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Helpful to 881 out of 919 people

I am so thrilled! I am 31 years old and destroyed my credit along with many others in my generation who went to college in the early 2000's. I was offered credit cards galore, didn't really understand how to use them responsibly, and before I knew it was in over my head. The stature of limitations has long since run out on these cards that I never paid off, and many of the banks who lent them to me no longer exist (Providian bank, for example). I am now a very responsible consumer who lives below my means with no debt aside from student loans. I have been paying those diligently for over 2 years and have seen little effect on my credit score. I was getting depressed about it until about 4 months ago when, to my shock, I was approved for a Capital One Platinum card with a $300 limit! I have been paying it off in full every month since, and lo and behold, my credit score went up 19 points! Today I decided to go ahead and apply for this card, and to my suprise, I was approved for a credit limit of $1000 with 0% apr until March 2013, despite my credit score of 589. I am beyond thrilled, as I am now confident that continuing to pay my balances in full every month, coupled with my student loans, my credit score should be above 600 by this time next year. I hope to have it in the 700 range within 2 years and finally not feel ashamed of my credit score. It is so true that paying your bills on time is the absolute best way to re-build credit. I am grateful to Capital One for giving me a chance to prove myself.

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  Jun 03, 2012 Reply

monicaandree(2, 892)

Review by monicaandree

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Helpful to 45 out of 48 people

I totally agree with you.  In the last 4 months I have been able to go from a score of 494 to 642. I paid off all of my debt except one account that I cosigned for someone. And I wrote goodwill letters to ceditors to get things removed from my credit report. Anything is is close to 7 years I had removed through a dispute with the credit bureau.  I like you had all those credit cards in my 20's and now I am very responsible and building my credit.  I just applied for this card and waiting for the result.  I already have a Capital One Platinum Card with a $500 limit.  With a score of 642 and using less than 15% of my credit card limits, I hope to get approved!

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  Oct 02, 2012

FLMomma(4, 86)

Review by FLMomma

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believe it or not, it might be worth it to you to go ahead and find a "paid for" credit score thing once to see what your actual scores are.  Credit karma, while great in aproximation, only shows one score!! so your actual might be a few points higher

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  Oct 13, 2012

kitkat8156(11, 52)

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Review by kitkat8156

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Helpful to 20 out of 25 people

641 rating and denied. I will find out in the mail why. But my story isn't much different then others here.

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  Apr 22, 2013

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Review by Friggit

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Helpful to 3 out of 5 people

Thanks for the encouragement.  I was in the same boat.  Had a bunch of cards given to me and didn't know how to handle them responsibly.  I have been making up for it for awhile now.  I am to that point where I am almost done paying things off and ready to get this credit score up again!!  It is nice to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that after all these years of paying old debt, it will pay off in the end.  I was getting discouraged that all of this was for not!

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  Apr 10, 2013

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Review by tessk531

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Helpful to 7 out of 81 people

I don't understand this whole excuse about "your generation" being totally oblivious to how credit and credit cards worked....The more that people accept that excuse unchecked, the more people will continue to use it. That's just my opinion...

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  Aug 09, 2013

drm0352(8, 40)

Review by drm0352

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Capital One Rewards Card Mastercard Helpful to 116 out of 121 people

I received this card  a week after my Chapter 7 discharge in 2012. I initially received a credit line of $1000.00. I also was told after five on time payments, I would be given a $500.00 increase.

I used my card weekly, making purchases and paying most off within the month. I sometimes made 5 or 6 payments per month. After my 5th payment and upon the 6th billing period, I received a $2000.00 increase. Total credit line currently is $3,000.00.

I was very pleased and also noticed that my credit score increased 43 points after they reported the increase to the credit reporting agencies.

It has only been 6 months since my bankruptcy discharge and I am nearly at a 680 credit score.

From reading recent postings  it appears that possibly Capital One is giving higher limit increases.This is a plus for anyones overall credit scores.

I recently learned that Experian deducts from your score if your overall credit limits are below $2,000.00, just a point I wanted to throw out there.

So far I am very pleased with Capital One's Reward card. It was the only card I applied for, and it has been a great asset in getting my financial credit house in order.

