not good odds
Credit Karma Member

Credit karma said very good approval odds and I figured since they're wanting an annual fee I'd have a good chance to get a small limit card to try and start rebuilding my credit. Well needless to say I was denied in no time flat and now my pathetic credit score I'm so painfully slowly trying to rebuild has taken another hard inquiry pull for nothing!!!! Do not trust Credit karma or Capital one!!!! They don't want to help us that have had something bad happen to us through no fault of our own, they just want to stick that knife in deeper and and twist it so you'll never heal or be able to pull yourself up to try and start over again. I find it almost hilarious how one traumatic thing can destroy your credit over night but it will literally take you years and I mean years to try and recover from it. There's something wrong with this system!

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Capital One® QuicksilverOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card

Capital One® QuicksilverOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card

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