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Card Details

  • Balance Transfer Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Balance Transfer Regular APR 24.99%* Variable
  • Annual Fee $0
  • Purchase Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Purchase Regular APR 24.99%* Variable

Our Take

The Capital One® Secured MasterCard® is a good option for people with little or no credit history who are looking to build their credit.

What to Like

This Capital One® Secured MasterCard® has no set up or processing fees. Capital One® reports to all three major credit bureaus so you can take steps to build your credit history. While this card does require an initial security deposit, Capital One® may increase your credit limit without any additional deposits if you use your credit responsibly.

Look Out For

Secured credit cards are great for building credit, but they typically come with annual fees and a required security deposit--and without rewards. It’s important to use your credit responsibly in order to build toward a card with more attractive perks.


Most Helpful Positive Review

Feb 20, 2016
Aveah Cardholder

Ok, so here is a little history of me. I am now 30 and I have ignored my credit since I was 18, after I successfully destroyed it. Well at least up until about 2 years ago. Over the past 2 years, I have done what I could to get out of debt. I paid my dues, and got my debt to less than $300 for everything. Feeling accomplished, I quickly became pretty upset seeing my Fico still at a very low 500... Of course, over that time, falling in love and planning for a future such as being a homeowner, I knew I had to do something to correct my childish mistakes and lavish shopping sprees with "invisible" money that was never mine. I've struggled getting my score up, but it was hard. No one would loan me a dime, even though I am way more financially stable than a freshman I was attending FSU... And finically successful, paycheck wise. 

You see, I'm an office manager at a successful local company in my area. I manage everything in the office, including the owner and his personal finances. I get to see first hand what excellent credit can get ya. He has hundreds of thousands of dollars in high end credit cards. 3 houses completely paid off, 2 vehicles and more money I could ever dream of invested. I call him Mr. MoneyBags. 

One day, after seeing his 848 Fico on the top of one of his card statements, I decided to go talk to that man. Besides having money, just how did he do it. He wasn't born into money, or married into it. He built a successful company, however he used to pump gas at a gas stations about 25 years ago. And his wife was a successful broker. So what did he do? 

I waked into his office, grabbed a seat and asked him. I explained my future goals, that I want to marry the man I love, buy a home, have a child. You know, I am 30! Most of my friends have children and been married of not divorced already. Time is ticking and I am tossing and turning over my credit. 

So we sat down and discussed my options. We browsed online and he suggested this card because of the low deposit, no annual fee and upon researching more, we found it reports as "unsecured" on my credit report. So I applied and was approved! First step down. But I haven't had it long enough to say if it's helping or not, but we will see. I guess the main thing is, no one else would give me a chance. These people did and I am grateful for that! 

Also, if you're reading this, yay you made it this far! So I want to share some tips that was passed down to me with a man that has a near perfect credit score. 

1. This card will give you a $200 limit. Rather your deposit is $50, $100 or $200. You may put more down, to increase your limit, however, you won't need it. 

2. Use this card for one thing only. Something small, and something you need to get every month. A $200 limit will leave you with about $60 to spend without going over 30%. He recommended a full tank of gas each month. 

3. About the 30%, some say it's 10% but he swears by 30%. Of course the lesser amount is ideal, but it's anything above 30% that creditors frown upon. 

4. Always pay it off in full before the due date. Set up automatic payments if you tend to be forgetful. 

5. Remember, it's really not your money (sure this is a secured card, and in a way it could be depending on the amount you deposit) but to achieve better cards with higher amounts, get that part out of your head. It's NOT your money! So never spend more than you have in a checking account or cash in hand. 

6. Be consistent and stick with it. As for this secured card. It's not going to be glorified and full of perks. Not at all. This card is like "you're on probation so behave" type of card. Remember, this card is just the first step so you can get those amazing credit cards with high limits and amazing rewards. So stick with it! Make your payments each month, and use your card to keep it active. 