Much luck to everyone, filing bankruptcy was a very difficult and well thought out decision for me, so the journey back has been pleasant with Capital One.

Mar 12, 2013 Reply
Helpful to 4 out of 7 people

Wow, I am so happy for you I had know idea Cap1 gave out that kind of CL'S sending my support on keeping up all CC payments BK stay on for 10yrs.  With a decent CL and positive payment history, hopefully you can get some CL'S in the future of great amount.  But congrats its always nice and encouraging to hear a bank giving credit to someone who has had to suffer a financial loss.  

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  Dec 03, 2013

pitsy088(9, 15)

Review by pitsy088

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I was approved for this card about a month and a half ago with a 618, no outstanding or delinquent collection stuff. I took care of that before applying. Initial credit line was $500. I quickly accumalated a $223 balance. I paid the balance off on my first payment. Point is: I received a letter from Cap1 the other day that they are increasing my credit line to $750 as a preferred cardholder. All I have to do is make the first 3 monthly payments on time. I was shocked. I was expecting to wait 8 months before I could request a line upgrade. It's also true that getiing a credit card and making an on-time payment boosts your score. My score went up 39 points within the span of a month. My current score is 657 and waiting for it to go up after Cap1 reports again.

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  May 12, 2010 Reply

cflingo(6, 114)

Review by cflingo

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Helpful to 318 out of 324 people

Hi, just so you know you and talking from being a customer service rep for Citibank Credit card division and getting credit line increases from Cap One in the past, you are entitled to ask for a credit line increase EVERY (6) SIX MONTHS. Being that your account has been kept in satisfactory standings and all payments have been paid by the due dates or if no payment was due then is fine, but note, do try to make a small purchase and pay it off in full (if possible) by the due date. Account activity is important and showing necessity for now requested additional credit is vital. Also important, they don't mind if you carry a balance, however running close to the credit line they do month after month. 

Cap One or any bank may extend a credit line increase to you every six month. Each request is eviewed on a case by case basis and the computer system will tell the customer service agent, who you will be talking to when you call in (800 Number), will determine if you auto qualify for one or not. If not an auto qualify then he/she can push through a manaul review request. HOWEVER, this will genereate a credit PULL of your report and ding you as a HARD CREDIT INQUIRY and that lasts 2 years plus takes down your score a few points in the process. Because of this I would call in and ask if I qualified for a credit line increase based on my account performance. If NO, then I'd leave it at that and try in 6 months. If YES, then I'd see what the amount is. Here, don't feel bad if the amount is not what you want. Do feel free to ask if the amount can be higher. They may be able to up the amount a hundred or two or way more just by asking. There is "wiggle room" and approval without having to go to the hard credit inquiry stage. 

This process is the same at all credit card companies and the 6 month asking process applies. Whether it be Cap One, Citibank, Chase, etc. They are required to review your account and determine if you are offered additional credit, IF you ASK for it. Getting it automaticlly has been a luxury in the past. Not common in the way past but modern past. In our Cardholder's Agreement it states you to ASK for an increase every 6 MONTHS, but less than 3% of Cardmembers do, because they don't know or to shy to ask. DON'T be shy to ask. You're working hard so you're entitled to this just as much as anyone else!

Hope this helps! Now be apart of the growing 3%. ALSO, while you're on the line, don't feel shy to ask if you can get your APR lowered also. NEVER hurts to ask because I lowered thousands of people's APRs by them just asking. 22%s to 9.9% I am not joking. It's all about knowing and just, asking. Never hurts. And you can ask the APR request ANY TIME, not every SIX months. GOOD LUCK everyone!

