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Sep 04 2019
Great, but expect a triple pull
Credit Karma Member

This card is great. I use it as my catch-all card and pay it off monthy. The APR is high, but when you pay in full every month this is not an issue. Just be aware that Capital One does a triple pull on your credit (one for each credit bureau) when you apply.

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May 13 2019
Credit Karma Member

On May 8 I was browsing through my reward points looking at pricing for a potential vacation. I was doing some comparisons and mistakenly clicked to redeem 44,000 points with JetBlue. Immediately after I realized my error I contacted customer service at capital One to alert them of my error. In conversation with the level one rap they understood my concern but we???re on able to assist. I then requested to speak to a manager and was transferred accordingly. In conversation with the manager he stated that there was nothing he could do to correct the issue. When I asked to speak to his manager he claimed there was no one higher than him then I could talk to. He was a little rude in his tone and suggested we contact JetBlue directly. I contacted JetBlue and the rep was sympathetic to the situation and simply stated that the points could be returned to capital one and that a simple email from the points department to JetBlue is all that would be required. I then called back to capital One and spoke to a new rep who stated that my concern would be escalated to the appropriate team and a review would take five business days. I received a call back this evening May 13th and again explained the situation to the capital one rep. Once again our request to have the points returned to our account was again denied. I again requested to speak to a manager. In conversation with the new manager she was unwilling to write a simple email as I requested to JetBlue to resolve this to which I feel is unfair to me being a valued customer. I am very upset with the situation and the lack of customer service capital one has provided thus far. Your company needs to review their policies to be more customer centric. When errors are made there should be provisions to help the customer. I will be taking this matter to the Better Business Bureau and other social media outlets.

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Oct 09 2019
Amazing Miles Program
Credit Karma Member

This card does wonders for me. I'm currently a college student who goes to school 1700 miles away from home so I'm constantly flying. I've had this card for almost 2 years and haven't had to pay for a plane ticket out of pocket since. I highly reccomend if you plan on paying it off in full (or close to) each month since interest rates are high, even for someone close to an 800 credit score.

Sep 27 2019
Poor customer service
Credit Karma Member

I had a capital one card and for awhile, I liked it. Over the yeara, my other cards had better rates and offers so I used them more. I recently got a letter they were cloaing my card due to lack of use. I called to ask for it to stay open and a new card to be sent so I could use it. Nope. Closing and I can reapply... i don't want to have a closure and new application on my report. I am able to utilize my awards, however I cannot use them for travel since I would have to book the flight with my Capital One (closed) account. I can get cash worth 1/2 the value of the flight credit.

Sep 18 2019
Beware of "Approval Excellent Odds"
Credit Karma Member

I applied online through my credit Karma web page. My credit score is 800, I have under 9% owing on all my personal credit. Never late. Wanted this card for the miles. No negitives on my report. Mid 6 figure household income... you tell me? 'Not approved at this time'. Credit Karma... not happy.

Sep 13 2019
So worth applying!!!
Credit Karma Member

They approved me for $25,000 in less than 5 minutes. I spent $3,000 in the first 3 months and earned 50,000 miles, which I can use for purchase eraser. Customer Service is always great with them never had an issue.

Sep 10 2019
Not worth it!
Credit Karma Member

The customer service at Capital One is the worst. I was treated rudely by Asia FWH353. She would not connect me with a supervisor. I would not do business with Capital One again.

Sep 06 2019
Shameless ripoff! Awful customer service
Credit Karma Member

They charge interest even after you pay the entire balance off on time!!! I liked the card and used it a lot. I called them when I saw a strange interest charge. The first person lied to me about the reason. The second person(supervisor) told me they charge interest rate till you pay full for 2 months. She refused to waive the ridiculous charge and was perfectly okay with me saying I wanted to close my account. So, I am also prefectly okay with my capital one account closed. I am telling all friends to avoid this shady company, as well as you.

Sep 04 2019
Great, but expect a triple pull
Credit Karma Member

This card is great. I use it as my catch-all card and pay it off monthy. The APR is high, but when you pay in full every month this is not an issue. Just be aware that Capital One does a triple pull on your credit (one for each credit bureau) when you apply.

Aug 21 2019
Credit Karma Member

I'm SHOCKED! I have to file for BK a year ago. There was 3 cap ones In it. Fast foward a year later.. I'm financially back on my feet, i started with a cap platinum with 300 limit, 3 month later i applied for a quicksilver one and was approved for 1000, then I gradusted The platinum to a quicksilver... they gave me CL increases at 5 month on each bumping them to 500 and 1500 respectively. And tonight I was bored and wanting a travel card since I travel a lot... and decided to apply for the venture just for fun.. and bam!! Approved for $5000!! I know The limits are not amazing but after a Bk that included 3 cap ones with 10k limits each.. i thought I'd never be approved for a "big boy" card so soon after!! I guess My current income has to do with it but I'm so happy!! Thanks Cap one for giving me a second chance!!

Aug 08 2019
Awful awful card
Credit Karma Member

High high interest for someone with excellent credit! Customer service is awful. I called because I wanted to pay off my balance and asked to get a one time waved interest fee and they said No. I even asked to get a lower interest rate and they said that 20 percent is the best they had! Mind you my credit is in the high 700s!!!

Aug 06 2019
Great card; Poor payment reporting
Credit Karma Member

Poor reporting failed to show over $1,000 in recent payments resulting in an over 40 point drop in credit score. Very disappointing when we are using card and making huge payments as recommended only to have our score significantly reduced. The little guy loses again!!

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Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card

Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card

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