7. Be patient. It will take some time before your credit worthiness is enough to start applying for the better cards with higher limits and rewards. So even after a year, don't get mad if they don't increase your limit. Just keep going and always keep an eye on your score. 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Dec 12, 2015
Not a Fake Review
REALPERSON11 Cardholder

I'm prettu sure alot of these reviews are Fake.  I'm a real person with a real review.  I pondered and pondered on getting this card.  I'm rebuilding my credit after a divorce.  I have a couple Medical bills in collections i'm working on and some paid off.  My score for TU is 581 my EU is 578.  I started out a couple months ago around 450.  My credit has not jumped beacuse of this card, cause I just applied for it lastnight. I got approved for $200 with a 99 dollar deposit.  I'm following Dave Ramsey to get my stuff paid off.  Now I know Dave would say NO Credit Cards. but I have learned and i'm very responible now.  Heck i have paid off 3,000 in bills over the last 5 months.  Where before I would have been negative in my checking account.   I plan on using my card for my Netflix. SO i will be putting 8 dollars on it a month and thats it.  I will then pay it off before my due date.  I will update this when I get my card to see how it has improved my credit.  I will also update it if I get a credit increase like i keep reading happens.  (If that is even true)

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Dec 08, 2016
Very Good
Mmoore65935 Cardholder

I started with a $200 credit limit I've had this card since April 2016. I only had to put down $99 for deposit. The only thing is lately I've been spending all $200 of my limit but I always pay the full amount spent back within 30 days. Doing that has saved me from accrued interest. My score boosted from the mid 500s to the almost the mid 600s. I got a job promotion with a $10,000 raise so now I'm using it more wisely. So hopefully it will boost my score even more soon. The only thing I don't like about this card is, I was late on my 5th payment and that stopped them from giving me an increase. Now they say I have to wait until Feb 2017 to get an increase . That sucks. 

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Dec 07, 2016
First Credit Card & Love it
RichardSmall Cardholder

It's a Credit helper/changer for the good. I never thought I would use a credit card because I was afraid I would take advantage of it but that's not the case. This credit card is really helping improve my credit which I really need to improve. The key is to use your card on things you normally use your money on, makes it easier to pay back

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Dec 07, 2016
A New Start
LaLa3173 Cardholder

It's too early to give a review but the fact they gave me another chance at a credit card is enough for 5 stars. I received mine alittle quicker than most (a total of 3wks). Also, unlike some have reported I had no issuse with using my card soon after activating the card or anything about fraud. So far so good

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Dec 07, 2016
Great card for getting back on feet
Elissa2017 Cardholder

I had been very irresponsible years ago and defaulted on three Capital One Cards.  They all ended up being charged off.  I did not think Capital One would give me an opportunity again, even though this is secured.  I was approved with a 584 credit score.  I also have 4 collections on my report from years ago.  I have had this for 2 months and it is already helping my credit score increase.

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Dec 07, 2016
A good card to have
Gigi2626 Cardholder

I love this card!!! I applied back in February 2016 only had to pay $49 for a $200 limit. They increased my line to $500 a few on the later. After having this card I was approved for other credit cards. Another good card to have is Credit OneBank. 

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Dec 07, 2016

Be careful then card cards can get you into debt fast I'm now second time got to HAPPY with the card cards 21,000 yea later so watch out don't do what I did

Dec 06, 2016
Unfair Cancellation of Account
birdyme Cardholder

I was approved with low credit and recieved a credit increase. Everything was great it was my favorite card...until I used the app. My payment took 2 weeks through then was rejected as an error I had the money in my account. I was never late on a payment ever, not once. After the transaction error they closed my account. I was so shocked and spoke to every customer service person I could get to. They were rude and unhelpful. They said I know it's not fair but there's nothing I can help you with. I was trying to build my credit and again, was always on time for nothing. Very disappointing.

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1 Reply
Dec 07, 2016

If this is all accurate then something should be done by Capital One to rectify the situation immediately. Hardly encouraging to read this at the top of the reviews. This definitely affects whether I would opt for this card

Dec 05, 2016
This is a good card for rebuiliding
josephbolden Cardholder

If you are looking for a card to help you rebuild your credit then this is the card for you.  I applied and got approved and got my card in the mail 3-7 days from the day I applied so I would recommend this card!