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  Oct 30, 2012

seancleven(1, 318)

Review by seancleven

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Helpful to 39 out of 44 people

I received the same letter right after I opened my account. I did get the automatic credit limit increase as promised, but there hasn't been another increase since then, in 18 months. I use the card regularly and usually pay in fulI each month. When I do carry a balance, I make sure I keep the utilization under 20%. I finally called severa weeks ago to ask why there hasn't been an increase in so long. I didn't really get an anwer, but the difficult to understand agent did offer to see if I was eligible for an increase, which was declined. About 2 weeks after that, Citibank sent me a preapporved offer for 0% interest for 18 months, 12.9% after, no annual fee and a huge list of other benefits and immediately approved the card with a $2700 CL. Seriously considering cancelling the Capital One account before the next annual fee is charged.

bjennings19's reply was:    

  Jul 26, 2012

bjennings19(15, 138)

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Review by bjennings19

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Helpful to 13 out of 14 people

This is their Credit Steps Program. As long as you stay under limit, pay on time, and use your card you will get the increase. For the 3rd month increase, this should be shown by your fifth statement. Some people have reported further Credit Steps automatic increases at the 7 month mark, being shown on their 8th or 9th statement.

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  May 22, 2010

browno(110, 54)

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Review by browno

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Helpful to 9 out of 10 people

This is called Capital One Credit Steps, seems like their way of encouraging you to manage your finances well. I got this on my first card with them, a Standard Platinum.

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  May 13, 2010

browno(110, 54)

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Review by browno

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Helpful to 12 out of 14 people

Great review, I've been waiting to get a new credit card, but this looks like a fantastic card based on your comments.

The fact that Cap1 was so quick and transparent in their process for upping the credit line is icing on the cake, as far as I'm concerned.

tjarratt's reply was:    

  May 21, 2010

tjarratt(19, 50)

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Review by tjarratt

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Helpful to 11 out of 13 people

Capital One does automaticly gives a 90 increase. I had my Capital One card now for 2 years and one increase after two years. Never had a late payment and even pay it before due date. So good luck with more increase, because I never got one.

shannoncobb1970's reply was:    

  May 15, 2012

shannoncobb1970(2, 14)

Review by shannoncobb1970

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Helpful to 8 out of 10 people

That credit line increase is part of their Credit Steps program. Unfortunately that is the only credit line increase you will likely see ever. Congrats on your new card!

SwiftTone's reply was:    

  Jan 24, 2013

SwiftTone(20, 130)

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Review by SwiftTone

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Helpful to 5 out of 6 people

I agree with all of the responses, my only statement as  good as they are, don't miss a payment, you pay higher fees than othere cards.  But I like the rest of you did receive credit when no one else would give it.  I hope when all the scores go up and you  don't need Capitol One anymore it goes smoothly.  just becareful  they are dilligent in getting past payment and fees add up quick and the worst part they keep giving credit.  Low limits on CC to those of us who can't get any credit seems great, but does not that much for your score as a 1,000 or higher limit.  Congrats on this card I to plan on getting this card.  Just becareful They report good and bad just as fast.  pitsy088 IL

pitsy088's reply was:    

  Dec 03, 2013

pitsy088(9, 15)

Review by pitsy088

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Helpful to 6 out of 9 people

If your credit limit was only 500, and you used 200 of it....that means you utilized 40% which isnt good. Usually banks want you to stay under 30% credit card utilization.....why they would be rewarding you for that im not sure???

But good luck thanks for posting  

HENSTO77's reply was:    

  Oct 30, 2012

HENSTO77(1, 6)

Review by HENSTO77

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Helpful to 11 out of 19 people

I had a credit rating of 758 and didn't get approved.  Who would have thought???

Heidie's reply was:    

  May 15, 2011

Heidie(2, 11)

Review by Heidie

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I received a credit card from Cap 1 and have made 2 on time pmts paying off the whole balance and My credit has gone down 29 pts???? I dont get it...:(

Christopher3998's reply was:    

  Mar 29, 2014

Christopher3998(3, 5)

Review by Christopher3998

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Helpful to 2 out of 8 people

that is the last credit increase they will give you !!! $750 is your liftime cap on that 1 

december2009k's reply was:    

  Feb 13, 2013

december2009k(23, 32)

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Review by december2009k

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Helpful to 1 out of 6 people

do you have to pay to get the card?

kimijo74's reply was:    

  May 06, 2012

kimijo74(1, 1)

Review by kimijo74

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Helpful to 1 out of 6 people

