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Apr 14 2017
Still Amazing-3rd Review
Credit Karma Member

I posted two prior reviews, one on the application process and one since having the card. I have had the card two months now. On my 60th day (4/9/17) I applied for a CLI (read reviews and everyone said they applied after 60 days and got 3X the current limit) so I was told I had to wait until the day after 60 days. Well, I applied and it is true I was approved for 3 times my original limit. I started with 2k which I was initially surprised anyway due to my credit score (thought it would be more like $500) and now I am at 6K. I read some comments that people do not believe that individuals are getting these limits. I can attest this is true, when I was initially approved I had a 659 credit score with three collections, several store cards, subprime credit cards and 27% utilization. I now have a 673 Experian score and 1% utilization across all accounts. I follow the recommendations of charging and paying off in full so I only charge what I was going to pay in cash anyway (monthly bills, gas, etc). Do the prequalifier first!

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May 29 2019
Review the list of where you earn cash!
Credit Karma Member

Beware that Walmart, Target, and Amazon are NOT on the approved grocery stores. Which means that you will not get 6% shopping there for groceries, only 1%. Also, not all gas stations either. Not happy about 95 annual fee but it's very easy to earn the 250 bonus.

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May 29 2020
Don’t apply this company
Credit Karma Member

American Expresses, there is a problem with this credit card. He does not have an automatic payment option and does not prompt people to repay. This is a very bad company, and very bad rules. I don't admit that I paid late.

May 26 2020
Credit Karma Member

I wish every place excepted this card, and that I could get points from Walmart and most Gas stations. My Credit score is almost 800 and my Credit limit is 5,000.00 which I will never use but its good to have just in case.

May 09 2020
Best bang for the buck
Credit Karma Member

If you spend a lot of money like we do then this is the card for you. The $90 annual fee means nothing because the 6% cash back on most places make up for that plus more. If you're like we are, we use this card to buy everything we can. And then we just pay off the balance after 2 weeks. The rewards alone are worth it and I highly recommend it

Apr 27 2020
Easy and nice extras!
Credit Karma Member

This card is great to have because of the consistent cash back. The rewards are annoying BC if you want to get the most you have to keep and eye out for the promotions every week or month. They also include some nice extras like 2 day shipping for shop runner for free! Customer service isn’t exceptional. It’s standard, with long wait times on the phone to speak with someone. The app does make it easier to get things sorted, but doesn’t have everything.

Apr 10 2020
I’ve been American Express card holder since 1983
Credit Karma Member

I’ve been American Express card holder since 1983 when I was in college I am now platinum American Express card holder I enjoyI enjoy the percentages that I get with this particular car and I’d like to offer that was given I like American Express because they make me feel like I am somebody and they are concerned and I’ve always had extremely high limits because of the fact that I pay my bills on time and I’ve been around with American Express for 36 years the American Express card don’t leave home without it and I particularly like this new car thank you

Mar 29 2020
Approvee easily, but beware!
Credit Karma Member

They will drop your limit out of nowhere, causing you to be over 60% of your credit limit. This ruined my credit score.

Mar 22 2020
Credit Karma Member

Applied for the card after reading about the high limits people were getting with low 700 credit scores, I have a high 700 and received a bs 2k limit. Absolutely ridiculous. I seriously wanna cancel this card.

Feb 27 2020
Excellent Card for Groceries and Gas
Credit Karma Member

The card typically needs good credit for approval, but it's a GREAT card worth the fee in rewards. The Cash Back is excellent, but know what qualifies as Groceries to max rewards. Buying Gift Cards at an approved Grocery Store is also a big plus (6% becomes an option for Food and Shopping). Customer Service is excellent. Offers gear towards high income individuals which is fine depending on how you shop. Great Card overall!

Feb 09 2020
Great card.
Credit Karma Member

Use it properly and you'll save money even after the annual fee.

Jan 14 2020
Fantastic card for big families!
Credit Karma Member

If you use the card correctly it will save you money! I use this card the most out of all the cards I have for the rewards. Mostly for groceries and gas and few other things. We are a family of 6. Got this card a year ago with an initial cl of $11k which was raised to $16,500 after 6 months. Our grocery trips are anywhere from $200-$300 a week. We also make multiple payments throughout the month. We go to the grocery store then pay that portion off the next day. We have already gotten at least to free trips of groceries just on rewards. You do max out on the rewards at $6k which we have already reached. Everything after that is only one percent. This card has by far paid for itself and then some! $95 annual fee is nothing! Highly recommended! The rewards are fantastic! Customer service is great!

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Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

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