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Dec 05, 2016
2-3 Months After Closing for Cleared SD.
Anonymous Cardholder

Everything is pretty standard. I was happy with it as a first card to build my credit, I'm thankful CO was one of the few willing to let me in the door being a student with a limited income (really, next to no income) and have since moved on to better offers. My only gripe is that when I closed the account, the only way to get the security deposit back was by a mailed check (come on you people, just digitally credit my checking account, save trees and my time and fire your mail boy while you're at it). Since this is the only way they do it, you'll probably be looking at a solid two months before you actually have that cash back in hand to spend, since not only will you have to wait out the billing cycle on which you close the account, but also one full billing cycle, THEN they mail it out (7-10 more days to arrive), by that time you're hitting the two month mark probably, then you have to deposit/cash the check, in which case you'll be lucky if it's just two months by time you see your cleared cash refund.

Maybe that's just how it is with all credit card providers with security deposits, but it seems archaic and unneccesary.

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Dec 04, 2016
Neekaboo21 Cardholder

At the age of 20, I started to self-educate myself relying on Credit Karma and a few other sources which taught me all I needed to know. Since I was working Full time I decided to start testing my responsibility and apply for my first credit card. Now before doing this I asked many coworkers (them all being 30- 40+ years old) for advice on which card I should apply for as my first, to guarantee that I don't get multiple hard inquiries. They all mentioned a secured credit card, so I did my research, read extensive reviews, and also used the Capital One Pre- Qualification tool. This is the card that stuck out so I went with it. I was APPROVED for $49 deposit for $200 credit line/limit.
Credit Journey: 1.)Applied in May 2016, did not hear anything or receive any emails which made me anxious and nervous, so I called customer service and they politely told me I would receive an email shortly. I received an email the VERY NEXT DAY after calling, stating my card was on the way. Pheww 😥
2.) I received my card in June and used the full 90 day period to deposit in order to increse my credit limit. I had until August and deposited $500 total giving me $700 line/limit.
3.) Since my parents never messed my credit up (had any bills in my name/social) I started with No Credit score or the infamous 0. So after my time was up to deposit money towards my limit, that is when I ACTIVATED the card (8/8/16). Only made 1-2 purchases a month, kept my utilization under 9% and paid in full usually a week before my statement/due date which is the 28th and I believe my card balance reports to the bureaus on the 3rd of each month.
4.) It's now been 6 months with this card (Recently went on the site to change the picture on my card, took 5 days to come in the mail and now it has cute dogs on it!) I just received an automatic $300 credit limit increase putting me at $1000!!!! Didn't do anything but stay faithful and responsible to my credit. No email or calls were sent! Just checked it and there it was!
5.) Okay I know I may talk too much but I am an extremely detailed person and I even cut this review short. You're probably wondering about my credit scores so here it goes as best as I can describe it:
Credit newbie: VantageScore 3.0 gives scores for those with new or less than 6 months credit history.
Jun: 0
Jul: 675
Aug: 679
Sept: 681
Oct: 684
Nov: 684
Dec: currently awaiting
Now according to TransUnion New Account Model:
Jun: 0
Jul: 732
Aug: 732
Sept: 733
Oct: 734
Nov: 734
Dec: currently awaiting
This is the only credit card I own so,
Total accounts:1 payment history:100% Derogatory marks:0 Age of credit history:5 months Hard inquiries:1 Utilization: 5-10%
All information in this review covers both my TU & EQ reports and history. Thank you for your time and if you have any questions please feel free to bug, I mean contact me. 😆

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Dec 05, 2016

when you started with your card. what was your credit score. i currently have no score but i ordered the card. they also gave me a 200 limit with the 50

Dec 05, 2016

Well I started with No score (0) in May and after applying and getting approval, it gave me a generated score within 2 months (July). I believe this happens quickly because Cap 1 reports your account asap. Hope this helps. 😉

Dec 07, 2016

So they sent you your card before you paid the full dep. off??

Dec 08, 2016

Nice job

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