That was a fat thumb I think. I wondered why that icon was there too. I tried to find a way to change it but I don't think your site allows it. You can change it if you wish to green. I'm a Web developer so I know it's an easy DB table switch. Probably a bit switch. I haven't had any bad experience with this card.

cflingo's reply was:    

  May 12, 2010

cflingo(6, 114)

Review by cflingo

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Happy to have a Credit Card with Rewards Helpful to 38 out of 38 people

My credit score is 642 and I was approved for a $2000 limit about a month ago.  I planned from the beginning to use this card for everything due to the rewards and I have done just that.  I also received a letter in the mail stating that after making 5 payments on time, my limit will be increased an additional $500.00.  The rewards are awesome. I chose to get a check in the mail each time my rewards reach $200.00.

FLMomma's review was:    

  Nov 26, 2012 Reply

FLMomma(4, 86)

Review by FLMomma

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Helpful to 3 out of 4 people

Reward cards are great and using them all the time just know that if you carry a balance even close to $1000 of your $2000 limit Cap 1 will report it to Credit agency even if it is not late.  Studied credit cards long time.  years of experience  with Cap 1.  The truth is that if we had for whaterever reason screwed up our credit.  It is very difficult to obtain credit from anywhere especially unsecured.  When a bank does approve credit there are lots of strings attached,  just waiting for you screw up again.  So keep up good work.  Low utilizations on credit cards makes it almost not worth using me.  But I guarantee Cap 1 will report you if your balance increases even if you pay it off.  So not fair but credit is credit Congrats

pitsy088's reply was:    

  Dec 03, 2013

pitsy088(9, 15)

Review by pitsy088

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LOVE IT! Helpful to 51 out of 52 people

8 months ago I applied for my this card. I had always been rejected due to many deliquent hospital bills(health insurance is so expensive and I couldn't always afford it, along with most americans), I also had my student loan go into default. I was naive and made some mistakes early on in just avoiding debt. Had no idea how much easier it was just to face it and live responsibily. Anyway 3 years ago I found my all my credit scores in the low 500's. I worked hard to get my student loan out of default. Paid responsibly with all my bills. I applied for credit cards and got denied everything. I finally applied for capital one cash rewards about 8 months ago. They approved me right away and gave me a $500 credit limit. I was psyched. I had almost gotten a credit one card with a $300 credit limit, $100 annual fee and no perks/rewards....I am so glad I was able to get the capital one card instead, a $39 annual fee but the rewards have already exceeded that in the first 8 months, before the 50% annual bonus. After 6 months they automatically increased my line of credit to $2000. My credit is now good, not great, but good. I have been approved for a United MileagePlus Explorer Card with a $5000 credit limit, discover it card with a $1000 credit limit, a victoria secret card with a $300 limit and a banana republic card with a $500 limit. I have my capital card to thank for giving me the chance to prove myself after mistakes when I was in my teens.

Thanks to my capital one card in the last 8 months; my credit has impoved in all reporting agencies between 50-100 points, my revolving credit has gone from 0 to $8800, and now I think I may have excellent credit within the next 1-3 years.

Thanks capital one cash rewards for making it easy and fun!

Jan 10, 2013 Reply
Helpful to 9 out of 10 people


If you don't mind me asking what was your credit score before when you were applying for this capital one card?

lkhamphoui's reply was:    

  Feb 21, 2013

lkhamphoui(2, 9)

Review by lkhamphoui

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Helpful to 3 out of 5 people

you don't just write this to feel people did you.. I am saying this ,because some people send out email that are not true..

Michagm56's reply was:    

  Dec 16, 2013

Michagm56(8, 23)

Review by Michagm56

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Taking It Slow Wins The Race Helpful to 64 out of 68 people


After reading the reviews for this card and watching the barrage of commercials with Jimmy Fallon I said to myself, "Why not?" CK stated that I had a "good" chance for approval and so I went for it. To my surprise, I received instant approval for a $500 credit limit. Based on the feedback from these boards, I called to ask about the increase to a $750 limit. I was told that after making 5 on-time payments, I would also qualify for Capital One's "Credit Step Program" which guarantees a one time increase of $250.00. I was stoked.

