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Mar 11 2015
Credit Karma Member

Credit Karma recommended I apply for Capital One's "VentureOne" card with good approval odds. I decided to apply, as I'd been working on improving my credit for the past two years. However, not wanting to just jump in, I researched both cards using Credit Karma's community reviews, credit card metrics, and other credit card boards for opinions, regarding approval. The general consesus is to use Capital One's "pre-approval" tool. Based on Capital One's questions/ remarks for defining "Excellent", "Average," or "Rebuilding," I defined my credit as "Excellent" - even though it's far from it: From Credit Karma: TransUnion Vantage Score: 687 TransUnion "New Account" (traditional FICO estimate): 629 From Capital One's report: TransUnion: 642 I chose "Excellent' based on my personal profile of not having the "Average" negative remarks/ notes. In any case, back to the pre-approval tool, they came back with the VentureOne as a recommendation. So, I figured I'd apply for the VentureOne - no lie, having Credit Karma's "recommend for you" (and the past couple years of credit rebuilding and the research) gave me the 'courage' to submit. 60 seconds later: APPROVED! Addional Credit Profile Notes: GOOD: My credit utilization, deragotory remarks, total accounts (mostly student loans), and credit inquiries were all in "Excellent" status. BAD: My payment history was very poor (95%), and my average age was poor (4y 7m). CAVEATS: All of my open/ current accounts have been on-time/ no lates for the past 2-3 years. My older accounts are student loans approaching 10 years. Lastly, I have 3 CLOSED/ REMOVED collection accounts. The most recent (and last) collection was closed less than a month before applying. I have a decent salary: $63,000. Additional Credit Card Notes: This was the first 'real' credit card I applied for in the past 2 years, after being declined. However, I took note of the reasons why I was declined (Chase Freedom (05/2013) and Macy's (03/2013) ) and worked on improving the areas noted. I chose to apply for the VentureOne card because I want to finance a trip to visit family in Florida and future flights/ trips - I live in California. I also intend to use it for higher expenses, like auto maintenance, to build miles. In the same 10min window, I applied for both the VentureOne and Quicksilver (approved for both) basically because I'd "burned" a hard inquiry anyways. I've reviewed my credit reports, and as I thought, I only have one hard credit inquiry for both cards. I was planning on applying for both eventually anyways, so this was a nice 2 for 1 opportunity. I hope my review helps some people with similar situations. I'll re-review the card, after I've had it longer. But so far, it's working as I'd expected it to, the customer service has been courteous and easy to work with (I had to update my address before receiveng the card), and the website is user-friendly.

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Dec 05 2016
Miles perk is a scam
Credit Karma Member

The card is fine for purchases, support, and online account features. However, it is a complete scam that you earn "miles" -in the sense that traditional cards give you miles for mile. With this card you technicall earn one penny per mile (disguised as a mile). When you get ready to use your 60,00 miles you really have a $600 credit to use towards an expensive priced flight or hotel. With other cards you have a true 60K miles that allow you to book several domestic flights. Buyer be warned..., if you're planning a trip with that special someone, using all those miles you've accumilated, you're gonna be dissapointed. Same on you Alec Baldwin! I'd rather a blackout date that allows me to plan a head and actually go somewhere.

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Mar 15 2020
Credit Karma Member

you don't say if this card is VISA or MASTER CARD

Mar 03 2020
Credit Karma Member

I just got off the phone with the supervisor at Capitol One worst experience with a bank ever, spent $4600 in a month paid it off still no miles, she told me the 50,000 bonus is if you never had a cap1 card - told her they need to put it on the site to stop false advertisement to genuine people... won't be using this card anymore | new to credit take ur time build towards American Express blue cash back card or Apple Card... I'm ver Disapointed with Capitol One...

Feb 19 2020
Excellent Security and Customer Service
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card for a couple years now, travel outside the country and regionally. Miles add up quickly, I use them to erase our travel expenses When there has been a question of fraud Capital One has been immediately on it. Our daughter has a card with a limit on it and when she hits it she gets denied. I'm able to increase that mnute and she's able to run the card through again and be off on her way. Never any isues with Customer Service, in fact they go out of their way to help. I only wish I could have a much lower interest rate, we typically don't carry a balance but when we do I hate the high interest rate and our credit score is 807. Love this card....please lower your interest for high credit score clients.?

Feb 18 2020
Recent graduate and love to travel?
Credit Karma Member

This is my second credit card ever. I had a Wells Fargo Student Cash Back card that was eating me up alive. After graduating college I knew I needed something stable and something that would offer me rewards based on traveling, since that is what my current job entitles me. I applied for this card and within the first month I had already received their bonus offer, 20,000 miles. I was able to cover certain trips and when the coronavirus happened and I had to cancel a lot of my flights around Southeast Asia, Customer Service made sure I was getting the necessary refunds. Amazing card, I highly recommend it for newcomers and world travelers!

Feb 17 2020
Great Beginner Travel Card
Credit Karma Member

This was my first travel card. I was approved right before an international trip with a $7500 line of credit. It worked perfectly everywhere I went. And I like that you can now transfer miles to travel partners so that's a plus. If you are a beginner with credit cards and need a travel card, this is a solid card to start with.?

Feb 01 2020
Credit Karma Member

I've had a lot of good luck with this card, I recently got a Amex delta travel card and for the amount their charging me yearly they don't even come close to capital one venture one, I travel a lot for work and drive at least 195 miles a day so I use it for fuel and the points go up pretty quick!

Jan 30 2020
Denied with exceptional credit score
Credit Karma Member

I was declined with a credit score of 828. ?I was advised to wait for a letter...Capital one is a POS....

Jan 09 2020
Bonus miles promised, never delivered.
Credit Karma Member

Like another reviewer, I too was approved for this card, spent the 1k with the intention of getting the 20k bonus miles. After spending $2500, in the first month, I called and ask how many billing cycles the bonus takes to hit my rewards account. I was then told I wasnt eligible for the bonus since there are different approval levels. Nowhere during the application process was this ever stated. ? Classic bait and switch, I cut this card up and wont do business with Capital One again.

Jan 02 2020
Credit Karma Member

Existing Cap One cardholders -No Intro Mileage Rewards

Dec 30 2019
Credit Karma Member

applied for the card and got approved. spent 1000$ and paid it back with in first momth. never recieved the 20k miles bonus. Called customer care and they said we approved the card for you but not the bonus at time of approval of application ( which i was not made aware at all ). Never got the bonus at all. Useless card!

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Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card

Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card

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