I have student loan debt and other credit lines that have been so late that it's downright shameful in the past. One of my goals is the purchase of a new home so I decided to start the path to recovery. My current CK credit score is 606 and some negative items are slated to fall off next year, but beyond that, my road to credit repair started with a Emblem card that has a $175 limit. I've had that card now for one year and I've never made a late payment. I can never get a credit line increase with this card, but I think it has served it's purpose; I now have a Capital One card with a guaranteed credit line increase of $250 if I take care of my finances.

So, I say unto all you discouraged masses with poor credit, current and past collections, student loan debt, bankruptcies and the like, you CAN recover. You CAN take charge of your finances and make them work for you. You CAN achieve your financial goals. How you ask? Here are the steps that are have worked for me:

1. Educate yourself on how credit works. CK's forums does a marvelous job of this; poke around the site and challenge yourself to learn something new about credit.

2.Start making arrangements to pay off your old debt with manageable payments. No collector can tell YOU what YOU can afford regardless of their beliefs.

3. Set realistic goals. You'd be surprised about how good it feels to know that you've paid or settled a bad debt in full. (I bragged about it to friends and family).

4. TAKE IT SLOW. Give yourself ample time to see improvement. I started this road with a credit score of 540. One year later I have a score of 606 and I don't intend to stop here!

Your friend,


Oct 06, 2012 Reply
Helpful to 15 out of 16 people

  • CK: 629
  • Annual Income: $45K
  • No Cards
  • Filed backruptcy 14 months ago
  • Current debt is $0
  • Approved with $500 CL

Hoseki's reply was:    

  Jun 04, 2013

Hoseki(10, 62)

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Review by Hoseki

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Good Card Helpful to 21 out of 21 people

I've had this card for about 7 months, at the time my CK score was about 615, and my TU FICO was 615.  Credit Karma recommended the card on my profile so I applied, instant approval for $500 CL.

At 6 months was expecting $250 CLI per their "steps", but got $1000 increase to $1500 CL.

I use the card like a debit card and pay the balance down to almost zero every 7 to 10 days.  I get the 1.5% cash back rewards and easily get $20-$30 a month which offsets the annual $39 fee.

This and the other cards I have helped me raise my TU FICO from 518 in May 2012 to 665 in January 2014.

switchman70's review was:    

  Feb 06, 2014 Reply

switchman70(125, 85)

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Review by switchman70

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Helpful to 4 out of 4 people

Same here.  I was expecting a $250 CLI but was given a $1500 increase for $2000 CL.  They pull your EQ FICO (soft inquiry) during any automatic CL reviews or customer initiated CL increase requests.  My EQ FICO was 617 at the time, currently, EQ FICO is currently 634, EXP FICO is 650, CK is 628.  My TU FICO started at 523 in March of last year.  People complain about the $39 annual fee but you can easily make that up within the first couple of months with the cash rewards you earn.  Also, they DO NOT do a hard inquiry for any CLI request or credit line reviews (soft inquiry only)

hulkamaniac69's reply was:    

  Mar 21, 2014

hulkamaniac69(32, 124)

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Review by hulkamaniac69

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Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

Same thing happened to me but I had a 630 CK score when I applied this card is great.

Dejuanxg's reply was:    

  Feb 26, 2014

Dejuanxg(6, 26)

Review by Dejuanxg

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678 credit score, BK 18 months ago Helpful to 20 out of 20 people

Received the offer here for the card. Was skeptical to apply since filing bankruptcy. I applied after reading some comments and seeing their credit scores similar to mine. Received the typical "we will notify you in 7-10 days..." response.  To my surprise, received my card in the mail and have a $1,000 limit! So glad I'm able to use this card to rebuild my credit. 

May 27, 2013 Reply
Helpful to 19 out of 23 people

It almost seems like it's better to file bankruptcy then go through the steps to pay off debt or meet your creditors half way on a settlement...

hulkamaniac69's reply was:    

  Jul 26, 2013

hulkamaniac69(32, 124)

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Review by hulkamaniac69

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Helpful to 8 out of 9 people

I agree with what hulkamaniac69 said in the reply. When you're drowning and way past recovery, there's little you can do to build that score up any faster. If you go bankrupt, it will stay with you for 7-10 years. If you struggle to pay the debt off with no hope in sight for year after year, you're going ot have to tack on 7-10 years of collections and late payments AFTER you finally pay it all off. 15-20 years of horrible credit is not worth it. 

Hoseki's reply was:    

  Aug 24, 2013

Hoseki(10, 62)

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Review by Hoseki

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Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

I was finally at top pay as a Feeder Driver (Tractor/Trailer) for UPS. FINALLY, I had a life plan! My credit was really good, had $10,000-$20,000 CL on CC's. Created a Debt Reduction Plan for myself. Made accelerated payments to all CC's (5), once I had that task taken care of, I was going to spend only $35,000 of my yearly income and save the other $35,000 for the down payment on a house. I would finally be a homeowner again! I was a woman in my 40's and wanted to start my updated American Dream!  Well, as the saying goes, if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. I was injured on the job, could no longer work and EVERYTHING fell apart. :-(  The WC checks I was receiving now had me making in a month, what I used to make in a week. Mentally, I have NO words to explain how devastated I was. Work was my sense of purpose. Taken from me, who the hell was I now? Eleven years later, I'm STILL battling that one, but I digress...Things went downhill quickly, and I really had no options left but to file bankruptcy. :-( Have been on SSD since. Now I make $16,000 per year and honestly, it's difficult.  I didn't care what my credit score was anymore, didn't have any credit, and had no intentions of doing anything about it. About 5 months ago, I was sent an application for a CC, I figured WTH, if nothing else, they would be humored by my new income and audacity to apply. I was approved for $1,000, and was pleasantly surprised to see my credit score was now in the 600+ range.  I'm considering adding this Cap One Quicksilver CC, but am apprehensive when having to pay an annual fee (This other CC does not require one). However, the thought of using this Cap One card (if approved) to pay off the balance on the other card, does sound tempting. LOL The other CC gave me 6 months of 0% interest which will be up in February. With the Cap One, I could transfer the $800 balance (HAD to have new tires on my truck and they were the least inexpensive I could find!) and have a longer period of time to get the balance paid off. So, I guess my question would be two-fold: 1. Would this be a wise option on my part?  2.  I have never understood, is it better score-wise to have a balance on CC's or to have them but pay the balance off every month?  Thanks for reading...

MzJan's reply was:    

  Dec 14, 2013

MzJan(3, 27)

Review by MzJan

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Helpful to 4 out of 6 people

Hoseki, I agree withyou.  I actually went to credit counseling company about 3 years ago.  I had 2 Cap One cards that went into default but ultimately settled with them.  The credit counseling agency warned me how bankruptcy would ruin my credit for 10 years, that I couldn't apply for a home loan or student loan if I wanted to go back to school for Master's degree.  I see people in the high 600's when they just filed bankruptcy a year or two ago.  My credit card debt was $16K when I went into the credit counseling agency and sadly my score was in the 400's.  They told me my debt was feasible to pay off in 3 to 4 years and worked out a monthly payment plan (about $400 a month).    Today, I've paid off my most of my creditors with the exception of 2 and my score is in the low 600's.  I figure it's those 2 creditors keeping my score in the low 600's since they're reporting those debts as Charge Offs, and of course can do so for 7 years from the last date of deliquency.  It just still boggles my mind the people write of thousands of debt, have a score in the high 600's or low 700's by filing bankruptcy all the while I'm trying to the right thing, spending thousands of dollars paying off old debts.  Surprisingly Cap One did approve me for QuickSilver 1 card ($500 CL), probably because my income level and low number of debt obligations (I paid off my vehicle and just 9K in student loans, low monthly payment).  Companies like Citi and Chase who primarily just look at someone's overall score, if I were to apply with them, I'm sure I'd be laughed right off the phone...  

hulkamaniac69's reply was:    

  Aug 30, 2013

hulkamaniac69(32, 124)

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Review by hulkamaniac69

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Helpful to 27 out of 28 people

  • CK: 590
  • Annual Income: $60K
  • Current Cap One Secured Card Holder for 5 months. Paid off fully each month.
  • Have had previous charge-offs and collections (all of which are now settled).
  • Current debt is $8000 student loan.
  • Approved with $500 CL

Thank you Capital One for trusting me with credit again!

newbies's review was:    

  Aug 22, 2012 Reply

newbies(2, 27)

Review by newbies

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Helpful to 26 out of 28 people

  • CK: 620
  • Annual Income: $30K
  • Current Cap One Secured Card Holder for a year: >30% utilization paid off each month
  • Have had previous charge-offs and collections
  • Current Debt is $1000 collection

Very dissapointed

calyx's reply was:    

  Dec 10, 2012

calyx(5, 40)

Review by calyx

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  • CK: 650
  • Annual Income: $30k
  • walmart cc 3 months $400 limit, $100 balance, paid off every month
  • barclay cc 6 months $500 limit, $200 balance, paid off every month
  • Finger hut account 16 months $250 limit, 0 balance
  • always early on payments
  • have no charge offs and no collections
  • current debt of student loans is $6640

hewoods's reply was:    

  Dec 14, 2012

hewoods(1, 34)

Review by hewoods

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  • CK: 573 
  • Annual Income: $50K
  • Have had previous charge-offs and collections (all of which are now settled).
  • Current debt is $24000 student loan.
  • Approved with $300 CL

jdadad23's reply was:    

  Apr 19, 2013

jdadad23(1, 4)

Review by jdadad23

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my CK is 586...and i got approved for $500 Credit Limit (Capital 1 Q.Silver Unsecured CC) and this new unsecured card arrived in the mail after 10 days...Probably, the reason why I got approve was because I have already owned a "SECURED"  CC with them, so I guess i built a good business relationship...I always paid my secured CC balance in full before the billing cycle ends (in my case it ends on the 22nd each month). And I only had my secured CC since last year (started with $300 CL, then i added $200 more funds=$500 total CL). so that's probably why I got approved and I was surprised, but very grateful as well.

Anyway, this is my first unsecured CC since 2008. Thank you Capital One for giving me a second chance, I will be a good paying customer in return. And looking forward to increase my credit score.

ARMYOIFVETERAN2003's reply was:    

  Apr 11, 2014



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After having 2 previous accounts with CapOne, I was skeptical about applying again. I had never had a good customer experience, and the fees/intrest was horrible. Payment posting would take forever, and returned purchases were no faster being credited.

Then along came Sam Jackson.

After seeing the commercials, I thought I'd give CapOne another try. The online app was very easy and fast. Got an acceptance on the spot. Afterwords, I called to see about rates, fees, and limit. To my surprise I spoke to an actual American named Nicole, who told me about the small town she grew up in Ohio. She was very helpful, and polite. After 3 months of having the card I have already received $30.00 in cash back. Cash back usually posts to your account every billing cycle. Which is much faster than my Amazon rewards card from Chase.

I never thought I'd say this, but I am happy being with CapOne again.

AlexJClark's review was:    

  Mar 10, 2014 Reply

AlexJClark(4, 17)

Review by AlexJClark

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Good deal Alex, I too really like the cash back deal from the quicksilver card.  Last month I had Cap 1 send me a check for a whopping $31 which I stashed away in my mad money savings acct at the credit union.

Does anyone have another card where they actually send you a check for your rewards?

switchman70's reply was:    

  Mar 11, 2014

switchman70(125, 85)

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Capital One offers numerous credit cards to fit consumers’ needs, including rewards cards, competitive rate cards, student cards, secured cards, prepaid cards, and several co-branded cards. Capital One's Credit Card Lab also helps consumers determine which card is the right fit, with a quick online form to determine the best card offers according to each consumer's spending needs and finances, with results in about 60 seconds. Headquartered in Virginia, credit cards are issued by Capital One Bank and available in branch and online. Capital One serves banking customers in branches located primarily in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Louisiana, Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Credit cards are available online to all customers nationwide.

Capital One, founded in 1988, is a Fortune 500 company and is a diversified financial services company, offering an array of credit, savings, and loan products for consumer, small business, and commercial clients.

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